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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
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Hoi chummers,

October is here and we plan to release the new add-on for SRC innocently named INFECTED! at the end of the month. There is new content and we expanded and adjusted the skill trees and weapon flavors, so I am sure we added some terrible exploits, nerfed some great combos and in general made a mess of things. So we need help from some real guys.

We will announce the Beta Test here when it commences, but want to start next week.

So how do I get into the Beta?

If you want to join the Beta Test it is really easy - all of our Early Access AND Kickstarter backers already have access to a beta channel on Steam (you received the password for that way back before release and the channel can szill be activated from you Library by right clikcing on the game and selecting Properties/Betas and activating the beta channel from the drop down menu.

Now you can already experiment with our new skill trees, but you will need the add-on to actually test the new content, upgraded weapons and gear - we will put the first four new missions and all into the Beta. If you own a Deluxe version or are a Backer Runner's Apprentice Level or above (50$+), you will automatically get the new content unlocked. If you are not, you will need to hitch a ride with another team for the time being or buy a Deluxe upgrade to the game.

How can I give feedback?

Well, if it is a bug report, we would love to get a description (alongside a screenshot or in case of technical issue the output_log.txt from your game folder), so please send bug reports to

If you have general balancing remarks, suggestions and balancing discussions, pleas put them in the FEEDBACK FOR THE BETA forum and not in the General thread.

We will have more news when the Beta commences.

Thanks for your help and we will see you in the shadows, Chummers.

Minis are back on the table and swag news!


Dear backers,

thanks to everyone who answered our survey up to now and sorry for not communicating clearly enough that this was just to help us get a  picture of where people stand as opposed to you actually forgoing your backer rewards.

From the over two third of backers who answered almost half of you were willing to swap some physical for digital rewards. That is a GREAT show of support from you guys after all we have put you through and just again goes to show that you are the best.

As there s no clear preference for any item versus another, we have done a new calculation that includes producing every item but with smaller numbers, which of course means more money for development but it also means something else, which I am sure is good news for many of you:

After we have sent out the recent updates we have been contacted by the good folks at Prodos (, who have offered to help us with the mini and promised a good price...much below the quotes we had  gotten previously. And you know what: They were absolutely right and (extremely helpful and flexible)! As we assume we will save some money from the above reduced amount of physical swag and we assume some more money can be raised by adding a swag shop, as some backers said they would gladly pay a little extra if they could still get all their swag, we are happy to announce:The minis are back in! (Fanfare, little dance of joy) IF the survey results are in line with your actual decision down the line, that is. So here is a 3d mock-up of one of our 4 minis.

Ork attcking
Ork attcking

Now how and when are we going to finally get the physcal swag?

So here is the plan:

1) We will set up a "store", which will allow backers to add extra donations or even pre-order additional swag (Christmas IS coming) as well as exchange some stuff for digital rewards.

2) We will actually open this to the public and SR fans out there, so they can also pre-order things (though at a higher price point than our backers to account for the increased cost of shipping, packing and goods since we started this)

3) Once we have those pre-orders complete, we will start producing the physical rewards - in the case of the minis we will pre-order a certain amount, as they will take until early next year already to be created and shipped.

4) Depending on the production pipelines and cost, we will ship rewards out as a bundle. However since most of the stuff is probably shippable before Christmas, we may try add an option for people to purchase "express shipment" for everything that can be shipped until mid-December to be put into a separate package (basically that increases the price of picking and packing and also cost shipment twice), if that is feasible and the software we are using can handle splitting orders.

5) Now the above calculation rests on two things: People actually skipping some of their physical rewards or donating a little extra for them and us making some money from the non-backer swag store. Which I hope we will. Otherwise we will again have screwed ourselves development budget wise by trying to get the minis back in...but they were one of the most wanted items and we so love them.

So fingers crossed that our karma turns our a little better for once and that we manage to pull this off.

I will keep you all updated, of course, as soon as we have more intel on this.

In other news

Meanwhile, if you are interested, this week should see the release of our Jagged Alliance Online pay to play version on the 24th, named Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded. It is the game our Kickstarter Shadowrun demo was based on and we now finally have gotten the rights to the technology back completely (it was work for hire project back then).

Subsequently we have taken out the grindy free to play mechanics (the game still has some grind, but now it is optional), added a bit of extra content and re-balanced the economy to make progression faster and more fun. It has a weather/lighting based perception system including hearing and stealth, detailed recoil and aiming mechanics and a bunch of other stuff that makes it a nice game, even though the visuals have aged a little. Now this is NOT Jagged Alliance 2 and by far not a perfect game, but you get 60+ hours of mission gameplay and a cool PvP mode for less than 8 bucks during launch week and it is well worth the money, I would think.

Feel free to check it out on Steam, Humble Store or Green Man Gaming!

See you in the Shadows.


First Survey Results and plans for physical rewards


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Physical Rewards Survey and August update


Hoi Chummers,

the summer has struck with full force and we are all sweating away working on the Chronicles update to be released late October. We have the designs down and the story has been completed and right now we are building the maps and lists of new items.

The story is going to pick up where we left with the players in search of Bozeman, who has vanished from the Market. Pllayer will be discovering something about themselves in the process that will play a big role in the future of not only themselves but all of the Shadowrun continuity...

Since the first of this month the remaining team has found a new office and after setting up we are now in full swing on creating the game - starting with finally releasing the patch and the Red Challenge this week (complete with critical un-nerf and end-game weapon rebalancing). We have had a lot of support and feedback from our beta testers and every backer is of course invited to also particpate in future beta tests, allowing you all to feedback and improve on the game as we develop it. Just write to with the topic Beta Test and your Steam account name!

Physical Rewards Survey

As we have hinted at, the physical rewards are posing a bit of a problem for us - financially, as we would rather invest the money in development and logistically, as we would rather use the time for development. Here is our latest take on this:

1) We have now prepared the survey we talked of, which allows you to let us know the items that are most importnat for you or graciously forego physical rewards in return for picking an equivalent value of pdf's from any Shadiwrun book that we can get our hands on - which includes 3rd, 4th and 5th edition books including the latest releases. The survey should reach you over the next days, as we send out the mails.

The idea here is to get a picture of what the most important items would be for you, so we can create a package that satisfies most of our backers while still affordable for us (including shipping and packing).

2) Miniatures: I know this was a big attractor, but we have simply not found any way to get the minis done without a huge cost - they would cost as much as all the other stuff put together. The problem is, that the amount of minis we need to do is too low for an actual mass production (usually done in China) and doing them in other ways (and we have explored every possible angle here) drives the cost up to over 45.000 USD before shipping, which is massively more than we had estimated. We had been willing to absorb that extra cost before the insolvency - we had already contracted a manufacturer and created the 3d models adjusted for the process, but now there is simply no way we can afford this. We have tried a number of approaches (such as ordering more together with Catalyst or licensing them out to a manufacturer), but that is difficult due to our license (we can give them away, but we are forbidden to license to anyone to make money from them) and also not easy to set up.

We are now working to release them on a 3d printing site, so they can be ordered individually or the relevant files downloaded if you do have a 3d printer near you. Unfortunately 3d printing is far too expensive and does not scale with the amount of things printed, so that is not something we can afford to pay for. But at least you may be able to get your hands on some minis this way (well, you can also make them larger in this case, so they are maxis, I guess).

We are really sorry - we were very excited about them - but with the budget we are running on this would be over a month of our full team paid and that is not something we can afford to spend unless we drop the add-on and let everyone go. Of course you will all get a pdf coupon for this (in excess of the cost of the minis) instead, but I know that may not be a consolation.

All this is very unfortunate, but if you followed our updates you know that this is the best we can do under the circumstances. We are trying to honor as many of our promises as we can given the fact that we are basically living from hand to mouth right now and any dollar we pay for physical goods is a dollar we can't use for development.

We will keep you udpated on the rewards as well as on the add-on progress, but for now I will be taking a 2 weeks (unpaid) family has not seen much from me in recent months and I need a bit of time off after all of this.

see you in the shadows


Cliffhanger July update


Hoi Chummers,

we have been silent for a while here at Cliffhanger Central, as a consequence of the insolvency procedures involving Cliffhanger Software. We've had a lot on our hands and are still in the process of getting the Cliffhanger Games company into shape, with our main goal being the continuous maintaining and expanding of Shadowrun Chronicles.

For the last few weeks we had to go through a lot of administrative stuff, dealing with banks and trying to come to an agreement with our partners, who were understandably scared about the prospects of Cliffhanger Games also going down. Our equipment was seized and we lost access to our former office, which had us working on an alternative that would allow us to regroup, set up an external server, get our systems running again and get everyone remote access to them, in order to keep working. Things did not come to a stand still; we've went on preparing the next update with the Red Challenge and a bit of crit chance un-nerfing (as well as Mark improving crit chances), but with all our employees enjoying forced holidays and limited access to a joint server, things have not exactly been speeding along either. That being said we are testing the update build and should hopefully be ready to release it in two weeks, as we also have to fix the nasty grouping issue that has been popping up repeatedly.

We've also had meetings and talks with the remaining team to see who would be willing to keep going and how we could work together most effectively. Everyone has been working incredibly hard during the last months and the exhaustion and frustration over the turn of events hurt all of us personally and as a group. Our deliberations had us look back at the mistakes we made and formulate a plan to sustain our vision of an ideal company in a less than ideal world. The emerging vision has certainly energized the team and got the creative and collaborative juices flowing. Now we need to pour this into concrete terms and structures in order to bounce back with full force.

Our current plan is to release an add-on for Chronicles towards the end of October (once you are all done with the no doubt excellent SR:Hong Kong), and we are in the process of discussing and estimating the features and content for that. The rough plot fo the campaign part is done and greenlighted with Catalyst and now we need to detail things out a little more. The fate of Jane (determined by your decision at the end of the campaign) will play a large role in the story to come – currently a slight majority of people have decided to kill her, but with the next update we will make the choice and consequences clearer hopefully, so people how their decision will affect Jane, which may change that. Of course, the winner of our recent band contest will also influence the future of Bozeman (who vanished from the Market) and two more contests in July will determine the fate of a couple of more people such as our fearless reporter Alison Sanborn as the puzzle pieces come together for the fall of the megacorp. Yes, that one is still on and we are building up to it (albeit slowly).

Some more changes are going to be made to the way we operate - we want our players to take a more active role in beta testing (and get out of the frantic balancing patches) and will grant access to our staging servers again. If you are interested in joining this (everyone who had access to the "backer" beta version in the past will have so again) please send a mail to support with your email, steam account name and OS - we love to get feedback, especially from all you experienced players out there.

We are also done with the upgrade to Deluxe edition DLC, it is sitting in Steam's review cue and should hopefully see the light of day soon.

For the Kickstarter backers we already mentioned we would try to save as much of our physical rewards budget as we can for game development and some of you were gracious enough to be willing to forgo the physical rewards completely to support us. Thank you again for that! Thankfully, our friends at Catalyst have agreed to allow us to put up a number of their books in pdf format as a replacement for any physical swag we intended as rewards. We will send out details on this in the coming weeks, but basically you can swap your physical reward tier for a number of coupons of equal value and redeem those for pdfs. We know not everyone will go for this, so we will send out yet another survey about who would be willing to do so.

That is it for now – we will keep you updated as things continue to evolve, of course, but expect us to still be less responsive than we usually are for the next two weeks. There is just SO much stuff to set up and organize, that we are pressed for time.

see you in the shadows primetide