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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

A comic, Q&A and what's currently going on in the office

Posted by Perihelion Interactive LLC (Creator)

Greetings everyone!

It's time for another update on what’s happening on our side. It's not the longest one, but it is still packed with a lot of information that is surely interesting to you! In this update we’d like to talk about:

• A web comic set in the Mandate universe
• A Q&A we had on our forums
• Parts of the game that are currently being worked on
• A promising Kickstarter project

Web Comic

The universe in which The Mandate takes place is huge! Although the game takes place in space, we should not forget about the people on the planets and the politics that drive these forces as well. In order to introduce this aspect of the story, Amelie, Jan, and Garret sat down and created a web comic!
The series is called “Shadowplay” and will consist of four short episodes.
HERE you can get the first episode “Fringe Connection”!

Let us know what you think!

Questions and Answers

At the beginning of September we set up a Q&A on our forums that focused on the new vision that was presented along with the roadmap for production. (We opened the floor for other questions but wanted to focus on vision and production questions).

The whole Q&A is way too big to post in this update - click HERE to read it for yourselves. (You'll find the answers in the middle of the thread)

What we are currently working on

We're completely focused on the Early Access version of the game. To give you guys a polished experience to enjoy is our number one priority. We have four teams working on different aspects of the game: the Engine Team, the Space Combat Team, the Mission Team and the Sandbox Team. Here’s what they are currently working on:

The Mission Team:
They are currently detailing the story-missions for the clusters in the Penrose Enclave, which consists of five different systems. They are also working on adding new event categories to the event system, which will be distributed later in the game. The new events that we now have cover everything from unique encounters to run-of-the-mill ones. They can be accessed via POI’s (you’ll learn more about them later). There now are a total of 50 event-lines, allowing for over a total of 500 unique dialogue-nodes and options (and more will be written! ;) ).

The Sandbox Team:
On a side note: We now have our great artists Garret and Greg here on site for the next couple of months. This speeds up communication and iteration immensely!
They are working together with the Sandbox Team on creating and integrating assets. In the Mission Team section we mentioned the POIs (Points of Interest).
In order to trigger events, you need to access them via Supply Crates or Information Logs. They are currently floating in space and can be found by the player.

Information Log
Information Log


Supply Crate
Supply Crate

 Also new asteroids for Space Combat were created.

Space Combat Asteroids
Space Combat Asteroids

 The station docking interface has been revamped. You can now access Trading, Refitting, Missions, Recruitment and the Bridge from one window, which makes it more convenient. Also ship modules can now be bought and equipped!

Refitting Interface
Refitting Interface

 Trading also got a nice little feature that makes it a bit more exciting: You can bargain and try to buy items you need cheaper than expected, depending on the trader’s mood. This gives you a certain percentage of success on the transaction outcome! This will allow for a really dynamic economy in the game.

Trading Interface
Trading Interface

The Engine Team:
They are working on performance upgrades and the integration of the audio-engine we use for the game. Although these are two short sentences, they mean a lot for the game.

The Space Combat Team:
The Space Combat team is working with very fast iteration and testing to redesign all the factors we don’t consider fitting for the overall experience. This approach is super helpful to achieve our goals.
To the already existing core prototype we added more granularity by being able to target the enemies subsystems (Weapons, Engines, Shields), which brings different damage consequences to the game, e.g. slowing down enemy ships.
Additionally there are Officer / Player Skill that affect parameters in the game. The Space Combat Team is also creating base maps for the game to show off possible different scenarios for story missions and pirate hideouts – boom!
The next steps are to implement multiple units for the player to command during Space Combat, to have deeper and more tactical decisions.

** Please note that everything shown in the pictures above is not final quality and work in progress. **

A promising Kickstarter project

We have not done a Kickstarter shout-out for a while but we thought we should mention a very interesting project this time: Dual Universe.

Dual Universe is a Civilization Building Sci-Fi MMORPG, where everything you do matters!

  • All the players share one centralized and unique persistent universe
  • Everything in the game is player-made
  • The gameplay allows player-driven economy, trading, territory control, politics and warfare

Have a look at their E3 teaser below:

 Do you like what you just saw? If so, click HERE to check out their Kickstarter project and support them.

You can also have a look at their website and the forums!

- Perihelion Interactive


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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Holcomb on

      This is a scam. Refund.

    2. Kai Barnard

      Stupid question but I may as well ask what happened to this

      How'd we get to here?

    3. Wes Johnson on

      "I also just broke my keyboard hence the previous post."

      Getting a broken keyboard may be the ONLY thing you get from this KS!

    4. Kai Barnard

      I dropped an extra $75 I think it was for the design a captain after the campaign - I was buying into the vision, had this been presented I would not have backed at the level I did - I also just broke my keyboard hence the previous post.

    5. John M Weirich on

      @Dave, shadowrunner - i gave the game 150$ cuz i wanted to help create content for it.. alot of people bought the packs to help the devs make content and backstory for the game.. we took a chunk of the thinking process away from the devs and left them with the task of making the engine and developing the process for how the game was to go from theory -> alpha -> beta -> launch

      the fact the devs wont chase down further support such as steam green light or attend any gaming convention other than to get real developers autographs leaves me concerned.

      i've seen more pictures of the dev team out drinking and having a good ol time and none of them actually working. really makes you wonder what they do with their time.

      think about how old the ps4 and xb1 are. this kickstarter is almost the same age.

      i dont want a refund because the alpha looks like crap, i want a refund because they set a timeline duration of goals and they have gone WELL beyond that time line. i bought in to a timeline game, and i expected bumps maybe taking 6 more months. this is like re-inventing the wheel and the customer service/response from the devs about any questions is 100% MIA other than their narrow focused responses that they want to release about their progress.

    6. Missing avatar

      JTM IV on

      Read the Q&A Dave, how did you get this far and not? Everyone clearly mentions it in their comments, mine included.

    7. Wes Johnson on

      @Dave You are assuming they ever deliver a game for us to decide it sucks. I would not bet someone else's money that happens.

    8. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      I must be missing something. What is everyone complaining about? Is it the graphics that you're disappointed with, just that the game is delayed or something about the actual gameplay?

      If I'm not mistaken the alpha hasn't been released yet so has anyone actually played an early build?

      I honestly have no idea why people are saying "This isn't what was pitched to us". Sure this update is a bit vague on the details. At least wait until the thing is released on Early Access.

      Don't get me wrong. The game could totally suck, it may not meet our expectations but declaring it a failure now seems premature, no?

    9. Kai Barnard

      They've never really finalised it or got an actual design template out - Im still waiting for all the process before starting mine

      And yes Wes, as long as they develop a game thats ...kinda The Mandate we have no grounds even if they don't really KS does squat - the 'accountability' is total BS

    10. Go on

      Are we too late for Captains submissions?

    11. Wes Johnson on

      "This isn't the game that was pitched to us originally and I request a refund."

      The great thing for Perihelion Interactive LLC is that that they could take out money and have zero accountability to us or anyone. Sadly we rolled the dice on these failures, so they owe us nothing which is a deep flaw of KS: accountability.

    12. Rob Roan on

      This isn't the game that was pitched to us originally and I request a refund.

    13. Wes Johnson on

      Is this the game I backed? Total bait and switch, I hope they are never able to fund via Kickstarter again.

    14. Missing avatar

      JTM IV on

      Good lord Devs, save your integrity and your studios future and embrace the viewpoint given by the previous poster.

    15. Nagycsont on

      Hey guys! Thanks for the update, although I'm quite disappointed in the continuous cut back of the scope as this is definitely not the game I wanted it to be.

      I assume , that the whole sudden change in the scope and aim of the project is indeed , as mentioned by others, due to the initial funding drying up. This is not a surprise though , your funding goal is 700k would have been only enough to maintain a project team of 15 people (your initial team) for 2 years and we are now well over that timeframe.

      Overall I wouldn't recommend savings cost on the scope and the quality of the game. A kickstarter gone wrong would be a really bad press for your studio and the game overall and I suspect you would face difficulties in trying to sell the shell of a game your are trying to pitch us here.

      Instead I would recommend being honest to your community about your financial situation and ask for their help. Your original idea is a game worth saving and it would be a shame to see it drown in the sea of forgotten kickstarter projects. Therefore I would advise you to follow these steps:

      - Start a clean slate communication about the current financial situation of the project and by that I mean the original project.
      - Summarise the status of the original game elements and provide estimates on how much time you need to achieve those.
      - Provide a summary on the outstanding cost with a healthy buffer for potential delays.

      Once the community is clear on the state of your game development and your challenges you can ask their opinion on the next step. This could be either providing a game of reduced quality and scope or carry on trying to achieve your original vision, but with additional financing support from both the community and outside of the community.

      In terms of financing you have a number of options , by either inviting support from current backers , looking for other backers or even a longer early access campaign.

      That's all of my feedback. Overall I still support you as I think your only fault is being a relatively inexperienced team with a too grand vision, which has happened before to everybody else. However the ball is with you now to be very open and honest with your community. Yes, you will face hostile reaction from some , but I believe most of us will be supporting and that might be just enough to save this game.

      Best of luck!

    16. John M Weirich on

      new polls on the game website? i wish...

    17. John M Weirich on
      PM the current dev leader for your refund requests.

    18. John M Weirich on

      feel free to ask the devs.. anything.. about the $$ and getting it back:

    19. Missing avatar

      Adam Holcomb on

      @John M Weirich

      I have sent 3 emails to that address and have sent 8 messages on Kickstarter. I have also PM'd people on the forums.

      They're ignoring us. Report this project to Kickstarter.

    20. Levi Taylor

      No, the comic is worthless gravy on top of a dish that doesn't exist yet.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kristinn Ágúst Kristinsson on

      Read the comic, like the style, the story was a little bit hamfisted but it gave a little bit of sense of how things are. Would like to see just regular people leading their regular lives before I see the whole uprising thing though because otherwise I don't really care what happens to the people or their struggle. I get that you showed the Casino but I never see anyone going there, just a billboard. I saw the library but what good did it do before it was taken down? I see the antagonist trying to make people see but what is it that s/he wants them to see, except the obvious right in front of their eyes?

      So the comic is trying to answer these questions: What are the conditions for people within the Mandate? Why hasn't anyone stood up against them? How are they placated? What is the antagonists background in all of this? Why would s/he decide to fight against it? How would s/he do it? The problem with all of the answers in the comic is that there is no struggle for the reader. The reader does not see into peoples lives, the reader does not see a glimpse of everyday - which s/he can only assume is bad. How do people in the Mandate go by their daily business? The comic feels like it dropped the reader at least 5 pages into the comic.

      So, in saying that, I like that you did the comic and trying to expand the universe. It is the right way to go. I'd just like to see it with a little bit of dimension, that's all.

      Otherwise, keep up the good work! This is the game that I've truly been waiting for and the comic is just gravy upon everything! :)

    22. Kai Barnard

      The Q&A

      Yeh we have no chance of refunds and the promised discussion on it,,,,,not happened yet

      I agree, not a realistic chance

    23. Sgt. Killstreak on

      Hey, don't let the refund demanders worry you, mates. They just want a game: you'll get the money back when the game is released.

    24. Missing avatar

      Noah Ellis on

      After the disaster of the previous update, I actually think this update is good. Hope somewhat improved.

      To everyone requesting refunds. I hate to say this, but I sense that it is entirely futile. What money there was is likely long gone.

    25. Michael Caldwell

      Where is the Q&A everyone is mentioning? On the forums?

      I just read something about them removing enlisted personnel from the game. How can you run a ship with only officers?

      I'm starting to have serious doubts about where this is going...

    26. Missing avatar

      JTM IV on

      I have emailed the company that my fellow commenter John provided. Anyone else had any luck?

    27. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      Sounds like the money dried up. The amazing vision that was presented to us in the KS has been whittled down to something seemingly uninteresting, and they're even going the Early Access route. They can't even afford to do proper updates anymore.

    28. Levi Taylor

      i hate to echo what everyone else is saying, but this really doesn't sound like the game i backed. i am fine with delays, and i am fine with changes being made, but the overall feel of the game seems to have changed, and now seems more generic.Why waste time, energy, and possibly money on a web comic?

    29. Cameron Haggett on

      Spectacularly disappointed with the watered down vision and dropped features that I backed this for.

    30. Joos on

      I approve this update.

    31. Shadeling on

      Requesting a refund as well.

    32. Michaeljack on

      Requesting a refund. This heap of excrement isn't what i backed anymore, not by a long shot!

    33. Missing avatar

      JTM IV on

      It's time to speak openly and frankly about refunds.

    34. Missing avatar

      JTM IV on

      If you actually read the Q&A it's impossible to see this as anything other than a *dramatic* reduction in game feature, graphics, game play, and narrative. Thank you for the honesty,but.

      In a very real way, this is not even close to the game we were promised and kickstarted.

      This is not remotely the game I backed.

      I want a refund as clearly by my fellow commenters, so do others.

    35. John M Weirich on

      im trying to be respectful and considerate but the devs wont even respond to my PM and public comments for a refund.

    36. NobleBrutus on

      Keep it up! Let's get this moving again!

    37. John M Weirich on

      refund.. you ignore my PM request for it, i posted it from your last update and the one before that. you cant ignore your problems hoping they will go away.

      150$ backed, 150$ to be refunded.

    38. Missing avatar


      I would suggest you guys post the Q&A of the forums here. it is important all backers can make an informed choice here.

      Personally after reading through the Q&A i conclude that of this point the KS is effectively NOT what was promised and as such i was ( willingly?) deceived.

    39. Kai Barnard

      Apologies - just read he Q&A

      ....I'm seeing the refund argument - there are major changes - sorry people

      This isn't what I signed up for - it's certainly been watered down and despite wanting to keep the faith - I think in the drive to get a working game - they may have killed what we wanted in a game

      The vision is dead

    40. Kai Barnard

      Jeeze - Kickstarters change - this is not a major change.

      No refund is due IMHO

      Late is annoying - but it's finally under full steam again - lets cheer it on


      Linking to that abysmal KS - really?

    41. Gozuja on

      Please issue refunds where requested.

    42. Inky on

      I second what Adam H. said. I'd like my money back.

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam Holcomb on

      How about an update on when we'll be getting our refunds, since the current project isn't what we backed.