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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

Progress update

Posted by Perihelion Interactive LLC (Creator)

Hey backers,

Today we are going to talk about our roadmap and progress update as well as the state of the project. Our aim is to shed more light on exactly where we are in development. We also have a new developer video which you can find at the bottom of this update.

When the Kickstarter campaign was successfully concluded last year we took a break for a few days and then started to plan our production roadmap in more detail. Our timeframe as outlined before we launched our Kickstarter placed Alpha in December 2014 with Beta to follow in Q1 2015.

We discussed each major feature and classified according to the high risk, high value matrix that we also shared with you as part of our Kickstarter update for January. During this planning stage we identified several issues that we were not aware of before the Kickstarter campaign was launched and which have had an impact on our production schedule and timeline.

The first issue was staffing-related as three of the senior programmers that we wanted to bring onboard full-time were prevented from joining the project due to pre-existing contracts. Despite our best efforts to terminate their previous contracts earlier in the end we had to wait until 1st of April before they could join us.

Secondly, our initial timeline (which was announced when the Kickstarter began) does not take into account the fact that we added stretch goals like planetary missions and starbase assaults. These features require additional time to develop on top of the ship boarding operations that we had already planned. For example planetary missions require a different approach to pathfinding for units that move around in an open space instead of down corridors [as would be the case with boarding operations]. To prevent further loss of time we looked at different solutions including three different ones from 3rd parties until we finally found one that satisfied our updated requirements.

Planetary missions also require unique artwork to distinguish them from boarding operations and would have required a lot of manual work to design and build planet surfaces. We decided to investigate how to procedurally generate planetary mission maps to allow us to create varied landscapes. In the long run this will save development time and ensure you do not visit the same planet layout twice (unless specifically created for story missions). This work has yielded some very promising results but required research and development. Above you can see four different “biome” types as we call them. We have a crystal planet, a lava planet, a desert planet and a moon. The walkable area is the same in all four cases, however, the lava planet has the walkable terrain raised compared to the other three. All four types are running off of the same level layout that the game designer created. We also have additional biomes in development but these four should suffice to demonstrate the versatility of our solution.

Thirdly, we announced already back in February that we were planning for “mod support” since we were not that far away from reaching this stretch goal. It is important to note that first of all this decision is irreversible and it also has major architectural implications. As you may know we are using Unity as our game engine and Unity generally has static scenes (or levels if you will) which are not easily modified after a game has been compiled, shipped and launched. This is not a problem if you are building a traditional RPG with predefined locations.

In The Mandate (both for ship interiors and planetary mission planets) we will not have static levels but rather dynamic ones that are generated at run-time. Unity does not natively support this. We wanted something robust and powerful, more similar to the MMO engines we have worked with in the past where the program code and the content data are decoupled. This allows designers to add and modify content data (npcs, ships, quests, items etc) by using a set of content design tools. The changes can be saved and exported without involving programmers and without modifying the game executables. Our plan is to allow modders to use these same tools after launch as well. These requirements, however, demanded a custom object model to be created.

For The Mandate, we are using a custom object model (entity/component model). Entities are not linked directly in the static Unity scenes but instead they can be serialized on-the-fly so we can have an open world sandbox with dynamic streaming. Entities can migrate seamlessly between boarding and space combat simulation, or communicate in both domains. The advanced serialization supports multiplayer replication and optimizes the data traffic by automatically recalculating the diffs in synchronized data.

For the game design and level design toolchain, the object mode enables advanced editor features like: custom nested prefabs, full undo support, data definition/reflection and MVC approach to separate data and entity logic from visual components.

At runtime, as we are using the actor model, entities can be updated independently and in parallel. This approach scales naturally in multi threaded environment with several CPUs.

Mandate will have seamless transition between worlds and to stream the data/assets in the background, we are using Unity asset bundles. Black box modules can also contain the precompiled code which interfaces with existing game framework, as it is used for the dynamic loading in MOD support. This way, some assets and modules don't need to be statically determined when the game is released, but can be added, overwritten or updated later. By replacing these asset bundles, we can dynamically update the content of the game.

The custom object model is now complete and we are now building the various content tools which use this model. It is important to stress that the content tools themselves will be very powerful and allow designers to rapidly create and modify new abilities, items, npcs, ship sections and ships. Due to data consistency checking it should minimize the introduction of bugs into the system and we have automated processes that can verify the integrity of the data.

The challenges presented above meant that The Mandate would require more time and effort to complete without having to sacrifice or cut features from the game concept. The systemic approach to how we wanted to make The Mandate has several major upsides such as providing content creation tools that allow us (and modders) to quickly develop additional content for the game once it has been launched. Conversely, it requires more development time to do it right. We believe this is the right thing to do and we hope that you agree with our approach.

With respect to development time we decided to delay staffing up the design team (including writers) and also the art team. This meant that both teams would spend more time in pre-production to iterate on designs and art, respectively. In parallel the programming team has been staffed to full strength and has been working on the issues outlined above.

On the design side extra time spent in development has allowed us to both mature existing design ideas as well as re-examine the connection between space combat, boarding combat and the adventure mode. For example the battle drills concept was not on the drawing board 6 months ago and is a recent development (which we reuse for the light craft in space combat as well). Another example is our approach to sub-system targeting which was outlined in the previous update.

On the art side the extra time has allowed us to iterate on the design language for each of the factions. Whenever you encounter ships or starbases from another faction you will recognize which faction they belong to due to their unique art direction when it comes to colour, silhouette and design language. Last update we showed the Grand Fleet heavy cruiser MK II and we also gave a sneak peek at a Black Eagle heavy cruiser in drydock. Today we are following up and sharing with you the ship styles for the Romanov, Osmani, Arkwright and Europan heavy cruiser designs.

For tech art we have also used the time to investigate and deal with issues ahead of time. We have built systematic approaches for each of the art-scale challenges we will face during the production so that we can tackle each area in the most efficient way possible. For example you may remember our presentation of the character system which we discussed a few updates ago. Another example would be the addition of physically based shaders and integration with Substance Designer procedural textures which required recently developed third party tools to reach maturity. A third example is the biome generation for planetary missions as seen earlier in this update that will help us generate a huge amount of variety of missions from the same amount of game designer input. These are all powerful, flexible solutions that are also scalable depending on hardware requirements.

Another side of development which has benefited from a longer development time is the audio. More specifically, our soundtrack. When we started development we were not sure how much funds we would be able to allocate to the soundtrack. We therefore asked our composer to plan for both a 60, 90 and 120 minute soundtrack. Based on what we will discuss later in this update, we can now confirm that The Mandate will get a full 120 minute soundtrack. Also, whereas the Kickstarter Mandate theme was recorded with around 30 musicians; we will use a 75-man orchestra for the full soundtrack. Our composer already has roughly 60 minutes of faction-specific music ready and is now starting on the second half of the soundtrack; the battle music and ambient music.

Due to copyright and intellectual property rights we cannot share the music yet and besides, it will only sound right once it has been recorded with the full orchestra. That being said the faction music goes very well with the art direction for the various ship styles that we showed earlier in this update. Since we got a lot of good feedback on the Mandate theme our composer decided to record four versions of the original Mandate track on piano for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

Oh, and there is one more thing we are exploring with respect to the soundtrack. Actually, technically it is the vocals or chorus. It is a bit early to talk about but if all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, this will be the icing on the cake. It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words...

While these efforts have required additional time in the development schedule we ultimately believe this will result in a more interesting and enjoyable experience. The high level design work on both design and art will save us time down the road, ensure a more tightly integrated experience since the different game modes are more strongly connected, and the technological solutions we have gone for, will help both with the production of expansion packs, sequels and mod support.

We saw three alternative approaches that could help us meet our funding requirements and avoid having to compromise on our game concept: We could seek additional crowdfunding, prepare a Steam Early Access version or we could find an investment partner. Each approach has strengths and weaknesses (or risks if you will).

We did not feel that it was right to ask for a second wave of crowdfunding. Also - while important progress has been made, it is not progress that is easy to present into sexy marketing material so there would be no guarantee of obtaining more funds this way.

As for using Early Access first of all it would require us to change our development roadmap to deliver something that would entice people to donate and secondly we would have no guarantee for the result. The Early Access could get us more money than we ever needed - or - it could fall on its face and then what? We have seen many projects take this road and we much prefer to not be in a permanent state of pre-alpha early access, something that can be infuriating to players who are essentially treated as unpaid QA staff.

Bearing this in mind we decided to look for an investment partner as our plan A with Early Access as plan B. One clear benefit for us is that we can focus our communication and talk to somebody who has experience evaluating projects at different stages of development. We met with several different publishers both small, medium and large at Gamescom in August and pitched our game concept.

For the last four months we have been exclusively discussing with one potential partner. After signing mutual NDAs with them we shared all relevant project information. On their side they conducted a thorough due diligence of The Mandate. They brought with them an external industry veteran who reviewed our production budget, the state of our codebase and also our design documents. Current and proposed future members of the development team were both evaluated and interviewed to get a clear understanding of the major production risks and whether we had the necessary experience to tackle them. The feedback was very professional and constructive and we immediately implemented several production changes (since the feedback was given with no strings attached). Next we embarked on a relatively lengthy contract negotiation process which ended up taking longer than expected. We did not feel comfortable announcing anything until a deal was signed and everything set in stone (and besides the NDA restricted what we could discuss).

This changes today as we just signed a contract with Eurovideo Medien GmbH of Germany. The guys are cool and consist of former D&D players who are also fans of games like X-Com, Pirates, Mount & Blade, Elite, FTL and many more. If you want to check out which games they distributed in the past years, have a look at their website. Actually, their offices are located next to the movie set for the movie classic “Das Boot”.


What is also important is that the guys understand both the type of game experience we are aiming for and also what we are NOT aiming for, e.g. on-the-rails free-2-play shooter with micro-transactions. Eurovideo sees the potential in The Mandate and wants to help us realize the game’s full potential. So what are the implications of this deal?

  • Eurovideo will invest to ensure the development of The Mandate
  • Perihelion Interactive will have full creative control. Full stop. We will execute the original game concept as we presented to you in the Kickstarter and will follow our vision without any intervention from Eurovideo
  • Eurovideo will handle all marketing, PR and distribution activities
  • Perihelion Interactive will interact with existing & new backers and release regular updates. There will be no changes here
  • Perihelion Interactive will retain full control over backer pledges
  • Eurovideo will handle all localization in cooperation with Perihelion Interactive
  • We can now guarantee that The Mandate will be localized into German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian (other languages to be discussed)
  • Both the English and German versions will be voiced (other languages to be discussed)
  • The development team will grow due to this investment and as a result we can pack more content and more hours of fun into the game
  • The soundtrack will be 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes and the size of the orchestra will double

How does the road ahead look like with the additional funding? First of all we will now start to staff up the development team. At its peak the team will consist of around 30 developers with a combined AAA experience of 100+ years. The additional funding allows us to bring onboard several veteran developers who are both friends and former co-workers. This will reduce risk and ensure that The Mandate is a great game at release.

Furthermore, we will differentiate in our timeline between the feature Alpha, feature Beta and Content Beta. Whereas the first two relate to the specific features of the game the latter is about the content (quests, factions, ships etc) which are made with our tools [remember the discussion above about our tool chain and object actor model].

Feature Alpha: Q3 2015 (early)
Feature Beta: Q3 2015 (late)
Content Beta: Q4 2015
Launch: Q1 2016

All backers at $75 or above will gain access to the Feature Alpha. All backers at $40 or above will gain access to the Feature Beta. All backers from $20 or above will gain access to the Content Beta.

The Content Beta will be updated several times towards Launch. Depending on the feedback from the Feature Alpha and Feature Beta it may be slightly more restricted in scope initially but over time we will release content updates and unlock features so that right before launch the Content Beta will be identical to the launch version of the game (but for example it may miss localization for certain languages which become available at launch).

So what will happen next? Actually over the holidays Garret (Art Director) is reading a book about heraldry which is over a hundred years old but supposedly still relevant for the 36th century. Vegard (Tech Art Director) is playing around with some cool stuff. Could there be a connection to the book that Garret is reading? Time will tell.

Right after the holidays we will start the hiring process to bring onboard additional developers. Specifically we will bring on two veteran writers and two veteran designers as well as additional artists. The next few Kickstarter updates will cover star base design, modular design and what types of customization options will be available to the player. Then in February we plan to discuss the battle drills and formations in more detail and show you how our squad AI adapts to the changing environment and also talk more about how boarding operations work.

As part of developing the boarding combat prototype we also worked in parallel on the art side to define the different room types and investigate scale dimensions. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that a ship deck will feel like it has depth and mass. As you know a deck will contain many rooms and each room can have several consoles. Each console can be manned by one of your crew and the consoles in turn affect ship performance and dictate whether certain systems are online or offline during space combat. You may recall our previous Kickstarter update which included a video that demonstrated sub-system targeting where you can detect and take out individual consoles and rooms with precision fire. We decided to make a video to showcase the rooms that have been built so far.

Above you can see actual in-game footage where we show off the various rooms completed so far. We plan to make a follow-up video later where we go into more detail about the modularity of these assets as well as what type of customization options will be available (again made possible due to systematic tech art approaches).

We also have quite a few backers who pledged for various design tiers. Some of these design tiers do not yet have templates but now that we are staffing up with writers and designers we expect to finalize the remaining templates during February. Speaking of which we will close down the ability to order design tiers on the 31st of March 2015. This will give all backers who pledge for various design tiers several months to also work on their designs and conduct peer review before we start the official submission process.

With that said it is time to wrap things up. The bottom line is that we are building an even bigger game for you guys. This requires more time and additional investments. We have had some staffing challenges as well as unanticipated technical challenges along the way, but both of these are now solved and our agreement with Eurovideo guarantees that we will not have to compromise the original vision for the game.

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive

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    1. Fergus Ó Dubhshláine on

      It is understandable when these things happen. You guys have been open and honest about things as they happen. Please keep us posted and I am really looking forward to this game.

    2. Andrew B. Goodwin on

      I completely agree that the delay was the right thing to do. Please push for a great game by release, instead of rushing anything to meet a deadline.

      Like I said before, I'm a programmer, I should have a Bachelors in Computer Science by the end of the 2016 Spring Semester. I am a published Editor, and an unpublished writer. If you have any intern work, any UNPAID intern work that I can help you accomplish, let me know. I would be happy for the experience, and to put it on my resume.

      Thank you.

    3. Alberto P Martinez on

      Well i backed Star citizen so i'm used to delays....) TLDR is we are getting a bigger better game then we were originally promised....Hot Damn......its like being told to wait a bit longer at McDonalds and getting a free Super size! Sure it will kill me faster but i'll die with a smile on my face!

    4. Jay on

      Delays are always disappointing but the continuous updates helps me keep the faith the people are working hard and something awesome will be delivered in the end.

    5. Derrick Hayden on

      While it's always sad to hear it will take so long to develop the game, it is understandable and until now i really doubted that it can be done with such a limited budget. Now, most of my doubts are gone and i truly believe this will be one of the best kickstarted games ever, but it sucks that i won't see it for another year ^_^. Good luck going forward.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jymm on

      My belief about this project was always that you had a truly brilliant and ambitious design which could not possibly be realized on this time and budget. I watched all your videos and updates and decided to back the project anyway because I was so consistently impressed with the quality of everything you have done. The concept, systems design choices, UI designs, and art pieces have all been simply outstanding. Thus I had hope that somehow, some way, you would be able to create something here.

      So far to-date I continue to be awed at the quality of each and every update. I'm honestly pleased to see that Peri was finally able to realize (or admit) that the original goal was flatly impossible to achieve, and have found what looks to be a very solid solution with this partnership. If the final product is even half as good as the content so far suggests, then I would be happy to wait another year for it.

      Consider that Wasteland 2 is a decent game, with solid but less ambitious game mechanics, and that is visually... unimpressive. And a professional developer spent upwards of $6 Million to make that. Even a 1 or 2 Million budget for something of the scope of The Mandate seems laughable. I hope you have found a very good partnership with your publisher, and wish the best of success in development.

    7. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      Thanks for the detailed update.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      So you projected that you were going to take too long and run out of money, so you got a publisher. Sure. As long as you finish the game without issue I don't see a problem.

    9. Missing avatar

      ChrisD on

      Well, hope it will be even better in the end ;)
      Was expecting an alpha mail to come soon but i guess it's for later.

      An investor which works in distribution also means physical box and/or collector?

    10. Adam Sherman on

      More partners seems odd at this stage, but I don't really have the wherewithal to understand the business of gaming.

    11. Christopher Wolfe on

      I'm not sure what it is, but I think that Europan Heavy Cruiser is the sexiest ship I've ever seen. I also liked the Osmani one a lot. I'm always glad to see updates from you guys, keep up the good work.

    12. xlynx on

      Your custom object model sounds impressive, and like something other projects could benefit from. Might you consider making this tech into a product of its own after The Mandate is shipped?

      p.s. I love the Arkwright Heavy Cruiser design. It reminds me of Homeworld <3

    13. Missing avatar

      Novel85 on

      Thumbs Up! Thanks for the detailed

    14. Anaxphone

      So far, see no reason to worry, as the delay was virtually inevitable with the scope and complexity of the project. It's nice to see that things are progressing and that you are looking to the long term on the project's health.

      Also, thank you for not just automatically going with Early Access for the beta. Not only does that automatically remove people like myself who've no interest in using Steam from access to the beta, but it has, as you noted, garnered a less-than-stellar reputation as a graveyard of half-finished prototypes.

    15. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      What an awesome update and good news :)
      Got chills from the piano music, especially the first and the last one. Really awesome!

    16. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Lin on

      Will you still be releasing on GoG?

    17. Evmeister on

      Though it is disappointing as I just realized that the Beta would be coming out soon, to learn that its being pushed way back. However I rather wait longer and have a masterpiece that I can sink +100 hours into vs a very buggy unfinished game.

      I am concerned by the addition of the publisher, however I understand the need for more capital. Sounds like they're used to working with indie devs though so I really hope it will be a fruitful venture!

      Good luck and here's to another year of waiting for the game of my dreams!

    18. Robert Dietrich on

      Good update report. With Eurovision you have found a solid partner who give you all the freedom you need. Take your time and develop a great game. So far it looks amazing.
      The most exciting part in this update was the Soundtrack. Full 120 minutes and full orchestra, hell yeah! :)

    19. Mario Malnar on

      could you please give us mp3 version of song to download???

    20. Mario Malnar on

      as long as it takes, I'm good. and the things you plan are fabulous. mod capabilities included. Any change in Steam availability?

    21. Missing avatar

      Timofey on

      I'm so ill right now, but still... Don't worry about the delay, I don't think that anyone took it very hard. Just don't let the publisher kill or extract the soul out of your project. It literally is a project of my dream, and seeing so much updates just makes me happy :)

    22. Jess Montgomery on

      Good update and gives me more confidence in you that your honest and very detailed in what you show us. Thanks you and keep up the good work.

    23. Missing avatar

      Coillscath on

      Unlike other projects I've helped Kickstart, where each my hope drains away more with each update, the opposite is true here. It's clear you guys are professionals, and you're well on your way to hitting your goals, so the news of seeking help of an investor doesn't bother me in the slightest. You guys have always been completely transparent about the project. I'm more excited for this game now than I was when I first backed it, that's for damn sure!

    24. Helena on

      Based on my experiences with other projects, I'm not at all surprised by either the delay or the publisher announcement. I just hope it works out OK for you guys. Good luck!

    25. Josh H on

      It's is good to hear the development plan is being tested. It would be a massive shame for you to miss the potential of your vision.

    26. Missing avatar

      Morgan on

      Your updates have been consistently professional and show a respect for your backers and goal oriented project management, so the addition of a publisher doesn't worry me at all and I look forward to what you're able to do with additional funding, staff and time to fully realize this game. I hope you continue to provide updates as useful and productive as these going forward.

    27. Justin L Smith on

      I had a feeling more funding would be needed with all the the great things Peri has planned. Delays are to be expected for most any project like this. Peri certainly seems to be on top of things which is great! I think the best thing they could have done was to incorporate the ability to mod no matter how much this one feature would have delayed development. Everytime I see what Peri wants to achieve I like this project even more. Keep up the good work, making a great game takes time and money. You now have more money to take your time it will be worth it in the end.

    28. RudeReality on

      While there is a certain disappointment upon hearing of a release delay, this is tempered both by my knowledge that the majority of Kickstarter projects fail to hit their pre-stated deadlines, coupled with my preference of the game reaching it's full potential, however long this takes vs being released and on time yet below expectations by consumer and developer, alike. The Mandate has lofty goals and reaching or at least attempting to will take time, more than the fast approaching 1st quarter original release date would allow. This would have been a difficult task with The Mandate, even before the added stretch goals and expansion of the game content in every way. The additional funds incurred by partnering with an established dev is a bonus, provided they remain hands off and overall control of the both the game and Peri's future are not hampered. If executed well this could be one of the best games in it's genre, perhaps even in history. Take the time, do it as best you can...we will be here, supporting and anticipating the glorious results.

    29. Travis Gaby on

      Don't forgot medic room? :) Anyway, good work! I'm little worry, do all backer must get their design done by March 2015? Thank you let us know, but please let us know more detail if need to be.

    30. Killstring

      Eurovideo looks like a really solid partner; congrats on finding an investor that'd let you keep creative control.

      Feature creep! It happens. I think I speak for a fair amount of people when I say I prefer that you deliver the best game possible, rather than rush something out of the door just to make an arbitrary deadline.

      At this point, I do not think I've *ever* had a Kickstarter that I've backed come in on time, so I'm more interested in the overall health of the project, which looks pretty good.

      Keep up the good work!

    31. Jason Garner on

      Not worried about the extended length of development time, slightly concerned about the introduction of a publisher because regardless of what's been said publishers do not give money to developers without considerable security of equity which means I would imagine that Eurovideo have now been given some degree of control over The Mandate assets to the point where if Eurovideo and Perihelion were to fall out The Mandate could now never be released, risky move by Peri here so I really hope it works out for you guys and you haven't just dealt a potential death blow to your own project :-(

      On the plus side the walk-through of the deck is very impressive, much bigger than I was hoping for, I can really see some huge boarding battles taking place on the ships now -well done Peri :-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Greg Gazeley on

      Great update. I think you guys made the right decision going with Eurovideo.

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop with such a comprehensive update!

    33. Jean-Luc Picard on

      It's true Mandate's development has been pretty slow but I always expected it would be considering the scope of the project. Also, when it comes to this game, quality stands above all other considerations for me (except maybe ethical ones :P) so feel free to take your time if it actually helps you do a better job as far as I'm concerned.

      And thank you for explaining the financial and business situation in such great but clear detail. I also think you made the right choice strangely enough considering the trend today is to get away from publishers. Mandate is too complicated to do well in early access at such an early stage I think and a new kickstarter would've made you look bad while introducing additional, non-productive delays.

      About the soundtrack, are you actually looking into using that Russian army orchestra. :) That was the first thing that came to my mind when I started reading about the soundtrack and then I saw that picture. I saw a few of their renditions on youtube and if you can get them to perform for your soundtrack...well, that'd be the icing on the Winter Palace. :)

    34. Michaeljack on

      I think you guys picked the right option. I know kickstarter is supposed to remove publishers from the equation but it seems like the deal you hammered out with these guys its mutually beneficial and wont affect the game except to bring more money to the table, so good work and merry christmas!

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Grinshpon on

      I believe they say good things come to those who wait. I'm happy to wait for something as well thought-out as this!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff Heaney on

      You guys have been letting us know everythingthat pops up, and with even half the amount of content, delays would be inevitable. The fact you are this comparatively close to on schedule is a testement to your planning amd dedication.Take however long you need to, because something tells me that I'll be playing this for years! :)

    37. tunabowl tony on

      i back kickstarter projects expecting delays, especially for games with tons of stretch goals added on. as long as the creator(s) are being open and transparent i dont mind. i enjoy your detailed updates and i have a ton of games to keep me busy until 2016. hell, i haven't even had time to start wasteland 2 yet.

    38. Yigit Unan on

      I just hope that, by the time i get a playable version on my hands, i will be still young enough to play computer games : )
      Well, just take good care of my hard earned 40bucks I put on this. Your concept is great. Execute it to the limit and we have a deal : )
      Have a great new year, guys!

    39. Missing avatar

      Coyro on

      If the game will be even half so thoroughly made as your updates - it's destined to be a freaking masterpiece. :lol:
      Another great update, really.

    40. Rand Chua TL on

      Sad to know the budget funding from KS was not enough. Glad to know the game making continue with an investment partner!
      The Classic movie Das Boot was great to watch, even when i don't understand Germany.

    41. Gabor Varga on

      I'm not happy with the delay, but hope everything goes according to your plans. Better take your time and make an awesome game than do a rushed launch delivering a buggy pile of &@#>. Hopefully Eurovideo can help you achieve the perfect game without wreacking havoc :)

      All in all, just keep up the good work, and in the meanwhile I'll get back to scratching the walls 'til its Beta time...

    42. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      Nice to see you guys contracted to a German publisher. They are a distributor for many indie games for germany and let's hope everything goes smooth with them. Oh and this gives me hope to see a nice boxed Collector's Edition :-)

      And for the delay, I think nobody will have a problem with that as nobody expects that a project with such a large scope will finish with these limited resources in this tight schedule.

    43. Zack McCay on

      When I first read investment partner I was really hoping it might be Paradox.

    44. TanC on

      Great to hear the updates before the close of the year. Glad Eurovideo is kind to give you all that leeway and as a backer I'm happy for the additional funds pouring into this project. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to give this a whirl! Happy 2015 and remember to get lots of rest!

    45. Patrick on

      Like others have said, take your time. Better to release something polished you are happy with, than something unfinished and buggy. Initial reviews upon release will be very important. Thanks for the indepth update!

    46. Missing avatar

      finlay killoh on

      Honestly id of been disappointed if you had went with early access but going with a great publisher like eurovideo makes the most sense they are experienced with dealing with kickstarter campaigns and will likely be a great help on the admin and management side as well as financially

    47. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      Also, hell *yeah* on the 120 minutes of a (nearly) full-size orchestra! The original theme was great! The level design is also shaping up nicely.

    48. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      Hah, I totally expected this. There was almost no way that the vision for The Mandate could occur with only half a million dollars. I chipped in anyway because the vision was so powerful.

      That said, I'm happy to hear the direction things have gone, even though I think you're still being optimistic (ramping up another ~20 developers, yet finishing in one year?). I'd really like to see the game fleshed out, and I'm just fine with it taking another year or two to bake in the oven.

    49. Henrik Secher Jarlskov on

      May I suggest you get Malukah to do vocals?

      She would be perfect for a grand space opera setting and already has a lot of experience on the gaming scene, plus a large following online.

    50. Missing avatar

      Marco Gohl on

      I'm happy you found a solid Investor/Publisher which changes nothing on the game itself !
      And I looooooooooove those Heavy Cruisers, especially the Europan cruiser ;D