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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.

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The new Shadowrun Online Update is now LIVE!


Hoi Chummers!

The long wait is finally over: With the Early Access Update 7 of Shadowrun Online we return with a MAJOR overhaul of the game that brings us much closer to the final state. We have been busy adding Friends, direct Co-Op, a World Map and the first prototype of real-time Hubs (where Fixers and Johnsons hang out) to the game. We’ve also done a massive rework of skills, visuals, team size and all that in a big chunk of ALL NEW missions.

As you will be able to play a slice of our second act, every character gets Karma points and weapons to start out with. Be sure to learn a few skills and equip the appropriate weapons BEFORE going into a mission!


New Features:

  • Increased Party Size: Depending on the run you will now be able to select up to three henchmen who will accompany your character.
  • Co-Op with a friend: No need to play coop with random people anymore! Add fellow runners to your friend’s list and invite them to experience the story of Shadowrun Online together! (Please note: You will need friends in your friends list in order to play co-op missions)
  • Skill trees: Spend Karma in eight different skill groups - Conjuring, Spellcasting, Blades, Blunt, Pistols, Shotguns, Automatics and Hacking. Please note that the skills in these groups are only available up to Rank 5 for now. There will be more ranks in later versions of the game as well as a ninth tree for Rigging.
  • Skill rework: All skills have been revisited, some old ones removed and lots of new abilities were added!
  • Summoning: Skilling in the Conjuring Tree will allow you to summon a bear spirit, the first summon available in Shadowrun Online!
  • Non-combat skills: Hack security consoles, break open doors, unlock gates and talk to people (or harvest their organs).
  • New Missions: Experience a slice of the second Act of our Campaign.
  • Map of Boston: Where will the next run take you? Just take a look at our map of Boston!
  • New Metatype: Dwarves are now available as a playable character Shadowrun Online!
  • Improved Models: The old character models have been replaced with new high-res ones
  • Updated User Interface: The in-mission-UI has been overhauled with a new look and improved usability.
  • Fog of War: Parts of the map you haven’t seen yet will be hidden and enemies you currently can’t see will not be shown. In return, if the enemies can’t see you, they might not know you are there either …
  • Hub Prototype: Enter the hub in order to get hired for new runs or report your successes. Please note that this is just a placeholder and only available in solo play.
  • Dress for success: New items for the character customization screen are now available
  • Character Comments: Your characters will now comment on certain situations within a mission.

Be sure to check out the new version and tell us what you think on or on the Steam Forums!

See you in the shadows, Chummers!

A little Autumn Update


Hoi Chummers!

It’s getting cold outside and here at Cliffhanger Productions we’re staying inside warming our hands on our red-hot keyboards working diligently to complete Shadowrun Online!

These past few weeks took a good look at the game Shadowrun Online has become. So we went through the feedback you provided during the last months and also had lots of discussions with all members of the team, trying to answer two very important questions: “Is this game going to be fun to play?” and “How can we make Shadowrun Online a game that our fans can truly enjoy?” In doing so we reached the following conclusion: While we currently have a lot of good stuff in the game, some things aren’t working out the way they should and we are missing features that would add much to the gameplay. So we did a lot of brainstorming, evaluating and redesigning – and came up with a new roadmap that will incorporate several changes on our road to release.

For example a lot of you told us that they would prefer to have runs with four playable characters on bigger maps - and we decided to go for that. This might sound like a small change, but it has a lot of impact on the game: Having a bigger party allows runners to specialize more, giving them unique ways to not just defeat enemies, but also to interact with the environment. These non-combat interactions will offer alternative paths through the missions, access to additional loot as well as sometimes allowing you to achieve your goal without fighting at all. Picture this: A door with an electronic lock blocks the direct route to your goal. If you have a hacker in your team he might be able to unlock it, so you can take the short route avoiding the guards. If he doesn't succeed (or you haven’t brought a hacker), you could still go in guns blazing or look for an alternative path – perhaps a clever use of a camera informs you on guard position so you can slip by them? What your characters can do will depend on the skills you acquired, but also for example on the metatype of the character. Bringing more runners will also allow you to make more tactical choices and if things get ugly having one character down out of four is a lot better than losing one out of two. It might not even come to that though, as we’re also adding an often requested feature: Healing with Medkits. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we have planned for Shadowrun Online.

“Sounds good, but where’s the catch”, you ask? Yes, there is one indeed: These changes require us to make adjustments to basically everything we have created for the game so far and this will cause some delays. First of all the next Early Access update will not be ready within our usual timeframe of four to six weeks after the last one. We are looking for December to show you the great leap forward. Secondly the changes in our plan also mean that while we were targeting a launch in Q4 2014 before, we’re now planning a release in Q1 2015. And even that will require us to focus on the PC (Windows, OSX and Linux) campaign version for the time being, putting the tablet- and free2play-variants on hold till after the launch – we want to focus on the getting the game right and only then on distributing across platforms. All free2play backers will get a campaign version till the f2p version is released as a compensation, so we won’t leave anyone out in the cold, of course.

We’re sorry for the delays but hope you’ll agree that it is but a small price to pay for all the improvements we have in mind for Shadowrun Online.

Let us know what you think and see you in the shadows, Chummers!

New Update is online: Trolls, Skills & Linux!


Hoi Chummers,

September has passed – and you know what that means: There’s a new update for Shadowrun Online. And the good news is: When you are reading this, you can already check it out! So make sure to update your clients, as the new version will introduce you to Trolls, Weapon Skills and bring the often requested Linux version!

Here are the Patch Notes:

New Features

  • New Metatype: Trolls are now a playable race and selectable in character creation.
  • Karma Reward: At the end of any completed mission you will gain Karma for finishing the run.
  • Weapon Skills: You are now able to increase your skill in a weapon category by spending Karma gained by completing a mission. The cost for progressing from one level to another increases in these intervals: 2/6/12/20/30. Players start with 20 Karma. Increasing your skill increases the probability to deal maximum damage.
  • Portraits: Players are now able to select a portrait for their character in the character customization screen. This image will be displayed in missions next to the character and in the character and henchman selection
  • Alpha Linux: We have added a Linux version to Steam. Please keep in mind that this version has only been tested with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Please spread the word to other Linux fans and help others in the new Linux-Feedback-Thread with YOUR experience on how to get the game to run on other distros. Help us to reach as many Linux-Gamers as possible!
  • Mission Intros: All missions have new intros (containing dialogue) that gives the runs backstory. These replace the mission intro screens.
  • Size Matters: Different metatypes have different sizes now
  • Player Bar: In the top right corner of the main menu there is a bar stating the player's current Karma and name
  • Spawn Warning: Possible spawn locations for enemies are now marked. There is also a counter in some missions showing when reinforcements will arrive. This replaces the old alarm level system.
  • Mission Goals: The currently active goal will be shown in the mission at mission start and as soon as the goal changes. The goal window can also be triggered by a button.
  • Loading Screens: The loading screens prior to the missions will tell the player what he has to do to win the upcoming run.
  • Move & Attack: Some new melee skills allow you to move and take an action at the same time.
  • Camera Rework: Being spotted by a camera no longer increases the alarm level. Functionality of cameras will be reworked. Currently being spotted by a camera will give the spatted character the "Marked" status effect.
  • Disable Scrolling: You can now disable border scrolling via menu (Menu>Controls) and set the left mouse button for scrolling if you prefer that in the same menu.
  • New Weapons: Several new Weapons have been added to the game.
  • New Skills: New Skills have been added to the game and are attached to various weapons


  • Attacking turrets with Weapon overload will no longer cause errors in the log file.
  • Aztec Rangers have proper ragdoll animations now on death.
  • Fixed that ambience sound played although the respective slider is set to 0.
  • Machete doesn't clip through Tassle Kilt (Lower Body) on Orc male and female anymore.
  • Fixed that some tiles in mission "Back alley" were marked as walkable but couldn't be reached by characters
  • Aztech mages are now more keen on fighting and won't hide until you are close enough.
  • Shield effect now disappears correctly when the character dies while Shield is still active.
  • Hairstyle "Ponytail" doesn't intersect with large weapons equipped on the back any more.
  • A previously selected henchman but will now stay active in an subsequent mission.
  • Status effect icons no longer flicker during the enemy's turn.
  • AI characters have a selection of skills available now and will select them according to a given probability.
  • The daily mission in which the player has to find the box containing the correct item can no longer be won with only one surviving character.
  • Henchman selection now has a character selected by default.
  • Updated credits
  • Small weapons, cyberdecks and fetishes are now correctly placed on characters if not used.
  • Ranged enemies will face their targets properly now when attacking
  • Tooltip of "Controlled Burst" displays the correct ammo consumption in all of its variants
  • Fixed the misplacement of the build number in menu
  • Header of error messages displays "error" now instead of "confirmation"
  • Mission UI no longer persists if the player issues an order after the win condition has been met
  • "Damsel in Distress" mission is no longer rushable 

7th LIVE Q&A with the Devs

A new update also means that we are going to host a new Q&A Session with the Devs! Be sure to join us on October 6th at 19:00 CEST (10am PDT) on Google Hangouts where we discuss not only the new update but will also tell you what the future holds for Shadowrun Online and of course answer your questions! 

Help us!

Perhaps some of you have noticed the new update to the Steam client that was published last week. It not only changed the visual of the clients, but also allows other players to find games based on your reviews and recommendations. So if you’d like to help us to spread the word and make sure Shadowrun Online becomes a success, there are two things you could do:

1) Start Curating! A Curator is someone who publicly recommends games to others (see an overview here). So if you are a curator (or plan to become one), please consider adding Shadowrun Online to your list; the more people do that, the more people will notice our game is out there! 

2) Leave a User Review! We know Shadowrun Online is still in Early Access and not without flaws in its current state, but we’d like you to voice your opinion about the game publicly. At the time of writing this, we were at 68% positive reviews – please help us increase this percentage!

Dev Diaries

Since it’s been a while since the last update, we also released a couple of Dev Diaries. If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s what you missed:

#12: Answering a technical question

Dev-Diary #11 led to a rather intersesting technical question. So our lead programmer took some time to look away from the code and answer it in today’s dev-diary. (Read more) 

#13: Gurkinators

In this week’s Dev-Diary we let you in on the secret of the Gurkinator. “What’s that”, you ask?  (Read more)

#14: The Road to Linux

When you release a game – even if it’s „just“ early access – you will get a lot of questions regarding when it will be out on a specific platform. After all, there are lots of players who either only have access to a certain type of gaming device or just prefer to play on a specific one. (Read more)

See you in the game, Chummers!

The new update is coming tomorrow!


Hoi Chummers,

With August gone and September already among us, it’s time for a new update for Shadowrun Online. We’re proud to announce that the new version will be out tomorrow, September 3rd. The servers will go down at 10am CEST and should be up again with the new version half an hour later.

What can you expect from the next update? Here are the patch notes:

New features:

  • Rent-a-hench: Choose your henchman for the next mission from a list of other player-generated characters
  • New Metatype: Elves have been added as playable characters into the Character Creation
  • New Missions: Three new runs round out our prequel campaign about the missing girl Alisi
  • New Outfit: The Tribal Shaman outfit has been added to the Character Customization
  • In-Mission-Chat: When playing Coop or PvP, players now switch to a dedicated chat-channel, allowing easier in-mission communication.
  • Character name as nick name: The name of your character is now used as your name in the chat
  • Action Counter: A new indicator shows you how many actions each character has left in this turn.
  • Know who you run with: The name of the character you're playing with is now shown in Coop missions.
  • Know what your partner does: Floating texts above a character now show which skill is used, allowing you to see what your Coop-Partner is doing.
  • What comes next? The name of the next mission is now shown in the main menu.
  • Quick switch: The animation for switching weapons doesn't delay the gameplay anymore.
  • Longer Names: The number of allowed characters for the player name has been increased to 18 up from 12
  • 3D-Sound: Sound effects are now played on the corresponding speaker, depending on the camera position.
  • Improved Effects: Visual weapon effects have been reworked:
    new Shield effect
    Machete's "Stimulants" now increases character animation speed
    new Mana Bolt and Spark effects
    new bullet streaks for Rifle, Pistols, Shotgut
    blood splatter now look more voluminous
  • Updated info screens: Credits, Options and Help screen have been reworked. 


  • Fixed a lot of clipping issues in character customization
  • If matchmaking gets aborted by a matched opponent an appropriate error message is shown.
  • Options menu can now be opened and closed using the ESC key
  • Credits have been updated
  • It's not possible anymore to press any hidden buttons while the news screen is shown.
  • Players don't see the opponent’s chance to hit display during PvP- and Coop-matches anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that made the UI of the mission visible in the debriefing

A new update of course also means we will hold a new LIVE Q&A with the Devs! We’d like to invite you to sit down with us, discuss the new update, hear what we are working on and bombard us with your questions!

The 6th Q&A Session will be held on September 8th at 9:01pm CEST / 12:01pm PST on Google Hangouts here.

Since it’s been a while since our last update, we have also posted several Dev-Diaries on in the meantime. Here’s what you have missed:

#7: Thank you!

You might have heard some developers say you shouldn’t get too close to your prospective players while you’re working on a game as this might taint your vision. Others will tell you that working with your community provides a very unique experience and opportunity. As always the truth might be somewhere in-between, but ever since we started this journey to make Shadowrun Online, we were leaning towards the latter side. The last weeks proved to us that this was the right choice. Case in point? Your Graffiti. (Read more)

#8: Making a Pair of Pants

It seems many of you have already taken a liking to find a cool, crazy or even gender-bending outfit, so it’s only fitting that in today’s dev-diary Stefan, who worked (and still works) on the various pieces of clothing, talks about what it takes to make a pair of pants. (Read more)

#9: Convention Season

It’s that time of the year again, Chummers: As summer starts to draw to a close (at least in some countries, Austria alas included), everywhere conventions try to attract the big crowds. And we Cliffhanger People are right among them at two special events. (Read more)

#10: Convention Season (Part 2)

Hoi Chummers! Those of you who follow us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ may have heard a lot about our ventures to Cologne, Indianapolis and Boston this week. But those who haven’t – or can’t get enough – here’s our follow up to last week’s diary and our tales of convention season. (Read more)

#11: Some Nostalgia

In this week’s Dev-Diary our lead programmer Tom Kment looks back at what Shadowrun Online looked like waaaaaay back – and he’s even got us some pictures so everyone can see how far we’ve come since we started on this journey! (Read more)

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to visit us at gamescom and Gen Con – it was nice meeting so many of our Backers in person!

See you in the game soon, Chummers!

New Update tomorrow and Q&A next week


Hoi Chummers!

As all of you who read our last update know, there's a big update for Shadowrun Online going live tomorrow, August 7th, bringing Character Customization and Random Coop (among other features). Those of you eager to play this new version can now start their countdown:

It will be online August 7th at 11:00 CEST / 4am PDT.

Here are the patch notes:

New features:

  • Character Customization: Design your own Character, choose his name, metatype (currently only Orc and Human are available), gender, outfit, weapons and who shall accompany him on his mission!
  • Your Avatar in the missions: All runs are now played with your self-designed Character, accompanied by his chosen henchman.
    Random Coop: Don't want to play solo anymore? With Random Coop you can play a random mission with another, randomly-selected player instead of your henchman.
  • Fatigue: Magical attacks now consume "Fatigue", which regenerates only one point per turn - so be careful not to spam spells or you won't be able to cast at a critical moment!
  • Immunities: Some enemies are now immune to certain types of damage, so make sure to adapt your tactics accordingly!
  • Second Weapon: Unused weapons are now visible on the characters' backs.
  • Updated UI: The user interface has been updated, allowing easier switching between characters by clicking on their portraits.
  • Shortcuts: By popular demand we have added several shortcuts:
    Select next character: TAB
    Directly select player characters: F1,F2,F3
    Skills: 1,2,3,4,5,6
    Reload: R
    Move camera to active agent: Space
    End Turn: Backspace or End
  • Updated Main menu: We have cleaned up the main menu:
    "Player Character" opens the Character customization screen
    "Campaign" starts the latest unlocked mission
    "Daily mission" starts the currently available daily mission
    "Play Coop mission" queues you for a Coop mission
    "Player vs. Player" starts looking for a PvP-match
    "Mission Archive" opens a list of all already played missions, allowing you to replay them.
  • Sound Effects: Mission completion and failure now have an appropriate sound
  • Auto-Reload: Weapons are automatically reloaded upon switching to them
  • Character Shader: Characters now have self-illumination and a rim shader.
  • New Animations: Female walk animations and customisation scene idles have been added.


  • Fixed an issue with floor decoration that overlapped the movement marker
  • Camera gets centered on a character if he is selected using their character portrait
  • Fixed an issue where activating hotspots was blocked by a character standing in front of it.
  • Opened body drawers provide half cover now
  • Fixed a typo in the mission debriefing displayed after finishing 'Damsel in Distress'
  • The 'Skip Turn' button shows an appropriate tool-tip
  •  The movement range delimiter in daily mission levels is displayed above dirt layers and objects for better visibility
  • Fixed a gap in the wall of two daily mission levels
  • It's no longer possible to move the camera outside of the scene in several resolutions in mission 02
  • Improved weapon switch animation so it doesn't look "jumpy" anymore.
  • Logo has been removed from the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where Bri's gun had to be reloaded despite the fact that there was still ammunition left
  • Audio sliders in the options menu behave correctly now

5th LIVE Q&A with the Devs!

With another month over and another update on the horizon it’s time to do another live Q&A-Session with the devs! Join us next monday, August 11th on Google Hangouts on Air at 7:00pm CEST / 10:00 PST here.

We will discuss the Update that will be released on August 7th (so be sure to play over the weekend so you can ask questions about it!), talk about what we are currently working on, what events we’re heading to and of course answer the questions you have for us.

 See you online, Chummers!