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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
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Patch (Mac!), Live Q&A and RPC News


Mark your calendars, Chummers! 

As you know, two weeks ago we announced the first Shadowrun Online update containing several changes to the battle mechanics, visual improvements, many bugfixes and of course the long-awaited Mac-version.

Now the time has come to tell you when you will be able to get your hands on this new patch. Drumroll, please… 

The update will be out tomorrow, Thursday - May the 8th, 11:30am CEST / 02:30am PDT! 

Here are the Patch Notes:

New Features

  • Shadowrun Online Steam Early Access will be also available on MacOS! 
  • Disabled skills will have tooltips, too 
  • Objects in the world will have proper tooltips 
  • Line of Sight will be correctly visualized: Only enemies seen by at least one of your characters will be visible. If enemies are not seen they will be greyed out.
  • Characters will get ragdolls - so everyone dies in visually pleasing and interesting ways 
  • PvP map will be replaced by a newer version 
  • Splash screen + News will be updated 


  • Mouse height issue in Mission 1 will get fixed. Doorsteps will no longer cover up the mouse cursor
  • Second player will no longer see the first player's hit percentages during the first turn of a PvP match
  • Text hover when sprinting will inform the player that this will end their turn
  • If you happen to get stuck in the loading screen, you will get an error message informing you that the server cannot be reached 
  • Door / Locker opening sounds will no longer be played if all sound is muted 

Also: In a few hours, today’s LIVE Q&A session on Google Hangouts will start! Join us here: 

We’ll talk about the last couple of dev-weeks and tomorrow’s patch. We also expect a lot of awesome questions from you and we’ll do our best to answer as many as possible Live in this Q&A Session! 

And for our German Backers or backers in Germany:
We’ll be at the RPC in Cologne (Köln) this week-end! Look for the “Pegasus Spiele Verlag”-booth, pop by and have a chance to meet our Lead Designer and / or Jan! 

See you there, Chummers!

2nd LIVE Shadowrun Online Q&A with the Devs - 7th May !


Hoi Chummers! 

Many of you followed our first Q&A Live Chat Panel with the Devs on the 3rd of April. We received a lot of positive feedback as well as the request to continue hosting such Panels to keep the communication lines open. Following up on our promise, we'd like to invite you to our 2nd LIVE Q&A Panel with the Devs on the 7th of May! 

This is how it works: 
1. Follow this Link:
2. Install the Plugin:
3. Watch the video live
4. Ask questions using the Q&A Panel

We've also posted a couple of other updates on social media channels recently:

Meet Bri! She's going to reinforce our team of playable characters soon and brings hacking skills as well as a new weapon to the table. You'll be able to meet her in the update after the next, in some of the new missions. *spoiler alert* 

Here's an impression from the PAX EAST 2014! The winner of our Shadowrun Online wallpaper lookalike contest, holding his lookalike wallpaper in front of his lookalike big banner.
Luv our Community!! <3

 See you on Wednesday, Chummers!

-Merkerrinja (-Liz)

A little post-Easter update


Hoi Chummers,  

While everyone has been hunting Easter eggs, we have been busy with the next update. The details on the next big one will be sent out as soon as we've nailed them all down, but expect security systems, a hacker archetype character and a few more missions as well as mission goals other than “kill everything that moves”. This will also change the current missions (including random enemy spawns, making mission 4 a tactical challenge and less of a learn-by-heart puzzle), so replay should be more fun.

To tide you over until then, there'll be an update out in early May including: 

  • A Mac OSX version (yeah we know, Linux needs to be done as well…but we need to start somewhere).
  • Cover system reworked – half cover now offers less protection and full cover significantly more. This was suggested by many of you and changes the gameplay tactics quite a bit to make your positioning and movement more meaningful.
  • An update to the PvP map
  • Updated detection, so it'll be more obvious what your characters see (and what they don't see).
  • Ragdolls – so everyone dies in visually pleasing and interesting ways.
  • Path smoothing – making running a less griddy affair. (Sorry for the pun…Ok, who spiked my chocolate bunny?).  
  • Some shader improvements and mesh and texture improvements for all the characters. More tooltips.
  • Many, many bug fixes.

This has already the first reactions to your comments in (such as cover, path smoothing and ragdolls), though not as many as we would have liked.
We did a lot of hotfixing on servers and mission 4 which cost us some time. We are currently working on several of your other suggestions to see how they affect the gameplay and will also talk about this in more detail in future updates.

And we are planning to do another video session dedicated to your comments and suggestions in Early May – we’ll announce it as soon as we’ve found a good timeslot.

We'll keep you updated! 

Shadowrun Online - Live Q&A Panel with the Devs!!


Live pictures from our lovely office in the heart of Vienna!  

Ask Jan aka primetide and the Devs everything you want to know about the Shadowrun Online development in this moderated Live Q&A Session!

This is how it works! 

1. Follow this Link:
2. Install the Plugin:
3. Watch the video live 
4. Post questions in the Chat on the side

Spread the word and see you there!

STEAM Early Access on March 31st Q&A


Hello dear Backers,

We’ve seen your feedback on the Early Access start and it’s important to us that you know that we value your feedback and your concerns. We take them as serious as our dedication to deliver a great Shadowrun Online and so we decided to address your questions and points in our old fashioned way: Per video. Jan will talk about hot topics like the Steam Early Access content, Exclusive Beta, What happens next, and DRM Free Version. Enjoy!

Also, we would like to invite you to follow our Shadowrun Online – Early Access Release Countdown on Facebook or our website We will post the updates here in the Comment-Section as well, but there is unfortunately no way to post visuals.