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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
6,003 backers pledged $558,863 to help bring this project to life.

We've SOLVED the Free-to-Play issue, and added NEW REWARDS!

When our Shadowrun Online Kickstarter project launched 6 days ago, we were joyous over how many websites covered the launch, and how many emails/tweets/Facebook messages and forum posts we received from excited gamers, and Shadowrun fans alike. While many were very positive, we quickly identified two major concerns within the community. The first was that the game would suffer for being browser accessible. Shadowrun Online is a full 3D game made by gamers, for gamers. And so we have announced that a dedicated game client will be available for direct download from our site, and we’re looking at retail box purchases and the possibility of Steam distribution as well. 

More importantly, the gaming community expressed their concern about the free-to-play (F2P) aspect of the game, and especially that the PvP part could suffer from a potential pay-to-win approach. Of course we explained that we don't support pay-to-win, but we also understand that talk is cheap. And that’s why we‘ve put our heads together with our fans, our designers and business guys over the weekend, and had a brainstorming session of what we could do to really prove to gamers that we really mean what we say, and that the gaming community really is at the heart of our whole operation. Really? Really. So, here is what we came up with:

The Campaign model (Pen and Paper a.k.a.Guild Wars model)

Following the business model of games like Guild Wars, we’ll also offer the game as a standard client based PC/Mac/and iOS/Android tablet game with with all items that give any advantage in the in-game store bought with in-game "Nuyen" you earn while playing Shadowrun Online! So basically, you buy the game ONCE, really OWN the game, and can play it for as long as you want WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGES. There won’t be any monthly payments either. Like with a pen and paper game new campaigns, cities and other content and feature updates are then sold afterwards as “Add-ons” in packs, but it’s totally up to you if you want them or not. You can play with the basic package as long as you want. We call this model the “Campaign model" since you will have full access to a complete campaign with your Kickstarter pledge, or after launch, with a retail purchase of Shadowrun Online. We’re sure you have a lot of questions regarding this, and so we’ll try to answer a couple of them for you now:

1. How much will the game cost?

The full game will cost $39.99 at launch, but for Kickstarter we’ll have it in a $25 dollar reward tier. Major updates (Add-on packs) will be launched every 3 to 4 months and will be priced at $14.99 USD.

2. Why did you come up with this after the campaign has launched?

We take the reactions and suggestions from our community very seriously. We had the game originally planned with the free-to-play model, only because we wanted everyone to have easy, free access to the core game, but if you think differently – we adapt.

3. Is this model really sustainable?

Yes, it is. We’ve spent many hours thinking this through, and filling our Excel sheets with numbers, and it will also work from a commercial point of view for us.

4. Can I still play the game for free?

Yes, we will offer both free-to-play and Campaign models on different servers, so people can choose their preferred way to play, and won't miss out on anything.

5. Can all items that give an advantage be bought for in-game currency?

Yes, all these items on the Campaign server are for free in-game currency.

6. Can I switch between servers?

Well, to some degree. You can start on the free-to-play server, and then buy the retail Campaign version and continue on the Campaign server. It also works the other way round, but we may restrict some of the items you can bring with you in some way (as those would be premium items in the free to play game)

7. What’s happening with the current monthly Premium subscription Kickstarter rewards?

They are of course still valid for the free-to-play server, but can be updated to a Campaign account for just 5 Dollars. Starting at the $30 pledge level. By adding 5 Dollars to your pledge, a 3 month subscription translates into main game + first content pack update, a 6 month subscription translates into main game + 2 updates, and the lifelong subscriptions can be updated to the Campaign mode and receive all updates for free – forever.

8. Wait, I still don’t get it. Is there an overview?

Here’s a picture of what we’re offering:

Additional swag 

We now have 3 great Shadowrun Online T-shirts for our backers! Take a look at our samples! 

For the $50 pledge level and above, to get one of the T-Shirts, add $15 to your current pledge level. If your previous level didn’t have any physical goods in it, please add $15 for international shipping (outside the USA).

We’ve also introduced the new $175 level, that includes everything from the $150/$155 level PLUS all 3 T-shirts!

Many people asked us for a picture of the Shadowrun Online Hoodie, and here it is: 

And because so many asked specifically for it, we’ve introduced a new $200 level that includes everything from the $150/$155 level plus the Hoodie!


To say a big thank you to our Shadowrun Online backers who have pledged $75 and up, we’ll add a free personalized SAEDER-KRUPP CORP ID card to the reward! Many people loved the idea already in the Shadowrun Returns campaign, so we thought this is something we’d like to offer to our backers as well!


With the availability of the new Campaign model, everybody who chooses the Campaign server reward levels above the $100 level will also receive a boxed edition Shadowrun Online!


For all our $50+ backers, who get a friend to join our ranks in the $25+ pledge level (and above), we’ll give the referring backer 1 COLLECTIBLE TABLETOP MINIATURE for EACH new friend you bring in. Please make sure that BOTH supporters send us a message mentioning who teamed up with whom.

SPECIAL CO-OP pledge level

And last but not least we’ve introduced a new co-op tier for runner groups who want to play with their friends right away! For $66 you get 4 digital copies of the game (instead of $100), and you can reserve a name for your group!

So if you think the new Campaign mode might convince people who were skeptical about free-to-play up to now, please make sure they learn about our new Shadowrun Online Campaign option, where they get to buy the game, with NO micro-transactions for items that give you an advantage! And, thank you again for your support, you guys rock!

Since with the introduction of the additional model the list of reward tiers became rather long, we provide an chart of the rewards of the free-to-play model here, and the reward chart for the campaign model here.


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    1. S.D. on

      Argh, British! I wish I was reading back when all this silliness went down. I hope anyone that reads this can learn that to read the entire update comment thread you must: click the update URL (so it is the only update displayed on the page), and then click "View Previous comments" to drop the comments down. If some are not listed, then you must click "View Previous comments" again, and repeat until all are listed. I've seen hundreds of comments in an update thread before, and had to continue loading multiple times! I believe this behavior changed in a recent Kickstarter website update. I hope this helps someone else as well...

    2. British on

      @CHP: So did I, and whatever the problem was, it's corrected.
      We have to click twice on "View Previous comments" to display more comments.

    3. Michael Surprise on

      How is this all going to work if you don't get funded? I still want to play DDD:

    4. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      HI, we actually have asked KS, but they tell us it is a thing with the display and update of comments...

    5. Eremir on

      everyone seems to have gone on to the new updates

    6. British on


    7. British on

      Hmmm, so nobody cares about missing messages...

      Is there any way to ask KS to look into this ?

    8. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Chummers!
      We're moving along nicely, but we still need your help! Even if you can't contribute more, or at all, you can still help! Please give us a hand and find out how here: Thanks you chummers, You ROCK!! ^_^


    9. Claire Blackshaw on

      Thanks guys, the campaign model was just what I needed. Pledged! :)

    10. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      The benefits actually apply to all characters on that account (and campaign users can always create f2p characters if they want under their account). The lifestyle sounds like a good idea we will explore

    11. Missing avatar


      Sean Carroll 20 minutes ago
      I would like to recommend you add something to the 275 level. Originally, the life time premium (assuming $10- a month fee) ment if you stuck with the game for 2 years, or more you were saving a lot. Under the updated system ....$40 for the game and $15 every 3 months (asssuming a new expansion every 3 months like clockwork) you are looking at 4 years.
      Perhaps an upgraded free 1 step upgrade on any "lifestyle" for characters on that account (if lifestyles are used in the game). Alternatively, an extra lifetime copy for your significant other, or perhaps double the character slots if those are limited, doc wagon contract , or the same initial benefits for any character created with that account (IE the ICON, Augmentation, starter gear etc)
      I am really excited about the game and will not be changing my pledge. Even so, there are not a lot of reasons to pledge 275 vs the lower levels. Given that even though we expect the game to be great and amazing we have not actually played it yet.

    12. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      @ Epic - Your campaign character will be playable on the free to play server and you will be able to obtain a premium subscription there at the time, but to get an extra premium subscription right now I am afraid you need to back that as well. And tell us when we send out the questionnaire...

    13. Epic Leather on

      Have a question about rewards, will there be an option for a combined reward tier for both online and campaign rewards? Such as One Update and One month of Premium Subscription, the best of both worlds as it were? I'd throw more money at the screen if this were to happen.

    14. British on

      @Julius: Thanks for your input, at least I'm not going crazy.
      Or, well... I'm not the only one being crazy x.X

    15. Julius Müller on

      Yes, indeed, I too can only the 50-ish comments bu the counter said that there are like 90-ish comments.

    16. British on

      My brain is plugged, and so are my eyes.
      Out to 90 "announced" messages, I can only count 53, and there's no page count on the footer either, as in the main comments.

      Is KS acting up, or are you actually seeing those comments as of now ?

    17. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi British!

      We don't have the ability or option to trim any comments. Click on "view previous comments" - also make sure you're looking at the comment section for the correct update ^_^

      Hope that helps!


    18. British on

      Hmmm, seems like some comments when surgically trimmed with a war axe... that's quite not nice, moreso when some stuff I asked is still unanswered....
      I would have liked to *at least* be notified of that "moderation".
      I'm not happy.

    19. Zolt on

      Mind: Blown!
      I did not terribly mind the model of Jagged Alliance Online, but the "pay" version is so much better for me! You really get the best of both worlds with this!

    20. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Julius!

      Yes! That is correct! ^_^


    21. Julius Müller on

      Is it correct that at the 501$ level I get everything from the 500$ level except that I get a lifelong subscription instead of 2 years?

    22. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on


      Null Sweat, Chummer!! ^_^


    23. Missing avatar

      Alex J. on

      Oh I see, thanks RC for helping and making this happen and for this beautiful Chart :D I LOVE IT !!!

    24. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Alexandre!

      You ROCK chummer! And to allay any concerns, you can see that you DO get the hoodie at the $501 pledge reward level in this chart: ^_^

      Also note, I'm not an employee at Cliffhanger, just a dedicated fan who's lending a helping set of sore fingers ^_^


    25. Missing avatar

      Alex J. on

      Hey Cliffhanger ;)

      Thanks for the quick answer. It is a bit expensive but I took it :D
      $501 doesn't seems to include the hoodie but I trust you to send me one in the worst case scenario :P


    26. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Thermo!

      You're apparently not alone alone, omae. The Campaign server option was made available due to chummers like yourself who spoke up, and were not interested in the free to play model. So now they have the option to buy the game with no microtransactions involved in the gameplay! ^_^



    27. Missing avatar

      Thermo on

      I like paying once and being done with it. I hate the idea of having to buy my gear for real money. Playing on the Campaign server will hopefully keep me clear of the unwashed masses who will play on the "freebie" server and likely spam it to pieces (ala Diablo 3). The whole micro transaction idea frankly pisses me off. Am I the only one who is willing to pay up front for a completed game?

    28. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Alexandre!

      Currently, You can get both the Lifetime Subscription and the Hoodie with the STREET LEGEND ($501) reward tier. ^_^


    29. Missing avatar

      Alex J. on

      Hi everyone,
      First of all, I like to VERY BIG Thanks Cliffhanger Productions for making a dream came true :D

      I am agree with Vizax, it is a bit disappointing not to be able to play with the free players (for the same reasons probably have friends that will only play the free one.)
      The recap Chart is an awesome Idea. :D

      I have a quick question. As any fan in the community probably think, Would it be possible to have a pack wit the Life Time Subscription AND the Hoodie ?
      Why ? because I like to have physical goods and be able to have the full benefits of the Life Time Subscription.

      Thanks you again.

    30. Sangius on

      @THomasN: That's my understanding too. I am not even sure whether there will be micropayments for cosmetics there. I think you'll be able to buy everything ingame with Nuyen there.
      @Devon: Since it hasn't been answered in the comments section yet and I am not sure whether you got to read it elsewhere: The updates on the campaign server are planned to cost $14.99.

    31. Sangius on

      @alcaray I thought so too. However the reward overviews helped me to sort everything out. Have you checked them out yet? You can find them on the landing page of this project under the swag part.

    32. alcaray on

      This is kind of a complicated mess.

    33. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi Chummers!

      The Pay $5 to upgrade to a Campaign server starts at the $30 pledge level. It's based on every 3 months of Premium subscription = 1 upgrade. So an additonal $5 at the $15 level, does not bring you up to the $25 level, as the $15 level only has a 1 month of Premium subscription, thus doesn't qualify.

      I hope that's a little clearer, and the update text has been updated to reflect it. ^_^


    34. Quentin Hudspeth on

      The Co-Op tier sounds good. Is there a plan for higher Co-Op tiers offering similar swag as the higher FTP tiers?

    35. ThomasN on

      Is that correct: The campaign server will have micropayments only for cosmetic, aka premium items. All items can be bought with ingame money.


    36. ThomasN on

      i mean, addons, gaaaahh want to be able to edit posts

    37. ThomasN on

      Replace "no micropayments" with "micropayments only for the released campaigns".

    38. ThomasN on

      "All items in the game are free (in-game cash only)." "NO micro-transactions for items that give you an advantage." "there are no microtransactions - you get to buy all in-game items with in-game money and you don't have to pay real cash for premium items."

      Could you clear these 3 statements up in to one which sounds like: On the campaign server, micropayments will only be for cosmetic things. Or one which sounds like: On the campaign server, there are no micropayments. ?

    39. ThomasN on

      Campaign Server: NO micro-transactions for items that give you an advantage. <-- hopefully you really MEAN that and do it like GW1 (REALLY only cosmetics), and not like in GW2 (instant-repair-kit, xpboost,..)

    40. REkz kaRZ on

      @jakesmiley -- I didnt pull my backing, but upped it to Campaign. But I'm annoyed & a bit confused, frankly.
      I think I'll be making 2 characters & seeing what works best.
      What's strange to me is that for $25 backer (or $40 after Kickstarter) players can access the campaign (ie a 'no real world $' marketplace', but the expansions will cost.

      But for free, players get all expansions, but might have to spend real $ to buy stuff in a marketplace. I wonder if most players on f2p will spend $25 (or $40) on that...?

      But I'm a backer -- so I payed what I can to get this game made. *But it better work on my work computer's browser!! (which just barely meets the specs, btw) or I will be p.o.'d!!*
      Note: at work, you can't install software, but the browsers are open & data rate is fairly quick.

      I am a ShadowRun loyalist. & I want a hoodie -- when I have the $$$!

      Questions -- as this game is a 'make 1 char & join a team' (I imagine?!?), how will timing issues work out between magic & decking & fighting? Seems like this must be different from the book rules. While I love deckers, seems like they make better NPC's to drive missions than they do PC's. (I could be wrong here, tho.) also will you feature *all* classes -- riggers, deckers, sam's, adepts, mages, shaman?

    41. ThomasN on

      Congratulations for doing the right thing even Arenanet has abandoned for $$$ in GW2.
      See you on the campaign server, the server for real players.

    42. Sangius on

      I just wanted to confirm, because there has been some confusion about that, that the $66 pledge tier indeed gets you four accounts and digital copies, not three. Sorry for that.

      @Michael Lawson: You'll of course still have the in-game currency Nuyen on the F2P-servers too. You'll just have an extra online store with premium currency bought for money.

      @Tim J. Meyer: From what I understood, your purchases will attach to an account, not to a specific client on a specific device.

    43. Tim J. Meyer on

      If a co-op pledger (and his friends) wanted to up their pledges and get A few t-shirts, could they?

      Any chance of playing a bit extra for the box version? I know I'd Add $5-$10 for a box.

      And will our purchase attach to our account (allowing an account to used on multiple platforms as campaign server (most Games do this, but better to ask now then regret it later.)

    44. alcaray on

      Yes, what Mr. Muller said:

      "Pledge $15 or more

      396 Backers

      GANGER --- You will receive EXCLUSIVE CLOSED BETA ACCESS from day one (though remember it IS a beta), a free SRO wallpaper PLUS 1 MONTH PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION..."




      "Pledge $25 or more

      84 Backers

      CAMPAIGN GANGER --- You will receive EXCLUSIVE CLOSED BETA ACCESS from day one, a free SRO wallpaper and a DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE COPY of the game FOR THE CAMPAIGN SERVER..."


      Or do I misunderstand?

    45. Michael Lawson

      ok, so you are just getting ride of subscriptions?

      and why does the free to play need a nuyen boost if you can only buy stuff with real world money?

    46. Julius Müller on

      I think he is referring to the 15$ pledge level + 5$ (transferring it i to a campaign pledge)

      This combination equals the 25$ pledge level.

    47. Cliffhanger Productions Creator on

      Hoi alcaray!

      Did you pledge via paypal before the kickstarter?

      Otherwise, I think I'm confused too... o.O


    48. alcaray on

      I'm confused. I add $5 dollars to my $15 pledge and it transforms to a $25 level? What am I missing?