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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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    1. Missing avatar

      tbrass on

      Thank you for the continued updates and insight into the roadmaps. Excited for a playable version!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason day on

      Am I suppose to download this somewhere? I funded it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Bob Rijke on

      seen part of a boarding party play-trough wish they would so more?

      would not mind seeing more of the stategy part of this game, only thing i know so far is that we get a base (or more then one, i am not clear on that) where we can train up crew / teck-up and or maybe build ships?

      oh and also get some missions (main or not was not clear on that

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      The faction leaders thing sounds very cool and ripe for improving replayability greatly, particularly if there's some level of variance in any one leader's competency between games. A Romanov from one game might consistently make poor tactical decisions (or maybe they just don't like you for some reason), forcing you into repeated uncomfortable battles if you follow their orders.

      Taken to the extreme, there could even be the chance for the leader to be insane, and you're fighting for victory in spite of their insanity.

    5. Fitheach on

      @Jason and folks that wonder the same the update that you missed was #45

    6. Julius Ter Pelkwijk

      The eurovideo guys are game publishers from Germany that they managed to get on-board. They bought the rights to distribute the game and handle most of the PR for Perihelion.

    7. Jason Garner on

      Have I missed an update somewhere who are these Eurovideo people that have suddenly started being referenced?

    8. Go on

      Thank you for continued updates. This is so much better than months of silence with no idea whats happening. Keep it coming! :D

    9. TK on

      I know games takes a looong time to make, this got backed Dec 2013 with an est delivery Mar 2015. Know that I'm not accusing or losing my temper at all, I simply want to know where you stand and possibly when the alpha is coming.
      Thank you!

    10. Rand Chua TL on

      Hungry for Alpha game to arrive!

    11. Michael Elvenia

      i really can't wait for alpha...unless it's already out and i somehow missed that notice.

    12. RudeReality on

      It is incredibly satisfying to get such well documented progress reports and insight into the development of a video game as it is being created. This has been a real joy to be along for the ride with you and I am pleased that I have been a part of the campaign to bring this game to life. Kick starter projects can be anything from a complete headache and disaster to what you have brought us, a well thought out, well implemented and inclusive process. What you have done from day one has been the way things should be done and I salute you for getting it right at every turn. I anxiously await each update, knowing that it will give us all greater insight to the progress and direction the end product is making. I have yet to be disappointed. While I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, but, I am just as willing to patiently wait for completion, satisfied in the knowledge that each day brings us a better, deeper experience once the game hits the shelves. These updates are the highlight of every month or so and continue to confirm the faith I put into the backing of this campaign. I truly feel a part of your team...thank you.

    13. Kyle Schleich

      Those ships are looking pretty nifty!

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Nagy on

      This game sounds better and better with every update. Keep up the great work, guys!

    15. Don Turos (aka Col Paladonov) on

      Faction personalities and roaming renaissance princes/princesses? This is getting better and better ... and potentially tougher and tougher! Way to take gaming to the next level!