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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Cliffhanger Productions (Creator)

We're in the HOME STRETCH but we have a lot more LEGWORK to do! The countdown for our last week of pledging to Shadowrun Online's kickstarter is starting, so we are going for an all-out, no holds barred media offensive, with an AMA coming up and not one but three new video updates this week, and believe me they're harder for us to produce than it looks! But we love you all, and want to do our best to bring you an entertaining way to tell you more. So, we are leading in to our game-video update avalanche with a look at an early version of LEGWORK! Our following updates will give you a peek at character creation and contextual gameplay a.k.a. world layers, which are visual overlays that give your character a truly unique view on the world, based on what skills and abilities or combination of skills and abilities you invest in for your character.

Music for the people!

Now before we dive in to the video, we'd like to share our gratitude with all the incredible people who have made our Kickstarter a very special experience: YOU! So, EVERYONE at the $50 level and above will receive a DRM-free MP3 version of the Shadowrun Online Soundtrack for download, if we get funded. Because you more than deserve the extra reward! The soundtrack will hold the final music compilation for Shadowrun Online, in a playlist-friendly remix, and we will add some of the awesome tracks submitted by our talented fans!

Leggin’ it

In today’s video, presented by consummate actor and friend of Shadowrun Online, Jeff Ricketts, we present you with a very quick introduction to legwork. 

Legwork will be something that your team does prior to the actual mission to gather intelligence information about the mission location, or maybe even find it in the first place, and influence the way your missions will unfold – such as decreasing the number of guards present, weakening firewalls and security, or making sure the basilisk guarding the place are asleep when you break in. It will help you gain access codes, find out about (and thus unlock) valuable data stores, and may even give you secondary goals for a mission – and if you fail, it can influence the mission as well, as you will see in our video.

Legwork is based on social skills and contacts. This means who you can talk to, and how forthcoming they are with information or assistance, is determined by your character. Legwork usually happens on a separate mission map outside the city hubs – in other words it is considered part of the mission already. Some areas in our city hubs – such as VIP clubs – may feature characters who can provide an extra angle or useful piece of intel as well.

Remember- this is an internal prototype, the actual game will have a more elaborate system than the one you see in the video.

Bringing Shadowrun Online to LIFE

You guys have been AMAZING so far in supporting us in multiple ways, and we want to continue to express our gratitude for this again Remember: Keep fighting the good fight! And for EVERY day we manage to get more than 200 backers and more than $15,000USD (according to - and our own tracking), EVERY backer who has pledged $75 or more at the end of that day will receive an ADDITIONAL RANDOM SRO COLLECTIBLE TABLETOP MINIATURE! And yes, that’s also for you – digital- only tier backers! So every article, every friend referred, every flyer posted or shared will not only help us, but also help you get a sweet mini!

Music to our ears

We have another talented South American contestant for our SRO music submission drive, this time from Chile. Matias Castro has brought us this wonderful piece and Alexander Guski submitted this atmospheric tune! Tell us and them what you think, in the comments or in our forums at!

Remember: We can make this happen- if each one of you just gets one more friend to back SRO, we will reach our mark! Of course having more friends to enjoy Shadowrun Online and have fun with wouldn’t hurt either ;)

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Congratulations! You guys did it! Not any dragon but us shadowrunners!

    2. British on

      @Walter: I just listened to Exotic,and I have to say, it's actually nice :]
      Here's my best-game-soundtrack-of-all-time, though:…

    3. British on

      @Walter: I wouldn't dare criticize what you create, I know it's no small feat.
      Truth is, I can deal with some electronic musics, but when it comes to techno, it's definitely not my cup of tea.
      Regarding SR musics, I'm totally addicted to the SNES opus', while not at all those of the Sega counterparts.
      If that 5th track was there when the link to your stuff was first given here, then yes, I've listened to it.
      I'll (re)listen to it when I'm not at work anymore (in like 8 hours), just to be sure ^^

    4. Walter Machado on

      I am still producing music to the soundtrack, but some tracks take more than 100 hours to build. I try to keep more turned to an analogic line, so, after I imagine and write the songs, I build or tune the effects pedals, craft the keys, wire everything, record guitar, drums and the other necessary metals to achieve the exact tone that I had planned... like a band and not like a dj. It takes more time, but its the best way I can express myself.
      I will put the updates at that old link, so, anyone can track the progress. Did you seen the 5th track, "Exotic"?

    5. Missing avatar

      David on

      Cool, his entire list of acting work is from Joss Whedon shows. I wish Firefly wasn't cancelled...

    6. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Eric! Your perception is understandable chummer! However, Shadowrun Online is tracking similarly to other projects that have succeeded on achieving their goals. Some hitting around $250k in the last 2 days of their Kickstarter! And, Shadowrun Online is continuing to build momentum. So, the devs are focused on a successful Kickstarter project. As long as we all continue to pitch in, I think we have a great shot at hitting $500k before that bell rings. And if not, it'll be a tougher uphill battle to get funded, but the devs have said they'll do their darndest to press on, though it may take longer. So keep spreading the word! We've got a job to do chummers! Let's keep hope alive! Let's save Shadowrun Online! I know you can do it, because you all ROCK!! ^_^

      FYI: I'm just a fan of Shadowrun and volunteer! I'm not employed by any of the Shadowrun related companies. ;)

    7. Bad_Syntax

      Being realistic, it doesn't appear that this game will reach its kickstarter goal. Does that mean the whole project is dead? It sure seems like a decent game, especially compared to the crap out there these days, so I'd hate to see it just die completely.

    8. Jhonrock on

      @"Creator", GREAT!!! I'm getting very excited with the possibilities.
      Another question, does this game will have voice actors? I think voice actors in games (RPG's in particular) contribute a lot to players get the right mood. If you don't have plans for voice actors yet, what do you think about some kind of public audition to pick volunteers among fans, to act as voice actors in this game? I've already seen something like this with the kickstarter game project "Echoes of Eternia", and it was something very interesting and fun. You can hear one of the test candidates here:…
      It's something that might work, maybe. You don't have the costs and many fans would love to have their voices giving life to some game characters (plot npc's, AI party members, bosses, etc).

    9. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @ Jonathan Régulo - yes it will have a storyline (and some sub-plots). That is one of the beauties of the mission map based system - a lot of instancing allows us to tell a story more similar to a single player game. It won't be fully linear of course, but then you do have a persistent world and a player driven meta plot to make up for that.

    10. British on

      Nice ambiant musics... a bit less "aggressive" to me than those of Walter (I'm not into pure techno, sowwy).

    11. Jakub 'Devean' Radzimiński on

      Cheers, Laurent! Merci beaucoup!

    12. Laurent Maire on

      A couple of great tunes there. Thanks for the update, the project needed something more concrete. Basically this isn't my game, I was all over SR:R but an MMO just doesn't mow my lawn. I pitched in the basic $35 for the end product knowing I'll hardly play it but seeing the state of the project I've upped to $55. That $20 is my donation to you. I know you'll make a great game for all those hankering for a multiplayer co-op Shadowrun experience. Good luck guys, you deserve it.

    13. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      My first impression was= "Alternate take on a face(typical Shadowrun social character)"

      Damn, Jeff, you are charismatic! :D

    14. Jakub 'Devean' Radzimiński on

      Love the vid! Am I weird that my first recollection, when I saw Jeff Ricketts' face, was 'Charmed'? Oo

    15. Jhonrock on

      This SRO seems amazing, i'm loving the game's visual and artwork. Really beautiful. Does the game missions will have bigger scenarios than the ones in "JAO"? Does the game will have any kind of story base/story driven singleplayer campaign, like the ones we saw in Fallout and Jagged Alliance games (the old ones), but with online interactivity? Or it will be like any other MMO (only quest driven)? I like stories, that's why i love RPG's.

    16. Cody Cannon on

      Every update sees my pledge slowly increasing, keep it up guys and I won't have any gas money! Looking forward to the next videos. The music fits nicely too. Lets keep this thing going, looking forward to seeing this thing funded :)

    17. Julius Müller on

      I Reals like the two new tunes. Keep up the good work. :)

    18. Missing avatar


      Very cool! I like what I see.
      Will we see a preview of the hubs, the realtime part
      of the game.

    19. Sangius on

      Awesome stuff.

    20. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      And very nice Tunes! :)
      Keep ´em coming, Walter, Castro & Guski! :D

    21. J.R. Riedel on

      A good explanation of legwork to those who aren't familiar.

    22. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      Nice Video!
      The Prototype has some new shiny buttons I like. :P

      I´m eager to see the full thing! :D