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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      My top three picks in no particular order:

      1. Carlos Martin's "Atmosphere Shadow"
      2. Andrew Caroll's "Post Apocalyptic Level Music"
      3. Alexander Guski's "Running the Shadows."

      These three songs remind most of the background music for the SNES Shadowrun that had chilling, warped, bluesy, catchy tunes that gave it that Cyberpunk appeal to me.

    2. J.R. Riedel on

      It took me forever to decide. Here are my top three.

      - Patrick Rose: First Spirit Summoning
      - Ian Dorsch: Ghost Dance
      - Walter Machado: Chimera Club

      I had a hard time narrowing it down.

    3. Missing avatar

      AuldWolf on

      If there had been multiple votes, I would have given doubles to apatrickrose in all honesty. Shadowrun at its most boring is represented by flat, gauche club music. At its best, it's conspiracy, darkness and hope, paradigm shifts, and trying to change the world -- bit by bit, if only for a few people. There's a degree of emotion in that which is conveyed by his music.

      I mean, sure, Walter's fine, but to me he tends to fall under "generic, gauche club music," and it all sounds the same and so, so flat after a while. It's ultimately very forgettable, it's not something that's going to inspire emotion and imagination as you're listening to dialogue, or playing through areas. It would work great for a club, but ultimately, I feel that apatrickrose has the right /feel/ for a good Shadowrun game.

      Like I said, anyone can do a generic run, where it's just 'the job,' and you're a bunch of thugs. It's been done a billion times before, and after a while you just want to up the ante. You want character, and emotion, and three dimensional plots. But you need the right kind of music to go with that, really. You need music that has flow, and depth.

    4. Missing avatar

      Max Z on

      Three is definitely not enough. I've ended up with 7 tracks that would sound awesome in appropriate places. Take Chimera Club, for example. Great in any kind of club place but won't fit anywhere else, imho, except for some kind of boss confrontation. Same with other Walter Machado tracks. Half of them are awesome but would fit only in very specific places. And in other places I want to hear much more ambient music like Carlos Martin - Atmosphere Shadow.

    5. Sean Long on

      Also: "Pretty much anything by Walter Machado." The man's tracks were all stellar.

    6. Sean Long on

      DAMN YOU.

      Damn you for presenting me with so much AWESOME music ... and letting me pick so _few_ of them! I NEEDED SIX OR SEVEN VOTES, AT LEAST!!


    7. Missing avatar

      dust on

      Yeah that was damn hard! My only request is to get some more solid electronica in there, I felt it was somewhat under-represented. Also @Veav and anyone else who is a Syndicate fan:

    8. Sven T Sexgore on

      Some great tracks and tough choices picking only three. I'm hoping the final soundtrack has some more Native and Asian influences mixed in too though as they're a big part of the feel of SR for me and only a few tracks of the selection list really touched on them at all.

    9. Marc Aranha on

      Awesome that you've released this poll for our feedback. I went in three very different directions, as each of my picks struck a different cord.

      1) Surveying the Sprawl: A great cinematic feel to it. Easy to picture a slo-mo scene of a run gone horribly awry or simply you and your group gathering before an "impossible" mission. Great emotional hooks. Reminds me of Mass Effect in a good way.

      2) Ghost Dance: A no brainer. This hits on so many levels (setting, atmosphere, and mood). The easiest pick for me.

      3) SRO Demo 1: There are a lot of good cyberpunk themed pieces, but many are too forceful to be background music, imo. This is the one that hits the notes and can play behind almost any run without fighting for attention.

    10. Christian on

      @Adauli You do realize that you didn't post in English but rather in German, right? Well, sort of at least.

    11. Ezra Farber on

      looks like i missed fusor (gearcrack) on my first listen-through. Definitely got the feel right

    12. Ezra Farber on

      Machado's Exotic and Godbach's demo1 are really putting me in the mood right now...

    13. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      What about just letting us have a way to select our own music for different situations via a very simple api ( like adding files with specific names into a folder or something like that ). After a few days it ended up being boring to heard the same music over and over, and in my case i preffer to use Noise and IDM for different situations.

      I think is not hard to implement it and is a awesome feature.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason P. on

      I will add my support to the idea that it should be entirely scene dependent. I thought there was a lot of very cool music that would work very well in specialized spots.

      Night Ride by Gearcrack is superb. Different from typical video game music, and I loved it.
      Meet Mr. Johnson is perfect for the Shadowrun feel IMO, but it wouldn't work for some scenes.
      Carlos Martin's Shadowrun...a very high quality piece.

      One thing though; I'd prefer to stay away from anything vocal. The few tracks that had distorted vocals didn't fit.

    15. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      First song needed to tone down its vibrating main tune a bit, it was overwhelming to listen to (while the other bits worked very neatly). Meet Mr J was atmospheric, but seemed to lack a little something.

    16. Lunarfur on

      When I saw the list, i thought it's gonna be a tough decision, as I heard some tracks already a while ago and knew there are some good one's. But after some listening to the tracks previously unknown to me, my decision came rather fast:

      Although I love Walter Machado's (I think he really hits the SR feeling) his tracks are too dominant to be background music. So I'd rather go with Ghost Dance, Meet Mr Johnson (Gery's other tracks are also worth listening to) and definitely Patrick Rose's work (i have to decide on one, so it's Novatech Tower).

    17. Ernesto Ramirez on

      Ok... Géry Montet, that is what I am talking about.

    18. Ernesto Ramirez on

      Matías Castro songs won't open... still like Snuggles and Thomas below I think that the music should fit the scenario, to tell you the truth I find some quite "animated" while I have this idea of Shadowrun to be darker, sharper, so I wouldthin music like that would come handier to show the dangerous and corrupt 6th world.

    19. Thomas C Murphy III on

      I totally agree with Dr. Snuggles. The music should really be dependent on the feel of the current location. That's how it was in the old Sega game, remember? When you were in a club, there was house/club music. When you went to the amerindian lands, there was a totally different mystical tone. The beauty of this selection of music is that there are a number of different types of music that would fit different scenarios. To choose only three seems like a crime.

    20. Dr. Snuggles on

      Guys, don't make a terrible mistake. It's not about one style or the other. On the streets, sth atmospheric like "Carlos Martin - Shadowrun" would fit, because SR has a dark mood. And it would not get on your nerves.
      In the high tech buildings, music would get more techy. In the cyberspace it would be totally electronic. Just imagine you would have cyberpunk on the streets already. How would it sound in the buildings and in cyberspace?

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Traenkner on

      what a tough choice, i decided to go with Géry Montet - Meet Mr.Johnson cause the second part is incredibly good, Sven Goldbach - SRO Demo1 for the Blade Runner feeling. And finally Walter Machado - Exotic also it was very hard to choose one of his songs because his set is overall the stongest imo.

    22. David Pietka on

      What a fun and time-intensive survey!

      I went with Shadowrun, Ghost Dance, and Cromo. I realize that they're not the least bit similar to each other, but different tunes for different times.

    23. Thomas C Murphy III on

      I made a couple of changes to my set on soundcloud. I was missing a few songs. It should be comprehensive now. A few of the Machado tracks are in there twice with the director's cuts.

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Not really happy with any of them. Half seem like a bad mix of VNV Nation and early 90's Ministry. The other half seem like they were made for a FPS or a horrible anime montage.

      Want something more reminiscent of Tangerine Dream (Blade Runner) meets Kenji Kawai's Making of Cyborg (Intro to original GITS movie).

    25. Mr Johnson on

      I am positively surprised about the quality ... great stuff and hard decisions to make.

    26. J.R. Riedel on

      I'll be listening for the next two hours... I might come up with a top three list by the end of the workday...

    27. Anthony Perrett on

      I went for Ghost Dance, Novatech Tower and Exotic; very hard choice though, there's lots of good quality work here.

      And another vote for a Patrick Rose/Walter Machado collaboration.

    28. olpika on

      Many great tracks here. And many different styles. Hard to choose for sure. But I have the feeling Walter Machado manages to produce some very fitting songs, both rough and refined, both techno and rock. That's what shadow run is : the collision of different styles. Besides, he's got a rather large catalogue, enough to give a coherence to the soundtrack.

    29. J-P Voillequé on

      I really feel like Carlos Martin knocked it out of the park, but there are standouts everywhere! Also thanks T. Murphy for the full playlist - work soundtrack solved. :)

    30. Michael J Dolan on

      A couple of the Patrick Rose ones really stand out.

    31. Walter Machado on

      Hey Crew, here is my full list submission, with some tracks that not appeared, and with the correct cut for Shadowrun Online, the version on shadowrun forum is the correct one.

    32. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      Agh Thomas, i was about to post that same thing -.-. I'll train better my clicking skills next time!

    33. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      See, this is why we need your help - we can't decide either :)

    34. Veav on

      I'm on record from waybackwhen and reiterate now, Machado needs to lay off the guitar. There's a perfectly good composition under that grunge track. :/

    35. Kesava Hart on

      Yeah picking 3 out of 37 was very very difficult.

    36. MasterZinja on

      If you don't have Patrick Rose and Walter Machado working together to put the sound track together you're cheating us all... Machado's actiony guitar and drums is a perfect counter point to the ambiance of Rose's calming set pieces.

    37. Veav on

      I went in for Novatech Tower, Mr. Johnson, and Ghost Dance - good synth, good cyberpunk, not too epic or busy. Too bad we can't lay hands on… ...

    38. Jordan "AstroCat" on

      Spoke too soon, just got it. ;)

    39. Jordan "AstroCat" on

      Hmmm, haven't gotten survey email yet, still coming?

    40. Doyle Clemence on

      I also had a hard time just choosing 3. If possible, I also agree with a collaborative album. I really liked Walter Machado's music the best, but there were some other good music that would work well in situations where Walter's music would not fit.

    41. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      Ist echt schwer aus der Liste an guter Songs die 3 besten songs herauzupicken
      Der Song wo mir am besten gefallen hat (First Spirit Summoning) ist sogar aus meiner liste gefallen weil er mich zu sehr ablenken würde beim spielen. Aktuell hab ich immer noch einen Song zu viel auf meiner liste.

    42. Ken Gagne

      Is there a way to get all the MP3s in a single download?

    43. Owen McRae on

      Could we have a Carlos Martin/Patrick Rose/Ian Dorsch/Walter Machado collaboration album, please?

    44. Owen McRae on

      Yeah, seriously guys, I'm down to:
      Carlos Martin - Shadowrun
      Carlos Martin - The Dragon
      Patrick Rose - Surveying The Sprawl (and all of his others, this guy is really talented)
      Ian Dorsch - Ghost Dance
      Walter Machado - Night ride
      It's hard to make my final two cuts!

    45. Chris Roark on

      Was a very different choice. I had 7-12 favorites. Wish I could have picked 4-5, 3 was not enough choices

    46. Marneus on

      It wasn't easy to pick only 3! I had 10 out of the 37 in my list after the first listening...
      I picked from 3 different guys at the end. To rate the music more than the composer. They should complete each other or work together :-p