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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.

SWAG BAG, Special Edition and Meet a Legend! Jason Hardy wants SRO

Hoi Chummers

Welcome to the daily update in our homestretch week and a big round of applause and a wave of gratitude from us to all of you people out there backing the game and spreading the word. We are certainly richer for all the friends we have found here!

To give us and you a little boost for the last days, we have some exciting news today:

SWAG BAG, Special Edition and 'Meet a Legend'!

We have gotten the SHE members and other Shadowrun writers and artists on board for a really cool idea in the spirit of what we are trying to achieve with the game! 

ANYONE on or above the 250$ Gang Leader pledge level will be invited to at least one dozen "Meet a legendary runner" events. Famous PnP personalities controlled by Shadowrun luminaries, writers and artists will appear live in a VIP club to chat and do some runs with you in SRO! Tom Dowd, Jason Hardy, Ron Heintz, Bull, Aaron Pavao, AAS, Klaus Scherwinski, Russel Zimmermann, Rat We will schedule those events ahead of time of course and you will get a chance to slot and run with actual living street legends! How awesome is that?

We are handing out more Shadowrun goodness - everyone on or above the new 125$ SWAG BAG pledge level (except digital only of course) will receive this great SWAG BAG, to carry around all the awesome Shadowrun stuff they are getting! To make it easier, you can just select the level and tell us later if you want that to be campaign or free to play. Grab it now, there is only a limited number available!


Because you are so special to us, we will put the book, game disk, CD, poster and minis into one very special boxed edition of our game for EVERYONE ON OR ABOVE GANG LEADER LEVEL (regardless if you are a campaign or f2p backer and except the all digital levels of course). And we will sign each and every one of those (unless you don't want us to :)). Limited numbers available!

Jason Hardy likes us!

The inimitable Jason Hardy, whom we are working with on the campaign metaplot, has sent us his endorsement - support Shadowrun Online now before he sends micro drones to everyone!

That's it for today chummers - let's make the last days count!




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    1. Christopher Kay-Chalk on

      @florian:I get that but I also want the USB and as that is going to be sent to me I want to be able to get otherr physical stuff too

    2. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @Mirko: The hoodie is in the $200 tier.

    3. Missing avatar

      Florian Wilke on

      @Christopher: You can select a lower reward tier withour lowering your actual pledge

    4. Stefan Maton on

      While I seriously doubt that they will collect 40% of the needed pledges in the last 4 days, I really really hope that they'll make it...

    5. Mirko Guenther on

      I also agree with some previous speaker. Some rewards are to expensive. Personally I've interest in the Hoodie. At the moment I'm at 'Campain Gang Lieutenant' pledge and I've no problem maybe to twice the pledge to get the Hoodie. But $250+ is to much for me; even though I'm just 700km away from Vienna I've to add international shipping costs which increases the price :P

    6. Christopher Kay-Chalk on

      I am at an all digital level, but it would seem I would have to go down in pledge to be able to get the swag bag and or the special edtition, is there a way to get these without going down?

    7. Kenny Chik on

      I like Special Edition!

    8. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      It can be done! It's been done before! Now we have to do it! ^_^


    9. Alex Murdoch on

      I too would like to see this game happen. With 4 days and over 200K to go can it be done?

    10. Vampyre Mike on

      The videos we are seeing are just tech demos over the top of Jagged Alliance online. The game has not been built yet supposedly =)

    11. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on


      I'll pass on your question and perhaps they'll be able to work something out, but it does look like you're correct.


    12. Missing avatar

      Nate Eklund on

      I still feel you need more "this is why we need your help" and "this is what you will add to the game". The game looks like it's really far along and after reading the main post, most of the updates and watching videos I don't walk away feeling needed or even knowing how my pledge is going to help. Just my two cents on how you might get more backers.

    13. Zachariah Shuman on

      So what I am getting from this is that if I want the items at the $105 "Runner" level and the bag I would have to go to the $150/155 level (along with the other new items at that level)?
      Because all the $75/80 Gang Lt level really gets is the hard copy Campaign book.

    14. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on


      There is a $125 SWAG BAG reward level, that includes the bag and either the GANG LIEUTENANT or the CAMPAIGN GANG LIEUTENANT rewards.

      However, everyone above that level (that's not digital only) will get the bag included in the rewards for their level. ^_^


    15. Zachariah Shuman on

      I'm referring to the Swag Bag level, if that wasn't clear...sorry...

    16. Zachariah Shuman on

      Rewards from the Gang Lieutenant levels or the Runner level? Runner is the first level to get anything more than a book. While I would like the bag I am afraid that I will not up my level and lose the contents of my current one which is how I read that particular description.

    17. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @Lucky #13

      and Digital only is digital only, no bag, and thanks for the heads up. Did I miss anything? ^_^


    18. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @Lucky #13

      Digital only rewards levels do have the option of "pledging up" for the optional items like t-shirts for $15 (+$15 shipping if outside the USA and if over the $50 level) if they want!

      However, the Box Set description does say "except the all digital layers" (that should be levels.. on it...) so all digital levels won't receive it. (Those levels exist because chummers requested them and did NOT want physical rewards)

      And... let me check on the Swag Bag ^_^


    19. S.D. on

      Yeah, I definitely see those... I mean, how do the above announcements (Swag bag and box set) affect those tiers? The ones I mentioned are (mostly) digital, but both above Gang Leader... this seems to be in conflict with the definition of digital reward tiers. Especially, the Ghost ITM tiers. The "SPECIAL" rewards (campaign and F2P) are digital, but then add-on the nifty hoodie and exec. USB card... but are still mostly digital rewards. So does this update mean that all digital-only rewards above Gang Leader... now *also* have an (optional??) physical component?
      So... dig in and get to the bottom of it, RC, yah? :-D

    20. Vampyre Mike on

      I agree with Byan, other copies of the game is a good idea as well =)

    21. Bryan Barnes

      @Paul Wilson has the right idea. If I could put down $68 and get a shirt and hat or $100 and get the sweatshirt, those things would get me to up my pledge. I don't really need any of the swag at the $60 dollar mark, but maybe if I pledge $60 and have the option to add a shirt or usb drive or something that would get me there. Basically the difference between my $35 and $55 doesn't really do it for me right now. If I could get the $35 rewards and add extra copies of the game for my friends that would also be something. Maybe I can't convince them to pay in but if I pay for them and gift them digital copies that gets you your money and I'll have a crew. There's only one option to get 4 copies of the game and for that I forfeit all other in game rewards.

    22. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi S. D. - Jack Houston's Lucky #13 !!

      Have you looked at the reward charts for the..
      Campaign Model:

      and F2P Model:

      If that doesn't cover your answer, please hit the ask a question/send message button or link (Kickstarter keeps changing things) to ensure you get an answer from the devs! ^_^



    23. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @Rosia if you're in the US, you do not need to add shipping. Shipping is only for outside the US. ^_^


    24. S.D. on

      How are mid-tier digital, and digital special campaign tiers affected by this announcment, for example, the Ghost In the Machine and Campaign Ghost ITM tiers at $275 and $280 (respectively)? They are all-digital.
      What about the enchanced Ghost ITM level tiers which *do* contain a physical reward, specifically? Thanks!!

    25. Rosia on

      I am in the us, but it says shipping where everything else says international shipping under the 255 tier

    26. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on


      I don't know personally, I'm just a volunteer and fan...etc but from the Shadowrun Returns KS, I know the boxed sets are expensive to produce in small quantities for this type of thing... they still need to make enough to put towards game development. ^_^


    27. Tristan Coulson on

      Is there any chance of putting a lower level pledge that can get the boxed game on its own as I am currently at $25 for the download but don't want to jump all the way up to $120 for a boxed set.

    28. Julius Müller on

      sorry, i meant 25 and misstyped -.-

      in this chart you can see how much the shipping costs are

    29. Julius Müller on

      the cost for international (non-us) shipping is 15$

    30. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      Hell yeah!

      I'm already in for both!

      Next year is gonna be like Santa made his rounds way too early! :D

    31. Rosia on

      I just upgraded to the 255 level from 155 do I have to add the shipping to the pledge? And how much? Cuz it comes with the 3 shirts and hoodie now.

    32. Vampyre Mike on

      I can't speak for everyone, but I think something in that vein, or maybe a second update, or in game item, or augmentation etc. Could definitely make people spend a few more bucks =)

    33. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      so 63$ and 68$ with a T-Shirt would be enticing to you?

    34. Jakub 'Devean' Radzimiński on

      @J.R. Riedel: thanks. Unfortunately, I'll never be able to attend any of US conventions :(.

    35. Vampyre Mike on

      If we had these lower level pledgers like myself, $25, $35 etc. Jump upto $60 let's say, because they added a shirt, or an in game item, or an update, or something in game that is unique. I think we'd make our goal fairly quick =)

    36. Richard Osterhout

      Pardon my ignorance - who are AAS, Klaus Scherwinski, Russel Zimmermann, and Rat??? I know Ron Heintz started Virtual Seattle with the RPGA, as I was heavily involved with both VS and Shadowrun Missions....are they newcomers since 4th Ed??

    37. Vampyre Mike on

      I would pledge more for another update in that tier, or a miniature or shirt or something. Or even something like having dibs on something first like naming something. =)

    38. Paul Wilson

      I have my team signed up at the $66 level- but would love to have options to up it and get some of the other rewards without getting additional copies of the game. Any thoughts of adding anything like that? I am thinking of the Talisman, PDFs, or starter gear.

    39. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Seeing as we have a pledge tier every 5$ above 50$ :)

    40. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Julius- of course!
      Brian- good point- what would make you pledge on the 60 level?

    41. J.R. Riedel on

      @Jakub - Unless things changed, they do sell those shirts. Unfortunately I think you can only get them at major conventions like GenCon or Origins.

    42. Julius Müller on

      At the "Meet a legendary runner" events, would it be possible to play your own 10k ROCKSTAR?

    43. J.R. Riedel on

      Bryan has a good point... if the lower numbers get some attention I might be able to convince a couple more "poor college students".

    44. Vampyre Mike on

      I think Bryan has a pretty good point...make the lower people want to jump a bit. And we should make this =)

    45. J.R. Riedel on

      Good additions. If I didn't already hang out with those legendary runners about once a year it might be enough to get me to the 250 mark.
      I will be raising my pledge a bit soon, at this point a small bump at least is mandatory.

    46. Missing avatar

      daniel on

      @Bryan Barnes
      +1, thats it!

    47. Jakub 'Devean' Radzimiński on

      I want Jason Hardy's T-shirt...