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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 14

      What? Another scammers? Cmon... 25% of all KS I backed is scam...

    2. Jeffrey KM on February 13

      For the few who posted, there is no refund since the people running this campaign are gone and doesn't look at the post or private messages.

      The company is gone, the people left, and Kickstarter will do nothing for us. Kickstarter will only tell you to contact the Creator, but he no longer exists and Kickstarter doesn't care since they got their money already.

    3. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 12

      Hi! I want a refund.

    4. Labrador Nelson on February 11

      Where is the game? Or...where's my refund?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nik Lipor on February 10

      So this game is dead?

    6. Albeno on February 7

      So let this game be another lesson in risk assessment to future backers. 5 years in waiting and still no product. Frankly these people should probably be jailed or executed.

    7. manio on February 5

      My brain is dead
      my limbs are dead
      why my heart is still beating then?

      Can somebody pick it up from the ground and do something, ANYTHING, with these assets? So much to go wasted...

    8. Missing avatar

      Sylenall on February 1

      Well fuck these guys, and you know what? Fuck kickstarter for taking their share of the cash too.

    9. Kai Barnard
      on January 26

      Still alive, still waiting for an update that will never come, over 9 months now - should we plan a little party April 12th?

    10. Mr. Sticky Pants on January 16

      They took me money and run Venezuela

    11. Levi Taylor
      on January 2

      Although the game seemed ambitious at the time, there is a game available on Steam (It's an Early Access and seems to be in an early development stage) that appears to be trying to hot most of the same "buttons" that The Mandate was attempting to accomplish. Stellar Tactics, I know its not exactly the same, but i think its an example of how the goals made by this KS were by no means an impossible feat for a small team.

    12. Steve Mellan
      on December 27

      Good points Kai,
      my main concern with all KS is that the payment methods are behind the times, we have no protection once a project goes beyond 6 months and everyone knows this, it almost motivates scumbags to create and vacate if you follow me, any-hows all the best for 2018 and to all of my fellow backers, may your investments be true and at worst deliver late :)

    13. Kai Barnard
      on December 24

      @steve games have been the worst for over running or running off but been some good ones too Everspace has come together well, XO and Home Free both look like they'll come good

      That which sleeps - not so sure, and Unhappy ever after is dead - but no official word

      I think part of the issue here is theres been so many people buying in companies almost being made to take the KS risk etc that I don't think they want to admit a failurre as under old KS rules they have to make good...

      So it'll limp along like a lame duck until the forums and websites close, and who knows eventually here will close, I mean how long will Kick starter keep this open, 2 more years, 5? ...and maybe they delete off the old you tube videos and unless a fan builds a website the mandate vanishes along with probably near 3/4 a mill when you factor in the addons

    14. Rand Chua TL on December 22

      Too bad the xxxx creators had run away with our trust and money.

    15. Rand Chua TL on December 22

      Wishing all backers a wonderful Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

    16. Steve Mellan
      on December 21

      Kickstarter need to add a new button to our list of pledges , ongoing, delivered and screwed us over but KS arn't bothered they got their cut and as we all know they go out of their way to say at the beginning hey its fuck all to do with us if it fails, had too many this year confirm they stole my money and ks just sit there and pretend they havent built a platform which encouarges thieves to steal from people.I clarify that remark by pointing out that ALL who have taken our money and given us nothing all only informed us after the maximum period our methods of payments protected us like say a card 6 months, the pisser is that they ask for payment then they hit us again for extras after about a month when they open and close the pledge manager, so now I only buy from trusted sellers or in projects that complete INSIDE 6 months.One final word of advice every single software(game) I have backed bar 1 has been superbly late or not appeared at all, i will never ever back a pc game again.

    17. Missing avatar

      John Sponheimer on December 21

      Michael Melnikoff
      I agree with you.

      I look back here every few months to see the crapshoot.
      I accept failure...just own it. We all fail...its a part of life.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael on December 18

      I think they just had no idea what they were doing. The fact that they advertised that they'd be doing so many different gameplay modes (ship building, ship combat, boarding combat) and the obsessive overfocus on lore seems to indicate they just had no clue the scope of what they were undertaking.

      The fact that they heavily advertised boarding combat as being X-com-like while also revealing it was a completely optional part of the gameplay (you could just blow up ships instead and collect their scrap) was the warning bell that their design was fundamentally flawed.

      They should have exclusively focused on the ship combat first, and then trickled down to other things later. But clearly the money ran out, and the excuses began. Ok they failed, I get it. But why are they too pathetic and cowardly to formally cancel the project. It's dead, right? You aren't working on it. Cancel it and be accountable for your failure.

    19. beardpick on December 18

      Ole Herbjornsen, the CEO of Perihelion, is now working for Funcom again as of February of 2017

      He also lists his title as former CEO of Perihelion on his Linkedin page.ørnsen-4333722

    20. Young_Gangrel on December 18

      Man it would be such a shame if someone paid someone to find out where they lived and for an accident to happen to the tune of 701,010 dollars. These people have homes and one may have just upgraded their car and home...just saying.

    21. Christoph Wassermann on December 17

      I'm still on the fence on whether this was a planned scam or just some idiots who were in way over their head. Either way, the way this was handled is deplorable. For shame!

    22. Joshua Zusmer
      on December 17

      Very confused at what happened here. There appear to have been many tools and assets completed, as well as a good amount of workable content. I had to search for the boarding video to be sure I hadn't dreamed it up. (…)

      So how can this have died with nothing to be released into the ether?

    23. Nekator
      on December 15

      Gareth Nightingale 300 $ here... the hooker still would have been way better...
      what a rip-off... very dissapointing.

    24. Dan Hall on December 13

      I only just remembered about this the other day and I have to say I'm incredibly disappointed that the dev's essentially bailed on us without even a sorry. Hell even confed express sent some updates, before going quiet and then randomly coming back from the dead. I understand it must be hard for the dev's who've lost out on finishing this, who've lost jobs and who've moved on, but it's also hard on the people who put their hard earned cash forward in 2013, and they deserve a response. If you've gone bankrupt fine, there's going to be no way anyone can get a refund, but just put out a statement. As others have said, release what you have, maybe the community can get it to a working state, I'd rather have that than nothing. It also shows how little kickstarter actually care, they should be getting involved.

    25. Kai Barnard
      on December 11

      IMHO we'll never get that this is an old rules kick starter with certain clauses - if they admit defeat they open certain flood games.

      HOWEVER who would we direct our requests for refunds from, and what good would an honest accounting of how our money was spent do?

      Realistically I write this off as dead - hell Jul 21 2017 was last log in - that's 5 months ago it's been 8 months since the proof of life update, before that it was November 2016, so even counting Aprils update as 2 updates that's the total we've had in a YEAR

    26. Missing avatar

      Gareth Nightingale on December 9

      Seriously though, what the hell happened with the developers? If they went bankrupt, at least let us know.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gareth Nightingale on December 9

      I remember this project. I backed $500 on it....Might as well have hired a high priced hooker instead.

      Hey, I would get what I paid for too!

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven S. on November 22

      Scum of the highest order, really.

      Can't even be bothered to pay people that work(ed) on the team.

    29. Adam Smith on November 16

      Shit like this is why i refuse to kickstart anything anymore.

    30. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on November 14

      Another project takes the money and runs. What a disgrace.

    31. Kai Barnard
      on November 11

      We'll never hear another word, the company is dead - the website will fold some time next year - they'll never admit it's dead - so we can't legally claim anything back not that there is anyone legally to claim from I think....

      The best thing would be to either

      A) Admit its dead
      B) If it's not (LOL) then tell us this, and what IS happening

    32. Missing avatar

      Adam Holcomb on November 10

      No update since April.


    33. Frederik Rønne on November 9

      Oh so this died too huh?
      Why am I not surprised.

    34. Missing avatar

      Martin Hinves on November 9

      Well that's $20 down the Volga ..... I knew the risk and well it came up craps. Pity about the usual lack of communication when things go belly up. Good idea, great intro & graphics - just a shadow of it's former self ( probably to stop someone sending "the boys" around).

      MY KS stats are 26 rec'd, 12 in progress ( they publish updates) and 6 "scams".
      With this kind of luck I should

      I really pity the guys who guys who paid big money, they got scammed.

      This is in the ranks of the the $340k UP Front (Rik Falch) scam, 268k Novus AEterno (Taitale studios) "scam", and probably the $106k At The Gates (Jon Shafer) "scam".

    35. Missing avatar

      on November 8

      Everything is gone: money, company, offices and staff. This project is dead and is rotting away. Only thing going for it: somebody put money on the table for the website / forum to stay on.

    36. kevin picton on November 4

      conmen wasted our time and robbed our cash with fake promises..... why not just give me money instead? at least I wont fucking lie to you about it and will be upfront with what I will use it on.... here, buy me a burger! lol .... or the one below, buy me a boat.... see, at least I don't make up a fake product to steal your cash, id ask and be honest what id use it for instead of outright conning people! lol

    37. Captain Shrek on November 1

      Is there any sign of life?

    38. CapnBludd
      on October 28

      '' Take'' not 'tan'..... why won't this thing let you edit?

    39. CapnBludd
      on October 28

      I accept that things may fail. I don't accept that no one can tan the damn time to keep posting a comment or an update out of respect to the people that backed the project. If you have the balls to ask for support, have the same balls to say you failed and give actual closure.

      You can see that by the amount of things I've supported that I accept risk, I don't have to accept the cowardice of people that won't admit failure and just try to slink away.

    40. Zmurf on October 20

      Im not happy about this kickstarter.

    41. Jeffrey KM on October 19

      I feel really bad for the backers that pledged over $1,000 for this abandoned project.

    42. Kai Barnard
      on October 17

      Heck I'd accept a 'we failed' and closure at this point, thing is this is OLD Kickstarter and tehy're legally bound then, all the time it's in limbo, they're safe

      But TBH with the company 'making' the game no longer existing....whats the harm - who could we legally pursue at this point?

      I think that's my new goal - make company, make fake video screenshots for a year or two on an awesome kick starter walk off with a couple of hundred k to a nice safe tax haven

    43. Rand Chua TL on October 16

      6 months of No updates. MIA again.

    44. Nischo on October 16

      Sad but ok, thats Kickstarter ... What i would like though is ... Release the content, the source, the assets, put it under a CC license and just release all of it. If you care for your idea and game, and you lost all ways of doing it yourself ... Release it and maybe it can work as a community open source project.

    45. Kai Barnard
      on October 5

      What annoys me most at this point is how pathetic Kick starter them selves are - The shysters take their 8% and vanish into the sunset

    46. Michaeljack on October 5

      When i first backed this project i couldn't help but feel it seemed to good to be true. The game was going to do just so much cool stuff. But the people behind it really seemed to believe in what they were doing, they wrote extensive lore (and as a lore/story junkie i just ate it all up).

      I think the best we can hope for is them losing copyright of their assets and someone maybe picking up where they left off as the Universe sounded so cool it deserves better than to be left for dead

    47. Cerulean Shaman on October 3

      Another kickstarter scam, sucks too as 700k is a hefty amount.

    48. Wes Johnson on September 30

      "Other than a general desire for vengeance I can't see what 'naming and shaming' would achieve."

      That is enough in itself. This was a grift from day one, hire some graphics guys to churn out POC once in a while then feign business upheaval, a "move" to Russia then walk away in the middle of the night.

      These people are the Ken Whitman's of app development.

    49. Count Thalim on September 29

      Other than a general desire for vengeance I can't see what 'naming and shaming' would achieve.
      Perihelion itself won't be launching another kickstarter and it is unlikely that the people behind it will be putting their names front and centre again after they have been burned on this one.

    50. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles
      on September 28

      @Kai Barnard, for this to happen the names of the responsible people must be named and shamed for "failing and sneaking away". Every project may fail, but it's a sign for a bad character to not even announce it. What about the two losers from the last fall update, just two fall guys as a distraction for the real responsibles?

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