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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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    1. lokiracer on

      @Justin So since you're happy with the delays, I should be as well?

    2. Simon Coudé on

      The boarding mechanics look pretty good so far, even though some people made pretty good points about the tactical behaviour of the marines.

      I had a question though about defending against boarding parties. Will it be in the game? Will you only be limited to 8 squad in your own ship?

      Thanks for all your hard work! =)

    3. Lucas Seuren on

      You guys had a business booth? Well, shame I didn't know that. Would have loved to meet up, doubt there was a lot of Dutch press.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Glad you changed the armor. Number 3 looks a bit more interesting than the medium armor + head cage = heavy.

    5. Justin L Smith on

      Looking good Peri!
      @lokiracer yeah its behind schedule but so what. They have more financial backing than just kickstarter and that means they can do not only more things but do things better. Both of those always require more time. I backed this project on the first or second day (I cant remember) and I am totally happy how things are going. I would rather wait another year if that means the game will be fun. My steam account already has enough crappy games in it.

    6. lokiracer on

      Another campaign that is months behind schedule.

    7. Helena on

      The pre-alpha boarding combat looks promising, though obviously still very rough and incomplete at present. And some of those Arkwright heavy armour designs are hilarious. :-D

    8. Jason Garner on

      Thanks for the reply Peri, Ah you're right I didn't know about the 3rd party software requirement and probably would have been very out of my depth trying to install and work my way through developer grade software in order to get the demo working lol, I'll shut up now and wait for the proper Alpha :)

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      - Thank you for your feedback and suggestions but please also keep in mind the following:
      - The AI is in its infancy. The version of the AI demonstrated for Gamescom is a prototype. We cannot stress this enough. It needs work both from a performance and functionality point of view but we hope what you see in the video shows some of the potential
      - Cover and movement is also something we will continue working on and improving. Both for buddy teams, fire teams and squads. Another area we will focus on is when multiple squads are moving together (effectively a platoon maneuver)

    11. Daniel

      ok. having watched the demo, here are my thoughts:
      combat is suffering from 'artificial behaviour'.
      The example in the end where you wanted to flashbang a room before entering was especially galling in this regard.
      When I was taught urban warfare at the military, the doctrine for uncleared rooms was: grenade, shots, man. Meaning, you tossed in a grenade first, then fired shots into the room, and only after these 2 steps had been taken, did you enter the room yourself.
      What I'm missing in your 'tactical approach' is the ability to fling grenades around corners/through-doorways without exposing yourself. Same goes for shooting.

      In fact, you should think that any soldier would be concerned with cover in an engagement, yet none of the squads (friendly or hostile) show any desire at all to use cover in any way, standing freely in the middle of open spaces while firing like madmen. In a real engagement, most of those combatants would be hugging walls and throwing themselves to the ground as soon as the first shot had sounded rather than standing like tall dummies just waiting to get hit.

      The tactical move where you had several people converging on the same spot putting a full squad within arms reach of each other (around 3:00 and forth in the video) stuck in my eyes too (not to mention that during this tactical movement they still ignored cover while moving around).

      To give an example: What in my opinion would have been a better way to navigate around the corner of a t-junction shown around the 3 minute mark. With the resources at hand (a single squad with a flash bang) they should move towards the junction as now. however, when reaching the junction, the ones nearest it should use the corner to 'guard around' the corner while in cover, and the squad opposite them shouldn't position themselves to in direct firing line if anye hostiles had been down the corridor. they should position themselves so the wall would be solid cover. Next 2 2man's should postition themselves on the other side of the junction (they had clear visibility in front of them, but low around the corner) and use the opposite corner as cover while 'guarding around' the corner, and the 'lower' 2man should again position itself so it would be skewed in positioning compared to the upper and using the wall as cover in case any hostiles where down the corridor with low visibility. If hostiles had been down the corridor, I asume it would be the players job to actively use a flashbang to secure movement of the 2 2mans crossing the corridor to get to the opposite corners cover.

      Anyways. Just my thoughts. Looks nice so far, but as I mentioned, when you started talking about tactical movements and what I saw had what I felt was some glaring omissions, I felt a need to respond.

    12. Daniel

      No dancing?

      Does this mean there will be no waifu's either?

    13. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      #4 is clearly a joke. Oi. --;

    14. Daniel McMinn on

      Hoo boy, am I glad you didn't really go with #4 for the heavy armour. Not to be rude to the artist who dreamed it up, but didn't they stop to think that actually being able to see something might be important? #3 definitely is the best choice, as far as I'm concerned, so yay!

      I've backed quite a few projects on this site, but this is the one I'm the most giddy about. Every new update just makes me want it more, and that's great!

    15. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Jason Garner: Fair point but as we wrote in the update text -but maybe we should have stressed this point- the demo is really Pre-Alpha / internal dev build.

      For example the installation process is quite cumbersome and requires the installation of 3rd party tools. At Gamescom we had Perihelion devs who did all the installation and setup on each PC and made certain everything was running well. If we released the Gamescom demo then people would have to deal with these installation issues (and it would generate a lot of questions and customer support tickets).

      On the hardware side we tested with a very specific PC configuration. All PCs at Gamescom had identical specs but we have not done any performance tests on other hardware (OS, GPU, CPU etc).

      Finally, from a legal point of view some of our 3rd party software is not yet released (prototype code) so we must be careful with spreading this in the public domain until all legal issues are sorted out. After Gamescom was over we wiped the demo from all the PCs.

    16. Jason Garner on

      Sorry if people think this is rude but I paid $150 into the Kickstarter campaign so shouldn't I and everyone else who paid into campaign have been allowed to trial this Pre-Alpha demo at least at the same time as the random people who just happened to be at Gamescom (and almost certainly have not paid a penny towards The Mandate) if not even before them?

    17. MoonRaven on

      It was fun, I also received a nice poster ;)

    18. xlynx on

      That's one elaborate booth, holy crap!

    19. euansmith

      That stand you built for Gamescon looks really impressive. The game is looking cool too. The AI tactical troop movement routines add so much to the impression of the game. This is shaping up really well.

    20. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Jer: No, Eurovideo (our publisher) paid for the booth. It was shared with Nordic Games and also featured several other games from both publishers.

    21. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      What @Jer asked is what interests me too.

    22. J.L. on

      Casual gamers will play the game in smaller chunks, depending on how you classify casual and smaller. (c;

      Yeah, let us try the demo too! If nothing else I might be able to figure out if I am casual or a casualty of the demo. (c8

      Aw, no bar in the face? It would be a bar you could not walk into... dc:

      Er, I'll show myself out now. Sc:

      Keep up the good work!

    23. Jer on

      Did you blow money from the backers on that booth? Looked like over kill for a demo.
      Just curious.

    24. Rand Chua TL on

      When do we backers get the chance to play a demo version of the game or alpha version? >_<

    25. Rand Chua TL on

      I Need more assault use weapons, armor and tactics. I want to use "Blizkreig" military tactic designed to create disorganization among enemy forces through the use of mobile forces and locally concentrated firepower.

    26. Michael Jones on

      At first when i saw the new approved armor i was like..."What the hell? That guy has a bar in front of his face? how is this a good thing?" scroll down, just see "Different variations"...."Why the hell didnt they go with #3? thats obviously the choice that makes the most sense!"

      read the whole thing, now im happy :)

      Also I want to say...SCREW CASUAL GAMERS! but if its going to do well, it needs to be reasonably accessible be everyone at the start with straightforward and easy mechanics and then ease more mechanics and parts on to the gamer and before they know it, they are commanding huge spacecraft with 100s of death lazorz and fighters with 100 man boarding operations ~_~

    27. Missing avatar


      Fancy! Thanks for the update guys, I'm loving the look of the boarding missions!

    28. Jonas Gabrielson

      Slick! Loved the choreographed battle maneuvers.

    29. Anaxphone

      I demand a ballroom dancing minigame in the Empress' Court! :(

    30. Kjell E on

      Brilliant video! The Mandate is looking better and better! Good work @Peri! Can't wait to get my hands on the alpha when it's ready.

    31. Timothy Cook on

      What! You mean there's not going to be a ballroom dancing minigame in The Mandate! That was the best part of the Pirates! remake, I feel so let down. ;)