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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Adam Smith 5 days ago

      Shit like this is why i refuse to kickstart anything anymore.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shazbot 7 days ago

      Another project takes the money and runs. What a disgrace.

    3. Kai Barnard
      on November 11

      We'll never hear another word, the company is dead - the website will fold some time next year - they'll never admit it's dead - so we can't legally claim anything back not that there is anyone legally to claim from I think....

      The best thing would be to either

      A) Admit its dead
      B) If it's not (LOL) then tell us this, and what IS happening

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Holcomb on November 10

      No update since April.


    5. Frederik Rønne on November 9

      Oh so this died too huh?
      Why am I not surprised.

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin Hinves on November 9

      Well that's $20 down the Volga ..... I knew the risk and well it came up craps. Pity about the usual lack of communication when things go belly up. Good idea, great intro & graphics - just a shadow of it's former self ( probably to stop someone sending "the boys" around).

      MY KS stats are 26 rec'd, 12 in progress ( they publish updates) and 6 "scams".
      With this kind of luck I should

      I really pity the guys who guys who paid big money, they got scammed.

      This is in the ranks of the the $340k UP Front (Rik Falch) scam, 268k Novus AEterno (Taitale studios) "scam", and probably the $106k At The Gates (Jon Shafer) "scam".

    7. Missing avatar

      on November 8

      Everything is gone: money, company, offices and staff. This project is dead and is rotting away. Only thing going for it: somebody put money on the table for the website / forum to stay on.

    8. kevin picton on November 4

      conmen wasted our time and robbed our cash with fake promises..... why not just give me money instead? at least I wont fucking lie to you about it and will be upfront with what I will use it on.... here, buy me a burger! lol .... or the one below, buy me a boat.... see, at least I don't make up a fake product to steal your cash, id ask and be honest what id use it for instead of outright conning people! lol

    9. Captain Shrek on November 1

      Is there any sign of life?

    10. CapnBludd
      on October 28

      '' Take'' not 'tan'..... why won't this thing let you edit?

    11. CapnBludd
      on October 28

      I accept that things may fail. I don't accept that no one can tan the damn time to keep posting a comment or an update out of respect to the people that backed the project. If you have the balls to ask for support, have the same balls to say you failed and give actual closure.

      You can see that by the amount of things I've supported that I accept risk, I don't have to accept the cowardice of people that won't admit failure and just try to slink away.

    12. Zmurf on October 20

      Im not happy about this kickstarter.

    13. Jeffrey K. Mantell on October 19

      I feel really bad for the backers that pledged over $1,000 for this abandoned project.

    14. Kai Barnard
      on October 17

      Heck I'd accept a 'we failed' and closure at this point, thing is this is OLD Kickstarter and tehy're legally bound then, all the time it's in limbo, they're safe

      But TBH with the company 'making' the game no longer existing....whats the harm - who could we legally pursue at this point?

      I think that's my new goal - make company, make fake video screenshots for a year or two on an awesome kick starter walk off with a couple of hundred k to a nice safe tax haven

    15. Rand Chua TL on October 16

      6 months of No updates. MIA again.

    16. Nischo on October 16

      Sad but ok, thats Kickstarter ... What i would like though is ... Release the content, the source, the assets, put it under a CC license and just release all of it. If you care for your idea and game, and you lost all ways of doing it yourself ... Release it and maybe it can work as a community open source project.

    17. Kai Barnard
      on October 5

      What annoys me most at this point is how pathetic Kick starter them selves are - The shysters take their 8% and vanish into the sunset

    18. Michaeljack on October 5

      When i first backed this project i couldn't help but feel it seemed to good to be true. The game was going to do just so much cool stuff. But the people behind it really seemed to believe in what they were doing, they wrote extensive lore (and as a lore/story junkie i just ate it all up).

      I think the best we can hope for is them losing copyright of their assets and someone maybe picking up where they left off as the Universe sounded so cool it deserves better than to be left for dead

    19. Cerulean Shaman on October 3

      Another kickstarter scam, sucks too as 700k is a hefty amount.

    20. Wes Johnson on September 30

      "Other than a general desire for vengeance I can't see what 'naming and shaming' would achieve."

      That is enough in itself. This was a grift from day one, hire some graphics guys to churn out POC once in a while then feign business upheaval, a "move" to Russia then walk away in the middle of the night.

      These people are the Ken Whitman's of app development.

    21. Count Thalim on September 29

      Other than a general desire for vengeance I can't see what 'naming and shaming' would achieve.
      Perihelion itself won't be launching another kickstarter and it is unlikely that the people behind it will be putting their names front and centre again after they have been burned on this one.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles
      on September 28

      @Kai Barnard, for this to happen the names of the responsible people must be named and shamed for "failing and sneaking away". Every project may fail, but it's a sign for a bad character to not even announce it. What about the two losers from the last fall update, just two fall guys as a distraction for the real responsibles?

    23. Kai Barnard
      on September 28

      @Zac they'll never KS again - only an idiot would back them, mind you watching the latest Ninja Division product fund, no shortage of idiots

    24. Missing avatar

      Zacpod on September 22

      Been very lucky so far - of the 20+ projects I've backed, this is the only one that didn't come thru.
      Just the way KS works. I think the devs meant well and didn't set out to scam us - they just got in over their heads and ran out of cash. Happens to projects all the time, it's just usually VC dollars, and not customer's.

      That's KS, tho. Wish the devs the best - hopefully, they learned some lessons, and their next project will be a success.

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cookson on September 20

      Just logged into Kickstarter to check on a project I'm backing and noticed this and went "oh yeah", I had totally forgotten about this one. Pity but then Kickstarter is a gamble all be it the first time I've been burned by it.

    26. Kai Barnard
      on September 19

      Given the company no longer exists I suppose the only thing stopping them admitting defeat is it opens them up to refund it'll remain in limbo I fear

    27. Nomius on September 19

      Totally agree with Eduardo.

    28. Kai Barnard
      on September 19

      @Eduardo - Well said

    29. Eduardo on September 18

      I guess what I'm most upset about is the silence. It failed. I know it failed, and they know it failed. Some things just don't work out, and I get that. But the complete silence from the creators is so incredibly disrespectful. So many people put their trust in you, and you don't even have the decency to put out one final update and let people finally move on?

    30. Kai Barnard
      on September 15

      Ironically Markus - Confed Xpress is stirring

    31. Phil Lunt on September 15

      @Count Thalim - Cheers!

    32. Count Thalim on September 14

      @Phil Lunt - The nearest thing to a central repository is the old Mandate forums that are still going (and have just been renewed for another year).

      The information is scattered around various posts, but there are a few of us keeping an eye on things (and whacking the spam that creeps in).

      If we find anything solid we'll post it up but it is mostly a waiting game again to see if anything changes.

    33. Johnathan Ellis
      on September 14

      So i guess this project is dead or dying.

    34. Jeffrey K. Mantell on September 12

      well, we that KS won't really do anything since they already got their cut from the project.

    35. Phil Lunt on September 11

      @Count Thalim - Groovy, ta! Is there a central repository/online article for all the findings from your group so far?

    36. Markus Rajala on September 11

      I guess their catchphrase was accurate, and they now haven't got a single quarter to their name. At least I got a bombastic music track for my twenty bucks. Not the best gamble I've ever done on KS, but at least better than the straight-up scams like Confederate Express.

    37. Count Thalim on September 5

      Various sources. Responses from people at Matsuko, their website/Facebook pages (both corporate and personal, mainly cleared off now), LinkedIn pages and Perihelions legal submissions in Luxembourg.

      There is a group of us who have been tracking it for some time now.

    38. Phil Lunt on September 4

      @ Count - where did you find that info? I was wondering if TM was actually a project started by Matsuko and then split off to "start-up" Perihelion as a risk-reducing exercise...

    39. Kai Barnard
      on September 3

      No that would require balls, something I feel Matsuko, sorry Perihelion lack

    40. Piers Beckley on September 2

      Weird thing is - I'm absolutely certain I *did* see a post here saying that it was definitely dead and apologising.

      Doesn't seem to be here any more, though.

    41. Count Thalim on September 1

      From what we were able to find out Matsuko absorbed work on The Mandate in late 2015/early 2016, around the time of the second gap in communication. They were technically (and so legally) only a contractor so no responsibility would have been transferred across.

      Matus was listed in Perihelion's founding documents as a joint shareholder so I am assuming when Perihelion ran out of money he tried to use his other resources to help it limp along in the hope of securing additional funding. With the current absence of updates it would seem that no funding was sourced and so Perihelion was shut down with no further comment.

      Whilst disappointed that no one from the end of Perihelion has been willing to make a statement to the effect that The Madate has failed I am not surprised. The writing has been on the wall for the past year. The recent legal documents that dissolved Perihelion were just the confirmation.

    42. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles
      on August 31

      Mission Accomplished.
      Nice picture.

    43. Dorgaria on August 31

      As many have said, this sadly seems to be a dead project; the result of over-ambitious devs coming with a plan too soon. It is unfortunate that we don't seem to be getting any further updates & that I'm out $30. But hey. Them's the risks of any project on Kickstarter.

    44. Phil Lunt on August 30

      Interestingly - Matsuko was formed in 2010, Perihelion in 2013. The only 2 staff members from the 6 listed as currently being at Perihelion are Matus Kirchmayer (CTO at Perihelion, CEO at Matsuko) and Boleslav Horak (Technical Art Director at Perihelion and Senior Game Programmer at Matsuko) but a further 2 listed staff members at Matsuko worked at Perihelion in the past (that I could see, 5 or 6 staff members are out of my network so I couldn't see all there details...)

    45. Mario Lorenz
      on August 29

      Since the website of Perihelion Interactive LLC is offline and we didn't got any update since months I searched if I could find there some information.

      I found a small list of staffmembers and spotted the companyname "Matsuko". Checking the staff of Matsuko I found more people who worked for Perihelion before.

      Checking the of Matsuko I found the trailer of "The Mandate" and one interessting sentence in their description: [...]MATSUKO is also working on an ambitious space opera game at the moment.[...].

      I don't know if this helps in any way, but I thought I share it with you guys. I think the money is gone and the chances to get the game some time is almost at 0%...sadly, such a awesome project...

    46. Missing avatar

      Quy Duong Nguyen on August 29

      Yeah, I think I am done backing games. Unsung story, Mighty no.9 and this game have drained me... I learned an expensive lesson...

      I am not going to bother asking for a refund. Considering how long it has been in-between updates, I gather the money is gone. Either towards game development or towards entertaining the developers, who knows. But it is unlikely anyone of us will ever see it back again...

    47. Kai Barnard
      on August 29

      I think games seem to have areal high fail/disappoint rate

      Of all my kick starters the 2 fails are games - this and that which sleeps

      The worst offenders on over runs - mostly games but one board game

      All in all unless its something like mechwarriors - I won't back another game

    48. Missing avatar

      Alan Heck on August 29

      At this point I don't expect them to succeed in releasing the game, and I have no doubt all the money is gone and there will be no chance of a refund, but I would like them to at least release some kind of a statement admitting they've failed and apologize. This is the only project I have ever backed on Kickstarter and it will be the last. I've learned my lesson.

    49. Count Thalim on August 28

      Given Perihelion Sarl has been closed, there has been no communication for 5 months and there are rumours of contractors not being paid in full... Not much chance of any refunds.

      Doesn't look like a scam. Just an overambitious plan, too many changes and not sufficient project management.

      Such are the risks of a kickstarter.

    50. Missing avatar

      Freddy Pollock on August 27

      Well I thought the game had potential, but at this point it looks like the project is being abandoned. . . Any hope of a refund??

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