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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
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Next Update & Conventions


Ready for a game changer, Chummers?

The next update of Shadowrun Online is coming and will contain features we know you have been looking forward to for a long time! Here’s a little sneak peek:

Character Customization: Now YOU decide what your Character looks like and what outfits and weapons he will carry into battle!
Random Coop: Bored of playing runs all by yourself? Team up with another, randomly selected runner and experience missions in a new way!
Fatigue: Mages can’t just spam spells anymore – they have to keep an eye on their fatigue or they might not be able to cast at a critical moment!
Some enemies are now immune to certain types of damage, so make sure to adapt your tactics accordingly!

The 5th Early Access update for Shadowrun Online will release on August 7th!

We'd also like to announce that we'll be at not one, but two conventions this August: We'll be at gamescom in Cologne, Germany as part of the Indie Megabooth in hall 10.1 (open to the public from 14th to 17th of August) and you'll be able to meet Game Designer Tom Weilguny at Gen Con (also open from 14th to 17th of August) at the Indiana Convention Center. If you're going to be at one of those events, make sure to drop by, say hello and play Shadowrun Online!

Finally we'd like to bring our latest Dev-Diaries to your attention:

#5 The Sound of Silence

One of the things most of you have liked so far is the fact that our characters have voices. Despite fully voiced characters being a major headache for any dev team we felt that it would give much more atmosphere and life to the world we hope to create. The system we implemented for the first-look alpha (and that you have seen so far) is mission based, but doesn’t know anything about specific characters. That means that if someone does something within a mission, which causes a text to be triggered the person who caused this is picked, and gets the first line. (Read more)

#6 I Dream of Excel

Hi there! Most of you who read this will probably know me from the forums or as the guy sometimes visible in the Q&A-Vids, however just to be certain let me introduce myself: I’m Florian AKA Soundrel, one of those guys who make sure you’re kept in the loop about what’s going on here at Cliffhanger (among other tasks). Today I will not tell you what the devs are planning or about a new, upcoming feature however. I will tell you the tale of why my dreams lately have been plagued by spreadsheets. (Read more)

Okay, Chummers, time to end this update. We hope to meet at least some of you at Gen Con and gamescom and are looking forward to see your newly created characters in Shadowrun Online on August 7th.

See you in the shadows!

It’s almost time, Chummers!


While we already told you in our last message that the next update will be out on July 8th, we didn’t specify back then when the servers would restart with the new content, including the Free Initiative System, Camera Border Scrolling and the new Daily Missions. Now it’s time to remedy that: The new update will be out on …

July 8th, 11:00am CEST / 4am PDT!

Here are the patch notes:

New Features:

  • Free Initiative Selection: Choose which character you want to play with by clicking on the character in your turn, giving you a lot more tactical options. Beware: The End Turn button now ends your whole team's turn, discarding all remaining actions!
  • Improved Visualization: Characters now have a lean-animation around corners. This shows you better why and where they can see other characters.
  • Camera Border Scrolling: Moving the mouse cursor towards the edges of the screen now causes the camera to scroll.
  • Daily missions: Each day another mission (out of a pool of three) is playable. Mission changes at midnight server time (CEST).
  • Drop that weapon: Killed characters now let go of their weapons when being killed.
  • New Sound Options: Effects and VoiceFX can be separately manipulated, as can Music and Ambience.


  • Fixed the damage calculation for shotguns so that they now deal damage dependent on Chance to Hit.
  • Fixed that the sound effect of Bri's "Data Spike" didn't get muted with the rest of the sound effects.
  • Tooltip of Payday's Double Tap has been changed to reflect that a critical hit can deal 5-6 damage.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed Bri's "Reflex Boost"'s Chance To Hit incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that the weapon UI was visible in the debriefing.
  • Adapted Takshak's posture when taking full-cover with his rifle.
  • Fixed the tooltip of "Shield" to reflect the changes to +5 resistance.
  • Fixed a typo in the briefing before "Heart & Soul".
  • Fixed that the turn order notification was shown upon every single action of the characters.
  • Fixed an issue that missions where only unlocked after relog.
  • Clients no longer need to be restarted for the chat to work if the chat service is lost temporarily.
  • In regular and special attack animations shouldering a rifle is now illustrated more accurately.
  • Bri's portrait icons are now displayed correctly.
  • Cameras can now be targeted on the whole of their chassis correctly.
  • It's not possible any more to miss with 100% Chance To Hit.
  • Fixed an issue with asymmetrical Line-Of-Sight-detection meaning that enemies saw you, but you couldn't see them and vice versa.
  • PvP matches have their correct briefing now.
  • Fixed that characters were able to stand in a half-open locker in mission "Organ Farm"
  • Fixed that one tile was not walkable in "Organ Farm"
  • Fixed an issue in one of the daily missions where the mission end message was not displayed when the characters were killed by gas in the starting area.

We’d also like to point out that we released a new Dev-Diary on Friday, discussion the anatomy of the Fireball. Here’s an excerpt:

Hi, in today’s Dev-Diary I will be telling you a bit about what goes into making one of our Mage’s most iconic effects, namely the fireball! This handy skill can be used in all kinds of different situations. Just point it in the general direction of things that you feel are in need of a good burning and shoot. Simple, right? At a closer look however the fireball actually consists of many different parts that all work together to create the impression of a deadly little ball of mayhem. But before I get into that, let’s take a look at the humble beginnings of what finally became known as the “Spark” spell in the game. [read more]

See you online, Chummers!

A little Summer Update & Dev-Diaries


Hoi Chummers,

The temperatures are rising but here at Cliffhanger Productions we’re staying cool and working the shadows to create more Shadowrun Online features.

Right now we’re finalizing the first, basic version of the Character Creation system. That means that you won’t have to play with the predefined party any more which we created for you, but instead you can build your own avatar, select looks, weapons and companions for the run. This becomes even more important as we’re also working on getting an early version of Coop ready, so you can play the missions with other runners, making Shadowrun Online a true multiplayer experience.

As we know a lot of you have been looking forward to both Character Creation and Coop we’re working hard on getting those features to you as soon as possible. We can’t provide you with a fixed ETA yet, however we can tell you that while both features won't make it into the next update, they will be in the one after that.

Speaking of next update: On July 8th we will release a new update that contains a new gameplay feature everyone has been asking for ever since we released Shadowrun Online into Early Access: the Free Initiative Selection. Gone are the times when you had to move Payday before Takshak could cast his shield. Now you can move your characters in any order during your team’s turn which increases your tactical options a lot. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, as we add several other features (hint: Border Scrolling!), introduce Daily Missions and fix a lot of issues.

For those of you who'd like to get more insights into our development we started a new Dev-Diary Series on Here are excerpts from the first two installments:

#1 Dress-up!

Hi! This is Tom – you might know me from one of the dev Q&A sessions. In our first installment of our dev blog I’m going to give you a couple of insights into how our technical item system works for the long awaited character customisation. We always knew that creating and customising your Shadowrunner is the big thing, but the details were vague up to a few weeks ago. As with all systems that we want to do the deciding factor is effort – can we implement the system initially, and can we support it with enough content in the long run? (Read more)

#2 Tuning the AI

“Organ Farm”, just after our team has cleaned out a hallway full of gangers. The next door opens and who comes running? Our new not-quite-buddy, Bert. One of my jobs on the team is to make sure Bert the ganger behaves somewhat believable. So let’s start with what we think is “believable” with a guy like Bert. (Read more)

So prepare to enter the Shadows again on July 8th and if you can't be there due to a well deserved vacation, start thinking about what your Character shall be like once you can create him later this summer.

See you in the shadows, Chummers!

Update, Patch Notes & Q&A


Start the countdown, Chummers!

In our last update we announced that we would release the next update for Shadowrun Online on June 4th, containing security and alarm levels, Bri, the Dwarf Decker, new missions, random spawns and other improvements and fixes. What we didn’t tell you back then was when exactly the patch would go live. So please start the countdown to …

June the 4th, 11:30 am CEST / 02:30 am PDT!

Here are the Patch Notes:


  • Alert Levels: Some missions now have alert levels, requiring you to plan your actions carefully or to deal with the consequences. 
  • Cameras: "Exterminate!" There are security cameras that raise the alert level when they see an enemy now. Take care! 
  • Introducing the Decker: A new character is now availble in the some missions, complete with pistol and hacking skills, effects and new animations.
  • Three new missions: New runs were added to round out the prequel campaign.
  • Simultaneous movement: Characters can now move simultaneously, provided they are on the same team.
  • Click-Trigger: Doors and other objects can be activated by moving adjacent to them and then clicking on them. This costs an action. No more shooting at switches! (We still don't know why you wanted this... ;)) 
  • Random Spawns: Enemy spawn positions are now random in some missions, so learning the map by heart is not an option anymore!
  • Turret: Fight the sentry gun; a very tough, very stationary enemy.
  • Characters and Weapons: The Stuffer Shack lobby mission has new rent-a-cop type security guards with batons as weapons, and the Jaguar Warriors now carry Macuahuitls instead of Katanas.
  • Auto-Switch weapons: All skills are selectable now, unless they are on cooldown or out of ammo. Also, when you select a skill of the inactive weapon, the weapon gets automatically switched. Weapons can still be switched manually though.
  • Movement Trigger: Some missions now use go-to goals.
  • RMB Scrolling: On Windows-PCs the game now scrolls the screen when the right mouse button pressed.
  • Shoot Positions: All characters now lean left or right properly when shooting at a target from cover. This fixes a lot of issues where characters appeared to shoot through walls.
  • Voice-overs: All voice acting has been redone.

Menu & Misc

  • Menu buttons toggle: Pressing the according button again closes the options menu / info screen / credits.
  • Splash Screen: Exchanged text and background image for the new patch.
  • Main Menu: New mission buttons added for the new missions.


  • Fixed a spelling error in 'the Organ Farm' debriefing
  • Fixed an issue where Payday's 'Stimulants' could trigger faulty animation effects
  • Security guards in 'Stuffer Shack' will be grayed out correctly when not in Line of Sight
  • Fixed an issue where the security guards in 'Stuffer Shack' could stay in a deadlock position, not acting at all

After trying out the new content, please remember to tune in when we host our 3rd LIVE Q&A session. As you know, we value your input and react to your feedback the best we can which is why we decided to stay up longer for you guys to rock this midnight-Q&A-session. We hope this provides more of you Chummers out there all around the world with the opportunity to pop by and ask your questions. ;)

Come to see us live on Google Hangouts tomorrow, June 4th from 11:59pm CEST / 2:59 pm PDT. Join here:

We’ll talk about the new patch and what we’re currently working on. We’re also looking forward to your questions and will do our best to answer as many as possible LIVE in our broadcast.

See you online, Chummers!

Next Update and Live Q&A on June 4th


Hoi Chummers! 

Even with the temperatures outside rising we’re staying in the shadows, diligently finalizing the next update for Shadowrun Online that will be available on June 4th. 

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Introducing security and alarm levels: Cameras increase alarm levels, resulting in enemy reinforcements being called in. No more Mr. Run-and-gun!
  • New Character: Bri, the Dwarf Decker, joins your team for select missions, bringing the new pistol and combat hacking skills.
  • New Missions: We've added some maps to round out our prequel adventure, complete with new goals and enemies!
  • Random Spawns! Think you know all missions by heart? Think again as the runs just got a lot less predictable!
  • Lots of other improvements and fixes!

However there is even more reason to mark June 4th in your calendars. Why, you ask? Because on that day we’d also like to invite you to our 3rd LIVE Q&A Panel with the Devs at 11:59pm CEST / 2:59pm PDT. We’ll discuss the new update, give you some insight in the last development cycles and of course answer your questions! 

This is how it works:

1. Follow this Link:
2. Install the Plugin:
3. Watch the video live
4. Ask questions using the Q&A Panel

See you next week, Chummers!

-Soundrel (-Florian)