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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.

First video footage from the prototype and missions explained!

Hoi Chummers!

After the big announcement about the new campaign model we want to show you some video footage from our early prototype (the one the screenshots were taken from) and explain more about the game modes, story structure and legwork. And remember, we need your pledges to finish Shadowrun Online! So, here it is - we hope you like our game!:

Although there's a lot of interesting information in the update video, we know you can't wait to see the footage, so we've created a separate video with that section:

We'd love if you could share the videos everywhere you can. They're both available under the creative commons license. You can of course also do video remixes, and if some stand out, we'll be in touch for a special THANK YOU!

In our next update we'll focus on the micro gameplay, and how we translate the SR4 rules into the online game. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more!


Your SRO team


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    1. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Chummers!

      These handy charts can help you sort out what you get with each backer level!

      Campaign Rewards:

      F2P Rewards:

      And remember:
      At or over the $50 pledge level?
      You can add a T-Shirt for $15 - (Please include an additional $15 for shipping if you're outside the USA). --- See the designs here!

      Everyone at or over the $75 pledge level, gets a free personalized SAEDER-KRUPP CORP ID card!
      --- See a sample design here!

      And remember! If you're already a $50 Backer (and up) who Refers a Friend to the $25 pledge level and above, you get 1 COLLECTIBLE TABLETOP MINIATURE for EACH new friend you bring in at or above the $25 pledge level! (Please make sure that BOTH supporters send us a message mentioning who teamed up with whom.).

      And most important of all! Help each other get Shadowrun Online to its funding goal! Here are some suggestions on how to help out!:

      Also, never forget that, you all ROCK!! ^_^


    2. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Chummers!

      We're moving along nicely, but we still need your help! Even if you can't contribute more, or at all, you can still help! Please give us a hand and find out how here: Thanks you chummers, You ROCK!! ^_^


    3. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Andy!

      I'll say this much, the player base was already split. There were a lot of chummers out there who made it clear that F2P was not in their interest. So the devs are not splitting an existing player base, they're opening up the game to two different types of gamers, now have more options to play the way they want.

      Also, Campaign accounts can transfer their characters (or make new ones) to the F2P servers and back again, though their unique/special items and gear will stay behind waiting for them. And F2P gamers that want to play on a Campaign server just have to buy a copy of the game and can then play on the Campaign servers as well as the F2P servers.

      I hope this helps, and if you need more information, just ask! ^_^


      Note: I'm just a fan and a volunteer, and I'm not employed by any of the Shadowrun related companies.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I like the idea of the Campaign option, or at least an option where we're able to licence the game and use in-game currency to buy what would normally be cash shop goods. I'm just confused about the two server setup. If we go with the campaign server will we only be able to play with other campaign account holders? Likewise can F2P/Premium accounts only play with other F2P/Premium accounts?

      Being a long time internet gamer I've been playing F2P and Sub games for a long time and it seemed like a bad idea to split the player base in two when what makes F2P so good is the ability to play with a wide range of people. Could you just add an account flagging system where accounts are: Free, Premium, or Campaign?

      If you did this you could include the "Campaign Packs" and "Premium Subscriptions" on the cash shop to streamline your online store. You then make cash shop items "Bind on Equip(or Use)" so that people would be able to buy/trade campaign unlocks, premium subscriptions, and other cash shop items in-game(like CCP's Eve Online). Those who've used the "Campaign Packs" will get access to a "Campaign Fixers" who sells cash shop items for in-game currency that are Bind on Account and cannot be traded.

    5. solidbrim on

      Perfect concept and a true asset to the Shadowrun Universe. This may in fact be the resurrection of the fun I had playing the old SNES and Genesis Shadowrun games.

    6. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on


      Chummer, I'm so happy that Shadowrun Online is being developed it's like I did a Dance of excitement and Awakened to a WORLD of AWESOME!! `'`'\^_^/`'`'


    7. Yulay Devlet on

      The visuals look so cool and genre appropriate. I'm getting goosebumps.

    8. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      no prob, it is good you pointed it out, so we could clarify it in the video :)

    9. Soulwynd on

      I apologize, I removed it from youtube right after I posted it. But thanks for the reply. PC (and shadowrun) gamers have been kind of constantly screwed up with. :(

    10. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      I already answered on youtube and after your comment added a note in the video. NO, this is just a relict of our using our Jagged Alliance code base to quickly prototype gameplay. We will have a condition monitor in the game and we have read the rules...heck, I have played the rules in my rpg round for over a decade ;)

    11. Soulwynd on

      On the last scene you see a -64 hp popping up. Please tell me this game has no levels nor scaling HP. That's not what shadowrun is about.

    12. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      By PvP missions we just mean PvP may be about killing the opposition, but also about being the first to reach a certain point (defended by NPCs), take out a gang leader or sabotage a relay station. So it isn't just "kill the other guy"

    13. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @J.R. - pvp missions are separate and always voluntary (for balancing reasons alone), so you won't walk into a PvP ambush. That is not to say the game AI won't ambush you when it can :)

    14. Noah Wexo on

      I'm new to the Shadowrun universe, so I don't have a long association with it like some of the tabletop users do, but this looks seriously badass. I'm upping my pledge right now.

    15. J.R. Riedel on

      Will a given mission map be flagged as PvP active/disabled? Will there be any sort of "private mission" rooms for people who just want to play with friends?
      I've seen some games do things like that...
      Or will any mission you attempt possibly have an ambush waiting?
      Thanks a lot!

    16. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @ rekzkarz we have some of what you mentioned (sight and sound, intel on others etc.) and if you die you go to runner heaven ;), you will suffer a setback, but we don't have perma-death(yet)
      @ J.R.Riedel PvP will be happening on mission maps or in arenas, so it will always be voluntary.

    17. J.R. Riedel on

      The definitely gives a better understanding of the plans for the game.
      I'm still wondering how PvP will be implemented, such as if there will be safe zones, if its an "opt in" type method, or what not.
      I see the similarities to JAO, I also see how it is different. I'm moving from cautiously optimistic to optimistic now. ;)

    18. REkz kaRZ on

      Cool game footage! A few things would be cool 'in game', namely -- familiars, spirits, toxic spirits, being able to see a 'close up' of yourself or other characters, getting 'intel' on someone by looking at them as a decker or mage/shaman, simchips & chipjacks & BTL's, senses being significant (ie hearing or site bonuses, sense in the dark, in smoke, etc), and I'm partial to the mage/shaman being able to travel out of body -- sort of like how deckers can travel the matrix/network.
      Oh yeah -- what happens when your character dies? Do you just lose a bunch of reputation?
      Game footage looks quite nice, did I already say that. Oh. Frag it.
      Maybe you can refer to SRO as a BTL game? :)
      "Slot and run!"

    19. William Goff on

      Tell Drake I'm commin for him...

    20. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      So as PETA, the bomb squad, and the morgue pick up the pieces of my excitement, I should mention that was me... -RC (...or what's left of me...) ^_`'-,._

    21. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Haha Chumnmers! the game footage looks GREAT! I Can't WAIT to play the Shadowrun Online beta! I'm so excited I feel like a nervous chihuahua with a cranial BOMB of AWESOME exploding in my brain!! ^_`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`

    22. Kenny Chik on

      This game play video looks good!

    23. Jan Drabner on

      This is pretty awesome. I didn't expect the game to be that far already.

    24. hotmumbo on

      Great videos! I'm sure I can influence a few friends with them. Also. looking forward to your next update!