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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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FAQ: Where are the updates that are included in my pledge tier? Why don't they show up in my Steam library?


If your pledge tier includes 1, 2 or all the updates, this means that you should have access to them. This is how we have handled the distribution of DLC content in such cases:

We have sent out an e-mail to all backers who should receive digital rewards, in April 2015, with the subject "Shadowrun Chronicles - Your Digital Rewards". This e-mail includes a coupon code for in-game rewards (if such are included in your tier) and eventually download links and instructions for getting the DRM Free soundtrack and/or PDF campaign book. The coupon code can be redeemed at the game's launcher by using the coupons button.

If the coupon has been redeemed and your tier includes any or all updates, the content for these updates becomes unlocked in the game. Please note that this does not appear as extra DLC in your Steam DLC list, since it is handled per coupon.

So far we have released 2 Add-ons: the Infected (first) and Missions (second) DLCs. The content for these Add-ons becomes available in-game at a point past the Boston Lockdown main campaign. To see the repeatable and Infected missions you need to have a character who has reached the end of the main campaign. The repeatable missions appear on the world map after finishing the campaign. The Infected missions can be received by talking to the Drone in the hub by the sewers.

If you have any further questions about these DLCs, please contact us at


Backerkit site is almost ready


Hoi Gentlefolks,

after almost 4 months of back and forth with backerkit, we have today pressed the "Ready" button on the site. Backerkit needs to review it, but once that has been done (and they hopefully do not find any fault with it), the backerkit site will release and your backer survey for the physical rewards will be generated. Huzzaaah!

During the upcoming survey you will have the opportunity to forego physcial rewards or exchange them for digital downloads of Shadowrun PDFs if you want to further support the development team. If you still want some of that swag, the site also can be used to order additional items like T-Shirts, Miniatures and other cool stuff.

Importing backer data to backerkit is not easy after the kickstarter ended and since we basically had to adjust all free to play tiers, we had to import and re-import this several times. IF you think your tier or your credits have been misrepresented please contact us at and we will sort that out. We have tried to do everything to the best of our abilities but with over 6000 backers and three times manual imports and adjustments things are bound to slip through.


One thing that has changed a lot in the long time from the kickstarter to today is cost. From item manufacturing cost to shipping and packing a number of things are more expensive now than when we started out.

We initially expected to be able to provide free shipping on all reward tiers to North American backers as we would have a shipping center in the US and manufacture there as well. However with the current cost of all the items and bulk shipping rates as well as packing and individual shipping, this simply no longer viable as it would cost us more in some cases than the pledge level was. This means we need to set up two distribution centers, but it also means we still have increased handling and shipping cost.

Thus, we need to ask for shipping fees being covered for North America as well (you will be reminded during your survey before checkout). If you already paid extra or paid more than your tier, we will of course credit that to your current credit total.

This is very unfortunate and we did not take this step lightly - however given the cost increase in all this, we thought this is the fairest way. We know that it is completely our fault in being that late and having to face additional cost because of that. However, the cost for some of the pledge rewards plus the shipping would be higher than the pledge level itself and that would exceed the budget we had set aside and simply kill us under the current fincnacial circumstances. We have tried our best to keep our promises and not walk away like many kickstarters and we have continued to work on the game through dire times, so we hope you won't be too offended by this measure.

We are trying to keep the shipping fee as low as we can of course, to minimize the added cost for you, but even Amazon had to raise the free shipping level and they have a good amount more cash in their pockets than we have.

Unfortunately backerkit does not allow us a per item postage fee that has  a max value, so we had to apply the flat fee - with the upside that if you order extra items you do not need pay extra shipping.

If you do not want to pay shipping fees, you can also switch to an all digital tier we created explicitely for that case, that contains a whole bundle of Shadowrun PDFs in exchange.

In other news...

We released out second add-on named "Missions" yesterday on Steam and Green Man gaming (and you should have it automatically if you are at a respective backer level), so you can get your co-op or single player fix. We will also change the Missions to be available more frequently.

So, expect the survey in your email next week if all goes well and we will see you in the Shadows.

We are getting physical


Hoi chummers,

even though the people at backerkit have been immeasurably helpful, things unfortunately have been going slower due to a lot of manual changes for the backerlist and the way backerkit works. This has delyed the launch of our backerkit site and store, but we are confident we can get things started in the next two weeks.

In parallel the Minis production has commenced and we have gotten the first glorious 12cm dragon 3D print in fiery red. The coolest thing is, that this will now be handpainted by our very own Mihaela, who has already painted some of our the prototype minis.

Dragon fresh from the printer in waaagh! red.
Dragon fresh from the printer in waaagh! red.

Meanwhile our friends at Prodos have been busy producing more minis and package them to be ready for shipping.

Piling up the miniature goodness
Piling up the miniature goodness

We are very excited to finally get things going here. Once the backerkit goes live, you will have the opportunity to load up on more Shadowrun goodness even if you have not been a backer before!

SRC Roadmnap for Q1


Hi all, returning from my overdue and much needed holidays after last year's turbulences, I wanted to give you a little update on what we are planning for Shadowrun Chronicles here at Cliffhanger.

The current work on SRC is going into a DLC offering repeatable single player missions with randomized setups - so missions available, enemies in those as well as mission goal target locations will change. We have several maps (which have been adapted from exisiting ones, though) with goals ranging from defending an underground camp, defusing a bomb, freeing one of your team from a holding cell to collecting nanite samples. The setup of enemy types, spawn locations and target placement will change with each new iteration of the map and should provide ample opportunity to just kick back and solo a few missions to earn nuyen, gain karma or find some fancy gear. The difficulty will be on par with the INFECTED add on, so ideal for people who finished the campaign. Of course you can always group up in those missions as well! Our tentative target date for this is end of February.

Before the holidays we have worked on sketching out an overhaul of the skill system complete with stats, SR -like skills and maneuvers - a lot of which was inspired by your suggestions/demands ;). After we looked into the associated workload (including UI rework and massive rebalancing and testing) it is clear that we will have to dedicate considerable time and budget to implement this, which will require an extra kickstarter or some other way to generate extra cash or it would simply take a looong time.

Which brings me to our other endeavour: Merchandise. We are in the last phase of setting up the backerkit site for the kickstarter (as well as pre- and post) backers to finally fulfill the rewards you are entitled to. We will also offer physical items to non backers, so they can grab a fancy t-shirt, cool hoody or those awesome Shadowrun minis there. Any profit generated by this will be invested into creating more SRC, so once this is up we will announce it to the wider world as well. As mentioned you will have the opportunity to forego some of your physical rewards in favor of fueling that money back into the development budget and order extra stuff from the backer-store at reduced backer-only prices. We hope to have the site up and running by February, the integration of non-kickstarter backers unfortunately forced us to start the set-up from scratch three times in the previous three months due to issues with the backerkit data import.

We also have another Shadowrun related project I can't divulge yet, we are excited about. Hint: It has colours!

So as you can see we have been keeping busy and remain dedicated to supporting the game as best we can.

See you in the Shadows!


Physical Rewards update


Hoi Chummers,

christmas time is fast approaching and we are trying to get the backer kit site for the physical rewards up and running before that.

The reason we are doing this via an extra site is simply that after the survey it became clear we wouldn't be able to work with all your individual requests for the exchange of physical rewards vs digital or the other way of adding a few bucks to help us in development and still get the physical rewards. So we needed a software to manage that and backerkit is the most suitable way to do it.

This format is complicated for backerkit (or shop sites as well), so we needed to wait for them to support us with an "exchange" feature workaround, but hopefully they will get that sorted soon.

In the meantime work on two "random repeatable single player missions" has begun, as has the big skill overhaul, which we are very excited about, but which obviously will be a ton of work for our team, as it effects the entire game's balancing.

So, you can see we have been keeping busy. One thing that did become clear is, that we will not be able to afford a tablet version - it is simply too much work for the team to be doable in any sensible timeframe and it would prevent us from doing anything else in that time. I am very sorry for the folks who backed explicitely for a tablet version and we have spent a good bit of time on it during development, so it is twice as regrettable. But the reality of our situation is simply that it would ruin us to spend the required time for this version. So this is off the table unfortunately.

In other news, we have launched another collaborative project we are VERY excited about, but that is secret yet. We have a list of Shadowrun creative people past and present already joining in, so we can hopefully announce that soon.

That's it for today folks and as always,

we will see you in the shadows