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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Shazbot about 10 hours ago

      This project is obviously toast. 3 years late. No updates for over a year. People have moved off to other employment.

      We need to demand that the we get *something* for our time. The resources used for the game should be released to the backers. There are 16408 backers. That's more than enough for a class action suit. (The class being "scammed investors").

    2. Wes Johnson 3 days ago

      "Looks like the Perihelion CEO has resurfaced at Funcom as a senior producer:

      Perhaps we should direct our queries there."

      Looks like he is a screw up and move up kind of guy.

    3. Kai Barnard
      on April 13

      Happy one year anniversary last update - I suspect 'last' is right

    4. Count Thalim on April 13

      @Beardpick, I'm not disputing that Perihelion have a duty to deliver or that the FTC is capable of prosecuting a case like this. I think we are arguing two separate points here.

      In the 9 years Kickstarter has been in existence the FTC has prosecuted 1 case related to the site. The below mentioned Chevalier case.
      Washington State has also made a prosecution, though I am not certain if that resulted in anything actually being paid out or just a judgement.
      That is 2 cases in the whole period. Given the number of Scams that do float around Kickstarter if the FTC was actually going to be target it there would have been a lot more.

      Basically I agree with you that the FTC could attempt a prosecution, but I see no evidence that they intend to do so in this or any other Kickstarter.
      If you think my logic here is wrong I would love to be corrected. Having some state guns onside would make getting a resolution a lot faster.

    5. beardpick on April 12

      @Count Thalim, the FTC stated in the case that crowdfunded projects have to deliver, what they state the funds are being used to produce. Perihelion didn't deliver anything as of yet, and what they did state they were going to deliver in the last updates, was grossly different than what was promised in the kickstarter. That in and of itself would be grounds for backers to request refunds, as you can't bait-and-switch a product, as that's consumer fraud in the eyes of the FTC. Considering previous cases that have been taken up by the FTC, I don't think jurisdictional issues would prevent them from taking on a case like this one, as it would further allow them to set precedent in federal court.

    6. Count Thalim on April 11

      @Beardpick, I am afraid I have not seen the breakdown of costs, as much as I would dearly like to. But the differences in output between the cases is significant.
      I happily accept that there is possible jurisdiction for the FTC in the case, not only in that of Kickstarters New York jurisdiction but also the original Delaware listing of Perihellion.
      Regardless of jurisdiction, however, the FTC is unlikely to take up a complex case which will require collaboration across 2 states & 3 countries. They will go for larger & easier targets. If you have further information about the FTC taking action then please let us all know.

    7. beardpick on April 10

      @Count Thalim, have you seen an account of how the funds were used? If so, please provide it to the rest of the backers. The use of Kickstarter, headquartered in Brooklyn New York, as their crowdfunding vehicle would place them under the jurisdiction of the FTC for any US backers of the project. Matus Kirchmayer might argue that non-US backers would not be covered by an FTC judgement, but it would be difficult considering the Terms of Service clearly state "In the unfortunate situation where legal action does arise, these Terms (and all other rules, policies, or guidelines incorporated by reference) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and the United States"…

    8. Count Thalim on April 8

      @Beardpick, unfortunately the Chevalier case is very unusual one in that the FTC were able to prove that the funds were spend on non-project related costs. There was a lot of output from the Mandate (artwork, a very basic demo, numerous updates over a 2 year period) so it would be a much harder case to press that a fraud was committed. As well as whether the FTC would be willing to pick up a multi-jurisdiction case (Delaware US, Luxembourg & Slovakia)

    9. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on April 6

      @Julius The company can't go bankrupt because they filed to close it last June...

      as well as let the trademark expire in November, so it definitely wasn't transferred to another company.

    10. Missing avatar

      DunKalar on April 5

      Yeah, I also doubt that we will get some sort of money back if the company did not pay it's employees. Though it may happen, that some project manager miscalculated his budget - it should be tagged to his CV when he is starting a new company. We are his customers and we have the right to be informed of the status of whatever project we invested in. This is no way to handle your customers - and in this case money givers.

    11. Julius Ter Pelkwijk
      on April 4

      The moderators (and heavy kickstarter backers) have been in touch with Matus and Ole, there have been some fan based games being made, but at this moment the company is in limbo. If (and if) the company goes bankrupt people can apply for a refund, but knowing how these things usually end up its unlikely that the lower end tiers will get anything. Its unfortunate to say, but kickstarter is an investment, NOT a pre-sale, and you WILL lose money if the company goes bankrupt.

    12. Thomas Davies on April 3

      Since this project isn't going to happen are you going to be offering refunds?

    13. Piotr Konieczny on April 2

      I agree that if they are done with that, open sourcing what they have would be the best option. And if they are not done and someone is still working on it, would be nice to have an update.

      Based on Arthur B's comment, is someone trying to contact Matus Kirchmayer? beardpick listed his contact information, that's very useful.

      I tried posting to their company's Facebook page, but 'the people who manage this page will review your comment', errr... well, we will see.

    14. Missing avatar

      Justin Wick on April 1

      Honestly at this point I'd be OK if they just opened-sourced whatever they'd gotten done and say "do with it what you will" to the community. That'd at least be something, and who knows, something good could come of it.

      As it stands, it's just a giant money pit.

    15. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      on March 30

      @beardpick - A good point, although if there was an actual contractural agreement to transfer the project obligation (and associated debts) to Matus then it's a whole different ball game.

      At the very least it would be well worth asking questions of Matus - and if he wants to dispute Ole's story, we can call on them to show us evidence to back up their stories.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rene Laursen on March 30

      Yes - heard about vaporware, but this time it looks like vapormoney...

    17. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cookson on March 29

      It would also seem a lot of his team from Perihelion are now over at his new company.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cookson on March 29

      It should be noted that Matus' new company Matsuko is essentially trying to crowdfund itself through a Slovac "investment" page here:

      This "investment" seems to have all the same protection as Kickstarter, that is to say not a lot.

    19. TK on March 28

      Well, that sucked.

    20. beardpick on March 20

      @ Arthur B. That's all fine and dandy, but saying "I've absolved myself of responsibility in delivering the product that the Kickstarter project that the the company, of which I was CEO launched" doesn't legally remove him from being responsible.

    21. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      on March 20

      (FWIW, Ole also notes that the majority of the time he spent on the project ended up being unpaid, and that Funcom has no involvement with the Mandate.)

    22. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      on March 20

      I reached out to Funcom to try and get in touch with Ole Herbjørnsen, and actually got a reply.

      To boil it down to its essentials:
      - Ole left the project in March 2016. At the time there was still a plan in place to see it to completion.
      - He hasn't had any oversight over its development since he left.
      - "Mr Matus Kirchmayer assumed full legal responsibility for finalizing and shipping The Mandate."

      So it looks like the next stop for any queries may be Mr Kirchmayer.

    23. Kai Barnard
      on March 17

      Against whom? The company that has our money is pretty much disbanded

    24. Count Thalim on March 9

      @ Johan, Funcom has nothing to do with the Mandate. It is just where the Dev is now working.

      A class action would be very unlikely to achieve anything. It would only work if there were any realisable assets left in Perihelion or you could prove it was a scam on the part of the creators.
      Given that we had updates for 3-4 years, there was physical presence at events like Gamescon and there has been contact with ex-staff members of Perihelion I think claiming a scam would be a very hard sell.

      We are still doing 'detective' work. If and when we find anything tangible we'll let people know. Until then, ironically, "Ours Is The Long Wait".

    25. Jay Schantz on March 9

      I know that they went belly up but is there a way to class action this to get our money back. 16k people out their money is a big deal. There is a game called Kenshi that I pre-ordered a long time ago. It is a handful of people but they still develop and release updates once every month or so.

      I'm annoyed at what I think is the theft of my money. However what pisses me off is that the developers didn't have the courage to even post a "We screwed up and are out of business" update. Instead they left us hanging in the wind for us to do the detective work to find out they went bankrupt.

      That is just a sh*tty thing to do.

    26. Don Turos (aka Col Paladonov) on March 7

      By 'we', I refer to the handful of moderators that still attend to our volunteer tasks.

    27. Don Turos (aka Col Paladonov) on March 7

      A view from a moderator {and fellow backer) on the Mandate web portal: there does not seem to be any devs involved anymore as most things are just drying up and blowing away in the digital wind. We have made many inquiries and have turned up next to nothing. We are looking into having the Kickstarter entry turned off but that has implications and consequences that perhaps there is no one around to face. We do not know who is funding the Mandate IP--perhaps running on autopilot and funded by a credit card on file--it only costs $30 US and we considered funding it ourselves. We have no permissions to do anything save whack the bots and spammers that hit the site, alas we have no power to block them. It also seems there is still a way to 'back' the Mandate as a few people still fall into that pit. We have tried to turn off that function but have not found all of the routes. It does seem that Ole H returned to his roots at the Norwegian FUNCOM and is working Conan: Exiles. On wasted assets--a few die hard fans have saved the web based material and an effort to create a game is underway by a few of them. Check the Mandate portal for the forum threads and locations. We are also not sure who owns the material but assume it is Eurovideo as the publisher. We tried to ascertain that also but lots of rabbit holes and no firm answers. Most of the moderators were also relatively 'big' backers so we all had skin in the game and are most certainly just chasing the wind. We do still check this site periodically and the same for the forums. I think this was the 'perfect' game of our fantasy and we are genuinely disappointed that the production did not even consider taking the long slow road like Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen or some others that are still plugging along and churning out more content with a very small team (the two mentioned are well funded and have good size teams).

    28. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on March 7

      @Arthur B I like how his project history doesn't mention this game he supposedly spent 4-5 years working on and instead claims he did nothing since 2012.

    29. Johan Nilsson on March 5

      I had high hopes for this game. The fact my money may be gone is not a big deal (I'm used to risk, having invested in stocks, bonds, commodities and crypto currencies for almost 20 years), but I would had loved to play this game.

      @Arthur B
      Do you know if Funcom have purchased the Mandate IP and is continuing development? I took a peek at their website and it doesn't seem like it, I'm afraid.

    30. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      on March 1

      Looks like the Perihelion CEO has resurfaced at Funcom as a senior producer:

      Perhaps we should direct our queries there.

    31. Kai Pardo on February 24

      Funny thing is, this was the first game I've ever backed. The first project I've ever backed. And I've backed more projects after this one. Over the years, all the others came to fruition. Some have gone on to be critically acclaimed. Others are just meh.

      I've even forgotten about this project honestly. Investing on an idea is always risky. But it was a risk I was willing to take. Win some, lose some. I'm not even upset. I've given up on this project years ago.

    32. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 14

      What? Another scammers? Cmon... 25% of all KS I backed is scam...

    33. Jeffrey KM on February 13

      For the few who posted, there is no refund since the people running this campaign are gone and doesn't look at the post or private messages.

      The company is gone, the people left, and Kickstarter will do nothing for us. Kickstarter will only tell you to contact the Creator, but he no longer exists and Kickstarter doesn't care since they got their money already.

    34. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 12

      Hi! I want a refund.

    35. Labrador Nelson on February 11

      Where is the game? Or...where's my refund?

    36. Missing avatar

      Nik Lipor on February 10

      So this game is dead?

    37. Albeno on February 7

      So let this game be another lesson in risk assessment to future backers. 5 years in waiting and still no product. Frankly these people should probably be jailed or executed.

    38. manio on February 5

      My brain is dead
      my limbs are dead
      why my heart is still beating then?

      Can somebody pick it up from the ground and do something, ANYTHING, with these assets? So much to go wasted...

    39. Missing avatar

      Sylenall on February 1

      Well fuck these guys, and you know what? Fuck kickstarter for taking their share of the cash too.

    40. Kai Barnard
      on January 26

      Still alive, still waiting for an update that will never come, over 9 months now - should we plan a little party April 12th?

    41. Mr. Sticky Pants on January 16

      They took me money and run Venezuela

    42. Levi Taylor
      on January 2

      Although the game seemed ambitious at the time, there is a game available on Steam (It's an Early Access and seems to be in an early development stage) that appears to be trying to hot most of the same "buttons" that The Mandate was attempting to accomplish. Stellar Tactics, I know its not exactly the same, but i think its an example of how the goals made by this KS were by no means an impossible feat for a small team.

    43. Steve Mellan
      on December 27

      Good points Kai,
      my main concern with all KS is that the payment methods are behind the times, we have no protection once a project goes beyond 6 months and everyone knows this, it almost motivates scumbags to create and vacate if you follow me, any-hows all the best for 2018 and to all of my fellow backers, may your investments be true and at worst deliver late :)

    44. Kai Barnard
      on December 24

      @steve games have been the worst for over running or running off but been some good ones too Everspace has come together well, XO and Home Free both look like they'll come good

      That which sleeps - not so sure, and Unhappy ever after is dead - but no official word

      I think part of the issue here is theres been so many people buying in companies almost being made to take the KS risk etc that I don't think they want to admit a failurre as under old KS rules they have to make good...

      So it'll limp along like a lame duck until the forums and websites close, and who knows eventually here will close, I mean how long will Kick starter keep this open, 2 more years, 5? ...and maybe they delete off the old you tube videos and unless a fan builds a website the mandate vanishes along with probably near 3/4 a mill when you factor in the addons

    45. Rand Chua TL on December 22

      Too bad the xxxx creators had run away with our trust and money.

    46. Rand Chua TL on December 22

      Wishing all backers a wonderful Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

    47. Steve Mellan
      on December 21

      Kickstarter need to add a new button to our list of pledges , ongoing, delivered and screwed us over but KS arn't bothered they got their cut and as we all know they go out of their way to say at the beginning hey its fuck all to do with us if it fails, had too many this year confirm they stole my money and ks just sit there and pretend they havent built a platform which encouarges thieves to steal from people.I clarify that remark by pointing out that ALL who have taken our money and given us nothing all only informed us after the maximum period our methods of payments protected us like say a card 6 months, the pisser is that they ask for payment then they hit us again for extras after about a month when they open and close the pledge manager, so now I only buy from trusted sellers or in projects that complete INSIDE 6 months.One final word of advice every single software(game) I have backed bar 1 has been superbly late or not appeared at all, i will never ever back a pc game again.

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