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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

Good things to come

Posted by Perihelion Interactive LLC (Creator)

Hey backers,

Next week will be quite packed with more content so we thought we would start with giving you a sneak peek at what you have in store.

Also, since early last week we have gotten a lot of new backers which is great! But we changed our main Kickstarter trailer one week ago and removed our old backstory trailer. For those of you who have not seen the old backstory trailer we created a special version which combines the English sub-titles with Russian VO. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Another trailer that you may not have seen is from the original orchestral recording in Bratislava where we also had time for an interview with Lubica, our composer. CLICK HERE to check it out. Lubica is very busy right now and just premiered her new opera, Dorian Grey, based on the novel by Oscar Wilde. It received coverage in major press including the New York Times. We forgot to tell Lubica that we had signed David Bradley as Admiral Suvarov and she was shocked (in a positive way!!!) when she first heard his voice working in conjunction with her music.

We keep getting interesting emails from our backers. One backer in particular from Down-under asked if he could use our wallpapers to design a custom beer fridge, and if so how much extra he would need to pay for that privilege. Our response: Go for it! You already supported us, m8! But it would be cool if you send us a picture of your custom beer fridge when it is done.

So just to be clear: As promised we will provide copyright notices so you may print T-shirts, mouse pads etc using any material we have released online. Also as promised in an early update we will also set up a deal with a merchandise store where you can buy physical goods yourself. You will only pay production cost + shipping, and we will not make a dime off of this. Why? Because a) we said we would do this, and b) we want to reward you guys for backing us all the way and making The Mandate a reality; c) we are not Manchester United - we are game devs.

Another email we received which we thought we should share with you all (minor spelling fixes, author anonymized):

Hallo Perihelion Interactive,
English is not my first language, so i have a question: My Grandfather died this week and i am thinking about to honor his memory with an NPC in your game. If i understand this right, i can add 30$ and name an medical npc after him? thx for your answer

We thought this was very sweet and touching and will try to think up something special to help honour the memory of his Grandfather. It also gave us another idea, which is also inspired by the email above, but we will need to return to that in a future update...

Finally, we decided to add a few smaller stretch goals to help give something back to all our loyal backers. The idea originally came from community backer Rand so you can thank him:

If we hit $550.000 then everybody who donated $100 and up will get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible, fully rigged 3d character models for FREE (originally this was at $200)

If we hit $650.000 then everybody who donated $50 and up will get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible, fully rigged 3d character models for FREE

If we hit $750.000 then everybody who donated $25 and up will get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible, fully rigged 3d character models for FREE

Also, we were a bit caught off guard with the recent influx in Facebook shares of our Kickstarter page. We are very busy right now but promise to release all the free social stretch goal rewards as soon as we can. Garret will soon be on “crappy sketches” duty and scanning his misc drawings.

We have all been touched by your messages, feedback, and support throughout the campaign and we will continue this wonderful dialogue with you on the forums after our campaign is over.

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive


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    1. Rand Chua TL on

      There are a few trailer.
      Many backers want to hear our "Empress Anastasia" speak is Russian. ;p
      Plus marketing of Mandate to Russian speaking gamers/backers.

    2. calmasacow on

      So why was the trailer redone in Russian? Is this game going to be in Russian? in the game play trailer the captain sounded almost British. I mean there was a Russian accent in the original trailer. but now the redo is totally in Russian. Can someone clarify what the situation is here?

    3. John Gardner on

      Love the amount of detail on the computer screens in the bridge photo.. so amazing

    4. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @ThomasN: The 3D models will come with a skeleton setup. This will allow you to pose them the way you like. So for example you could pose a bunch of marines for screenshots gangnam style, or do the macarena etc

    5. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Rand ;)
      @Thomas: Our composer, Lubica, will compose at least 60 minutes of additional orchestral music for The Mandate. Everybody who backed at $20 or above will get the digital soundtrack included in the price. This is ONLY something we are giving to Kickstarter and PayPal backers.
      @Kelvin: If you continue the default path as a Corsair, you are free to wear whatever you prefer. If you do decide to go for the reinstated officer of the Grand Fleet path (in both examples you would still be a loyalist), you would probably be expected to not dress as, you know, a pirate ;)

    6. Rand Chua TL on

      So happy to see my name mention!

    7. James on

      That this game hasn't already hit stretch goals is a crying shame. Hopefully things pick up in this last week, I'd love to see mod support.

    8. Thomas Schwarz

      Is there more music in the soundtrack contained using the choir? Like in the fantastic main theme?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Baillie on

      Damn that armour looks sweet. Can I steal it from the Pirate Grunts to wear please? :D

      Also really hope we make the first 2 stretch goals, for me some of the issues with space-games is they are ALL flying around space and while some may enjoy that I like variety of options. So to have flying, exploring your own ship, boarding ships, away-team missions, starbase assaults it all just adds variety to keep things fresh and interesting.

      Question regarding the away-team missions. Would these occur at a specified location every game? Would they be randomized so theres like say a set '20' away-missions that occur at random? (Just throwing a number out there, not meaning anything with it) Or would it be a sort of mixture where there are deeper story missions on specified locations and then some more 'generic' (Such as explore some ancient ruins) or so to speak ones generated at random?

    10. Rand Chua TL on

      Too bad I don't have a 3D printer ... >_<

    11. LordCrash on

      @ThomasN @ Shazbot
      It's a blueprint for 3D printers like with the ship models. So you're able to make your own pen and paper figurines or just models for fun. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      What is included in the "fully rigged 3d character models for FREE"?

      Is this like "Shroud of the Avatar", where you are able to include these in your own games?

    13. ThomasN on

      Perihelion Interactive LLC: I have read Update#21 and still don't understand. Are these exclusive 3d models ingame?

    14. Missing avatar

      RecklessPrudence on

      That naming a medic after a grandfather... are there special damage-control crewmembers? Subclass of Engineers, perhaps? Because my great-grandfather died the week my little brother was born, and he was a firefighter in London during the Blitz. He was a good man, who cared about people greatly, and unfortunately suffered from Alzheimer's in the last years of his life. I think my Mum would love it if I got a dam-con'eer named after him, as he's the one member of my family who Mum really connected with and who understood when Mum and I were found to have mental issues.

    15. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Evmeister: Keep in mind that both PayPal and BackerKit donations after KS will count towards stretch goals as well
      @Social-Pariah: Do not worry. Next week will be packed with updates and we should see some good coverage as well as cross promotions.

    16. Evmeister on

      My first thought was, well hey wait a minute, I don't really like that in terms of 550k but then I remembered I had upped my pledge to @100 already. As somebody else said though, very clever.

    17. Chaotic Entropy on

      Sooo close... make it damn you. Make it!

    18. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @All: One more thing, these $200 / $100 / $50 / $25 digital add-ons also apply to PayPal donors of course

    19. Dennis Peter Gudbrandsen Schmidt on

      I will donate before time runs out.. this game HAS to be made!

    20. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @George: No worries :)
      @Richard: You already backed us, no need to apologize. But if you can help spread the word to your friends that would be awesome. Also feel free to use the imperial propaganda machine at as it will upload a picture to imgur for you and let you share it on Facebook ;)

    21. Pedion Modular Battlefields

      @Sharon, Perihelion - sorry, I missed them! yep, these are fine :)

    22. Richard on

      I already backed you guys having seen the pitch video, but that story video..damn. I wish I could give you more but unfortunately it'll mostly have to be a symbolic backing. Your universe is great, your ideas are great, and I want to play your game. Keep it up and create something truly memorable!

    23. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @George & Christian, as Sharon points out we have:

      1. regular stretch goals (which Sharon listed) and which are also on our front page
      2. social stretch goals (free stuff we hand out as # KS video shares go up, check to download free stuff)
      3. if you read the previous update number 21 you will see we added digital add-ons [after suggestions by many in our communty], some of these are free by default for $200 backers and up (because frankly we think they have spent enough as is), as we reach higher stretch goals, we let backers at $100, $50 and $25 also get these

    24. Dennis Peter Gudbrandsen Schmidt on

      Okay.. Hmmmm... How do i put this...

      You guys are AWESOME!!!
      I can't wait to play this game!

      If you ever need actors for this, dont hesitate to contact me. I am no big shot. Actually i am very much an amateur, as i dont make money on acting. But this would really be cool to be a part of.

      I really have high expectations of this game. All the things to be released. All the visions. If you manage to pull this off, your game will be the space RPG of a lifetime. Up there with Fallout 2 and elder scrolls (different genres, but legends in their respective fields)..

    25. Missing avatar

      Sharon Nathel on

      @George & Christian - The stretch goals you see above are facebook share stretch goals, the ACTUAL real stretch goals are here:

      "Funds beyond the minimum goal will contribute to making the game bigger: more tightly packed content, more art, more ships as well as new and refined gameplay mechanics. In addition we have some specific stretch goals:
      $600.000: Away Missions on Planets. Perihelion has a long list of possible away missions planned, with both combat and non-combat options that can switch depending upon the scenario. The developer is inviting fans to visit The Mandate forums to suggest their favourite style of away missions and planet-side encounters.
      $700.000: Starbase Boarding Operations. At this stretch goal we will model starbase interiors to allow for boarding operations to take place. It will also be possible for the player to walk around on and interact with his/her starbase outside of combat.
      $800.000: Mod Support. Perihelion is a huge fan of the mod communities that have sprung up for the likes of Total War, Mount & Blade and The Elder Scrolls series. At this stretch goal we will be in a position to allocate more programmer and designer time to plan the code and data structures to greatly simplify the process of creating total conversions for The Mandate. Developer tools will receive extra polish and documentation so they can be used both by the devs and by the mod community. Start planning your mod or total conversion project today!
      ???: TBD"

      Those stretch goals are actually huge impacts on the size of The Mandate. The "add-ons" you're talking about are for people who want to delve a little further and leave a mark on the development of The Mandate, and to have a marine names after you or your friends or someone you care about for $5 is awesome, not a "trick" by any stretch of the imagination.

    26. Pedion Modular Battlefields

      I was also expecting better stretch goals, even if they demonstrated the "extra" content they would mean for the game :(

    27. Missing avatar

      Christian Pahren on

      I really don't get those stretch goals. Are you trying to trick people who *only* backed 40$ into getting 100$ packages? Also it's all digital content, its not like you would loose anything givint it to people anyway.

    28. euansmith

      Congratulations on all the new interest.

    29. Samuel Johnson

      @alcaray: the original stretch goals do! See the main page for details on those, including away missions to planets, etc I believe.

      @Perihelion: Do the paypal and potential future donations count towards these new stretch goals, or just the kickstarter? Looking forward to having this successfully funded and on my pc in the near future :)

    30. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @alcaray: The bigger our budget is, the bigger the game will be. Stretch goals highlight important key features that will be added but you can assume there will be more ship sections, more crew interaction, more unique areas to explore etc as our funding passes the minimum goal.

    31. alcaray on

      Are there any stretch-goals that make the game better/bigger?

    32. Guillermo Mena on

      @Peri: Gotcha thanks :)

    33. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Guillermo: Check update #21 and everything will become clear :)
      @Atle: Thanks!

    34. Guillermo Mena on

      I'm not quite sure I understand the new stretch goals. The update says that:
      "If we hit $550.000 then everybody who donated $100 and up will get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible, fully rigged 3d character models for FREE (originally this was at $200)"

      However, when I looked at the chart at the bottom of the main Kickstarter page it showed that the difference between donating $200 instead of $100 were: 1. Two extra copies (3 total) of the game instead of one extra copy (2 total); 2. Design a Captain instead of a Marine; and 3. Entry of said Captain into the Great Captains Doc. (The list to the right also adds the Name engraved into the wall of heores")

      My question is, what are those "strategy guide, art bible, [and] fully rigged 3d character models" that the update talks about?

    35. Missing avatar

      Atle Sydholen on

      i increased my pledge with 50$ 3 days ago, just to up the chances of this coming true.
      Nice rewards for the strechgoals. Keep it up!

    36. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Vojta: True, but we also hope backers tell their friends etc so they either can make a group pledge or we get more individual backers. Either way it is a win-win for all of us :)

    37. Vojta Růžek on

      Clever move, this will certainly encourage some backers to increase their pledge.