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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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    1. Dawn_

      Your updates are always a feast for eyes.

    2. Rand Chua TL on

      All captains here do check out the new Mandate video!…

    3. Jeffrey Williams

      Great job, everyone!

    4. Lars on

      Thanks for another interesting update! There's too many items to comment on all of them, and while the majority looks really good (the expanded theme in particular), I have one gripe with the character animations. I'll expand on it below, but first of all, good luck at Gamescom!

      What I'd like to pick on, is the animation for exposing oneself from cover on the side where the non-dominant/weak eye is. Doing it as you have animated it, by moving farther out from cover to line up your strong eye and weapon, is a much riskier way which exposes almost your entire body, and gives the enemy more time to line up a shot at you instead. In short, you'll likely get shot before you are ready to fire, which is bad.

      In general, you always want to break exposure with your weapon first, so that you can start shooting at once should it be needed. What you want to do is, change your grip and style from dominant to non-dominant before you break cover, so that you lead with your weapon and at the same time expose as little of your body as possible. It feels incredibly clumsy and just plain wrong to begin with, and your accuracy will suffer greatly, but with enough training this can be overcome. This is most relevant at short ranges too, where you should be able to hit your target almost blindfolded, so somewhat reduced accuracy is acceptable.

      So there you have some feedback from this soldier. Now, I realize this might be difficult to animate in the game, or that you're already aware of it and have plans to tie this into how experienced a squad is, but I thought I'd share my knowledge on the subject. Best of luck regardless!

    5. John Gardner on

      WOW !!! another incredible update.. lots of good info & plenty of pics too !!! The soundtrack is fantastic I had that playing as I read the rest of the update :) The Armor looks great & so do all of the Ships. Impressed with the Space Station too... Keep up the incredible job you guys are doing.. Everything is looking Awesome and I'm so excited for this game !!! : )

    6. Fitheach on

      Sounds great and thanks for all the details you provide in your updates. I wish all kickstarters were willing to talk in the depth you do.
      Best of luck with Gamescom and no missed sleep/meals etc getting the demo ready.

    7. Gabor Varga on

      Everything seems magnificent, except for the longer wait time (sad panda, but if you guys need more time for a great game, than take all the time you must) and that heavy head piece...Seriously, whoever wears that would have something like 0 spatial vision (and I also personally think its kinda...not pretty, to say the least?)...Its highly impractical at least, life threatening at worst.

    8. Patrick on

      Fantastic update, thanks! Take all the time you need to deliver a game you are proud of!

    9. euansmith

      Wpwsers! That's a lot of interesting news and a good insight in to the technical side of game development.

      I like the Artwight Heavy Armour. The head bars remind me of the power lifter from Aliens.

    10. Saodhar

      Great update! So much info to take in. :)
      And please - make the armada wallpapers in 1920x1200!

    11. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      @Perihelion: collaborative diffusion for sure! ;)

    12. J.L. on

      Awesome. (c: As other say, rather take time to make it right than release early 'just because' (a recent triple-A game shows that in abundance). Keep up the amazing job you are doing, Peri!

    13. Justin L Smith on

      Well this could not have come at a better time for me! Just having a bad day and BAM! Mandate Update! Now to find a drool bucket......... wait too late. mop please!

    14. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Marsell: Yes, we will dig into a lot of technical details for #52 AI update. We did evaluate the AI solutions you mentioned. Can you maybe guess which solution we are going for instead? :)
      @Nathaniel O'Neill: We have several developers with OCD on the team, too! You will have lots of depth and many alternative ways to tweak the performance of both ship(s) and your crew.
      @Rand: #52 should arrive before Gamescom (1st week of August)

    15. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      I agree with Diego: of all the games I've helped Kickstart, the Mandate is the one which I am always most excited (by far) to get updates for.

      I love the new music, and the art direction is great!

      For the AI update, I really hope you guys get into the nitty gritty (e.g. things like hierarchical task networks, behaviour trees, boids, etc).

    16. Nathaniel O'Neill on

      Anybody else slightly worried about that really short "And now crews are hired by squads!" paragraph? It kindof makes it sound like they scrapped the character progression system from update 43, and that makes me a very sad panda. I was super excited for that.

      On the other hand, it may just be the way it was shortened there. And I could understand if that were the case. I'm OCD, so I -loooooove- details like that, but I could see a lot of people being turned off by that level of granularity. I just wish there were some way of having the option to go that deep into micro, if you decided you wanted to.

    17. Rand Chua TL on

      Happy to know there are now 8 factions of ships to play with!
      Love to news on the orchestral soundtrack!
      Hope to know if the update #51 would come early Aug. :p

    18. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      We have two articles on the community site that you may want to read to get more info about how the modular ship design works: (do a search for "Order of Battle")

    19. Chris on

      @Perihelion just brought me to tears....

    20. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Timothy Cook: There are several ways to acquire officers in the game so getting officer candidates from squads is just one way. Another way would be to recruit officers from major factions by performing favours for them and earning earning faction points. These faction points can then be spent on recruiting officers from that faction. There will be more ways to get officers as well.
      @Chris: You can upgrade the middle section of your ship with a carrier section module to turn your ship into a carrier. The size of the ship determines how many light craft can be carried so a heavy cruiser can obviously carry and deploy more light craft than a frigate.

    21. Sean Frank-James Bongiovanni on


      I thought carriers were just one of those ship sizes with a certain midsection? I don't think those were ever planned to be a distinct ship class when it could just fit into another.

    22. Timothy Cook on

      Sounds like this will be addressed in a near-future update, but I'm reeeally curious about those officer promotions. If your squad of 8 generates an officer, do you need to fill that vacancy with a newbie, and wouldn't that lose some seniority? Does a squad generate officers only on level-up, so a max level squad won't generate any more? Can you speed up your officer generation, or even put fancy hats on un-deserving enlisted men, in case you really really need someone and you don't have free officers on-hand? I guess when I'm playing I'd be worried about them becoming a super limited resource, especially if something bad happens and I get a lot of officers killed.

      @Chris -- Aren't carriers decks one of the hull segments that you can customize your ship with?

    23. Kjell E on

      Wow, indeed. the new recording of the Mandate theme really is quite fuller and more momentous. Can't wait to hear the full 130 minutes of sound track(s) when it's ready.

      Also, considering the delay of the alpha due to lack of enough qualified programmers, I fully agreed that the quality of the game has to be top priority, rather than getting "something" out the door. (And I also know how hard it can be to find just the right members for a development them. Again, quality over quantity!).

      As always, keep up the good work Peri!

    24. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      I hope you are ensuring all of your third party tools are properly cross-platform... I'd hate to see the Linux version postponed because of poorly chosen third party middleware.

    25. Jason Garner on

      Wow the Mandate theme really has come on in leaps and bounds -amazing track.

    26. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Daniel McMinn:
      Good point. We forgot to include the link to the old version. You can download it here:

    27. Daniel McMinn on

      And a third post. This page needs an edit button. Is there a possibility of you releasing the wallpapers in 1920x1200?

    28. Zalgo on

      Holy crap, you guys have been busy. Keep it up;)

      Also, that soundtrack..Wow! Someone has been listening to Tchaikovsky I think, which is no bad thing. The more epic, martial space music the better. Does the budget stretch to 'orchestral' cannons?

    29. Daniel McMinn on

      Argh, I forgot: You provided the old theme for us to download. How about this one? Pleeeease?

    30. Daniel McMinn on

      "For example the Arkwright faction theme is scored with anvils."

      Frankly, every soundtrack should include anvils. But while they are tempting, I'm remaining loyal to the Empress. No use in bribing me with awesome music.
      The expanded theme sounds great, by the way.

    31. Chris on

      My god those ships look fantastic!

      Am I the only one a bit saddened by no Carriers though? :(

    32. Diego on

      This is the only game I kickstarted that keeps me on full hype throtle. Keep up the good work, I'm anxious to play but it's worth waiting to play a finished, high quality final product.


    33. Walter Spivak on

      Good work people - I really can't wait for this game!