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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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    1. Rolan Storm on

      *astonished silence*

      Okay where was that 'rise pledge' button?


      Thank you for elaboration. I am really looking forward to this game.

    2. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Rolan: We will support 1-6 players. Each player has his/her own sandbox universe and can invite other players either just to help out with a tricky combat, or to play together for a longer period of time and explore together. The universes will not be exact copies as well, so it may make sense to switch which sandbox you are playing in. You will be able to take any rewards or resources that you acquire back to your own sandbox universe.

    3. Rolan Storm on

      Great job. And poster is impressive. As a Russian player it is fascinating to see how you are going with the story. Quite unusual, too (most of the time game's Russians are evil NPC (: ).

      I've got question (sorry if it was asked already): with everyone going online any chance we get multiplayer or something similar? Shared galaxy, perhaps (something akin to Diablo 3)?

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kihl on

      Must say, I really loved the dress. It just looks, with risk for sounding cliché, fabulous! Give my regards to the artist for that one. If he/she tires of the video gaming industry he/she could always try for fashion :P

    5. Daniel Berke on

      I for one really enjoyed this little update. The first time I saw the picture of Empress Anastasia on the sidebar of your website I thought "She looks nice. I hope she shows up in the game and isn't just some promotional art." So I was pleased to discover that she'll probably have a big role in many playthroughs.

    6. TanC on

      An update is an update, whether it's "proper" or not. I love this details the thought processes of the team and how much you all want it to fit in with everything: in short, every tiny detail is thought out and that is reassuring to me. Keep up the good work!

    7. Helena on

      TBH, I find this kind of thing far more interesting than ship design ;-D It's fascinating to see how much thought goes into all the little details. Keep it up!

    8. Joshua P. on

      I actually like the two off the shoulder dresses, and the #2 shoulder and sleeve. While I hope to see the other options appear at different points in the game, the chosen gown appears more business like, which makes sense, especially for what will be, for many people, her first appearance.

      In the game context, practical clothing makes me think the gowns must have shield generators in the shoulders, and that the skirt must be hiding an armor/shield piercing, rapid fire pistol.

    9. J.L. on

      Before all this I had seen the images of her, on your website, and my instant reaction was that the red one was indeed the regal one. Very interesting to see the reasoning, which I wholeheartedly agree with. (c:

    10. Conclavidor

      Pfft, "proper" design updates. It's true that new feature talk is more exciting to read and gets the most buzz, but it's stuff like this that truly makes me fall in love with projects. It proves you care about what you're doing, that you care more about design than just the gameplay "features", and makes me look a little closer at everything.

    11. JJ on

      Great update. I pretty much agree with the final design decision, and please do keep to the poster version face, which seems more angular and has a stronger nose.

    12. Canyon

      Loved this update. I think Empress Ana is a very interesting character and you achieved all of the goals you were going for with her design. The "Do I have your loyalty, Captain?" image is my favorite and I hope it features prominently in the actual game. My favorite dress is the one to the right in the image with the three dress colors in it. I think it shows sex appeal in addition to grace and intelligence - and she seems to have all three.

    13. Derek Still on

      Personally as much as I like learning more about gameplay mechanics, I prefer updates like this. When I play a game like The Mandate, I want to be immersed in the world. As long as you space out the updates for us, lore/world building updates will to more to increase the hype ( for me at least).

    14. Justin L Smith on

      It is interesting to see that every little detail has to be thought out, reviewed, reworked and reviewed again. Though I am sure not everyone cares about all this but I find it quite interesting the amount of time and effort to try and make things as realistic and plausible as possible. Great job, people!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kazeite on

      Personally, I'd prefer a white dress with red coat (1.2), but then again, I'm not the Empress :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Nice to see what iterations the dress went through ^^