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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Fogelson on

      No key for me either. Would it be possible to re-send?

    2. Eve Crockett on

      Or... I guess I did and it just didn't come from the e-mail address I expected.

    3. Eve Crockett on

      So... apparently I never received a key for this thing?

    4. Jörg Hoss on

      OK, any hints which ports have to be opened on the firewall? Ærena seems to choose a random port to connect. Perhaps you could just tell us the actual range.

    5. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      We are sending out keys in small packages over the next can take up to a week to get through our many backers. Don't want to blow our servers :)
      Also, it is an keep that in mind.

    6. Night1Candi on

      Hello! Thank you for being smart and working to make SRO better by using this engine in play testing! Please, do not forget to send a key to me! I am very eager to help (even if I am in skewl right now... though, I may be slow getting to it sadly). Trying to learn EE so I can be a shadowrunner, lool!

    7. Adam Taylor on

      I didn't get any key for Aerena. If I am going to get random ads for other games, would at least like to get the key mentioned. lol

    8. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      The campaign will be usable for 4th and 5th- the story will actually be part of 5th edition storyline and events.
      For the rest we have just released another update trying to answer you valid questions and concerns

    9. Michael Willett on

      I think a lot of people are forgetting that in the gaming industry, there might be more than one project happening in a company, with different teams. It does not necessarily mean the money from THIS project went to THAT project, or vice-versa. They stated they were hoping that Ærena would help offset some unforeseen costs involved with SRO, not the other way around.

      That said, the concern I have is more in some of the reward tiers, specifically the SRO campaign for 4th Ed. By the time we see this game, 5th Ed will already be in full circulation. Kinda makes me want to change my backer level for more useful rewards.

      tl;dr... I would like to see some updates on SRO, like most folks... and maybe a breakdown chart of how the funds from these two projects are being used.

    10. Missing avatar

      Anthony Richardson on

      Project update for SHADOWRUN says the subject line. No mention of it in the body. Don't use this as a marketing channel for something we did not opt in.

      It is no different than a check box you see all over the internet saying "would you like to receive promotions, updates or other emails?" No. I would not. Not then. Not now.

      Source: marketer

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      Probably the worst way to announce this...

      Cool that we get free betas for another game, but a lot of people seem concerned that the funds they gave for SRO are being used for something else... and we still haven't really seen stuff for SRO.

      Shared tech is great, but without seeing really anything for SRO, you're just leaving people worst possible opinions as the only info out there.

    12. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I played the game (got the key before the update) and actually enjoyd it. My problem with this update is that it doesn't even refer to Shadowrun at all. No mention of the project, not a single word.
      Would have it been so hard to say something on the lines "While the team working on SRO is slaving away, trying to make the project you backed worthy of your support, our second team just reached alpha stage on another project. To show you our appreciation for your continuous support and to help make the wait for SRO more enjoyable, please have this early access key" ?

    13. Raffo on

      I for one enjoy this update. I think it's a very smart move to use the core game engine in a different product than your flagship earlier, so you get to find and eliminate bugs in there without the risk of having your main product be flagged as "incredibly buggy" on the 'nets. I didn't get my keys yet, but I look forward to that mail.

      On the other hand, of course I'm also a little disappointed by the fact that I got a SR:O update without any actual SR:O news... ;-) Maybe you can give us a few more screenshots or something?

    14. British on

      Just what most of the people here said here: WTF ?

      To boot it's on Steam/Android/iOS, which means it's nothing I care about.

      This, and the blatant lack of news regarding SRO makes me ponder about a refund as well...

    15. Stuart on

      Not really my usual kind of game, but I will certainly give it a shot. =)
      I just tried to install it on my Android phone, but apparently it isn't available in Europe.
      Any idea when it will be?

    16. Sichr on

      I see Cliffhanger`s credibility taking the free fall . I reallly love the fact that money I pledged fo allow my favorite game go Online, and I get ton of excuses so far and key for the game I am absolutely not interrested in. IMO Cliffhanger missed the point of this community. We didnt backed this project to get some game. We paid to get Shadowrun game. Ive seen Aerena on steam, and in fact, I wouldn`t even vote to greenlight the game. Completely uninterrested. Why didnt you kickstart for it separately if that was your goal to create?
      Huge benefit of crowd funded projects is that you are not limited by your publishers/shareholders terms. That doesnt mean you are not responsible, at least moraly, to your backers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      Sorry but I pledged here for SR Online not to Alpha/Beta test some other to me absolute uninteresting other Free to Play MMO.
      I'm even pissed about this because to me it means you not really working on SR-O as you need your small crew right now working on this other MMO.

    18. S.D. on

      Aerena is a Windows game. Can we gift our keys? It's useless to me.

    19. Filena77


      yes for Aerena, i don't like play alpha or beta, even most game i wait first patch after release these day where devs get out their game unfinished before i start playing, bugs usually really kill all the fun i can have with a game sadly.

    20. Ian Hart

      Neat! If I backed at the Co-op level, will I get 4 keys?

    21. Shane Langnes on

      So this means that if we backed SR:O We will also be getting a key for this game? how many keys will we get?

      When does the SR:O beta start?

    22. Laurent Maire on

      Sweet. Thanks a lot guys. Game's looking good. A little rough around the edges but if this is an example of what we can expect from Shadowrun Online then it bodes very well indeed. People should view this as a frontrunner or tech demo for SR:O.

      I enjoy the concept, I remember a pen and paper RPG with this setup back in the day. The character art and animation in particular is excellent although the writing and setup could use a few tweaks! ;) Thanks again guys looking forward to trying this out in the wait for fresh SR:O news.

    23. Missing avatar


      I appreciate the gesture of sending the keys, and I think people are getting a bit bent out of shape over this, but at the same time, I'd much rather get more updates about Shadowrun Online's development.
      I'm not surprised the game is behind schedule (it was a rather unrealistic goal to begin with), and I'm quite content to wait as long as it takes, but it's nice to get details on how the game is progressing, even if there's not much to say.

    24. Missing avatar

      William Nabors on

      hopefully this isnt an indication that the money paid for SRO was spent on Aerena. Sure I will play the extra game (if its good) but eager to play SRO.

    25. alcaray on

      I have no idea what this update is about. More confusion.

    26. Space Monkey on

      Sorry, but I'm not interested in Aerena at all. I understand that the game might share some common tech with SRO, but still, could we please see more about SRO and its development. After more than a year of development it's only fair that backers expect to see more screenshots and more info about SRO. Can you guys please do that? Don't expect me to be excited with your products if you can't reassure us about the one for which I have backed you...

    27. Charles Wright on

      As I'm sure that you are probably aware by now (based off of some of the previous comments), it is probably not the best idea to talk about another game when we are all waiting on updates for the late project that is Shadowrun Online. Not sure who thought it was an idea to spam this with another game I don't care about, but you really should have really thought a little bit hard or not on this being a good idea.

      When I open my email to see an update for SRO, I was not expecting this and needless to say I was disappointed (along with a lot of other people). Hopefully you will try to remedy this by giving us all news on the actual game we care about soon. Thank you...

    28. Marc Aranha on

      Looking forward to some real SR:O news. Is there really no visible progress to share at this point?

    29. Sangius on

      I for one am pleasently surprised by Aerena, but on the other hand I am anxious to learn about more SRO awesomeness ... atleast I got something new to distract me during the wait now. Also: I am sure they're reading these comments, but since sunday is a non-work day for most people, it might take a little while for them to get back to us with anything new ... @Filena: Are you referring to Aerena? Then you won't have to pay for access now if you are a SRO backer

    30. Filena77

      When do this game get out ? look like a paid beta atm, wont pay until the game is complete.

    31. Kim Christiansen on

      so... Yesterday was 1 year, 3 months since I backed SR online. I am sure you're proud of this game, but guys... where are we with Shadowrun Online? When will we have a beta to test?

      I backed at a pretty good level, and I kind of expected something other than "stay tuned" after a year and three months.

      So stop with the distractions and start letting us know where you are with this game. Please give us some more info than what we have to date.

    32. T.J. Brumfield on

      I've give it a shot if/when I get my Steam key.

      I think some of this hostility could have been avoided with some more regular updates. I expect Kickstarter projects to be late. It happens with every one. But it frustrates backers when they don't know what is going on.

    33. David B. on

      I didn't back whatever this is. I backed Shadowrun Online. You are now using the fact that I gave money to spam me about a game I care absolutely nothing about. If you choose to do this again, I will ask for a refund.

      The lack of information about this project, so far, has been embarrassing. The fact that you chose to let your timeline change because of another project is your problem, not mine. Please do not make this situation worse by spamming me about bad League of Legends ripoffs.

    34. Michael Broadwater on

      I didn't kick in for this game. I kicked in for Shadowrun Online. A game where the beta was promised in May. It's October. So excuse me if I don't care about how your other game is progressing. How is SRO coming? How close are we to an alpha on that? You didn't receive half a million dollars from fans of Shadowrun to help you finance another game.

    35. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      We absolutely understand that you'd rather see news covering Shadowrun Online directly but as covered by our last Kickstarter update, we feel that sharing the fruits of our work on the technology underlying Shadowrun Online with our backers to sweeten the wait is the right thing to do. We're convinced that the longer wait will lead to a better Shadowrun Online in the end, but we also understand that you are eager to see progress.

      @Thomas: Steam will only be one of the ways through which you'll be able to access Shadowrun Online
      @Erik: Yes, please do reply to the mail you've received. We'll get back to you as soon as possible (it is past 11pm on a Sunday for us right now)

    36. Erik H on

      This is very generous of you, thank you.
      I've gotten my steam-key and have installed the game, but I don't get past the loading screen.
      I can't find any info on where you want us to send bug reports. Should I reply to the mail with the key, or do you want reports to another adress?

    37. Chris Brind on

      @Zophie and @Jeremy - I was just thinking the same thing so I went to look at previous updates.

      Ærena is a project apparently running concurrently to SRO and may even provide SRO with some shared common code.

      Personally, I'm extremely disappointed. SRO is massively behind schedule and I'm yet to see any evidence of working being done on it. At this point during 2013 I don't imagine I'll see anything of SRO until sometime in mid-2014 ... almost two years after the game was funded and a year overdue.

      Please show evidence of SRO being worked on. Screenshots or, preferably, game play videos.

    38. ThomasN on

      This made me unsure this game will not be released outside steam.
      Will this game be released outside steam?

    39. Zophie Winters on

      This isn't the game I kickstarted. Every time another update is set out for Shadowrun Online I get really excited and yet every update has been more disappointing than the last. Please give us some actual details on the progress of SHADOWRUN ONLINE in the next update. Some updated screenshots or videos would be great. I want to be excited for this game again.

    40. Jeremy Bland on

      What does this have to do with Shadowrun?