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Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in an action strategy game and determine the future of the 6th world!
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Things are the warehouse


Hoi chummers,

things are moving forward with regards to the physical swag. T-Shirts, hoodies and bags are done and on the way to the warehouse or already there, as are the USB cards and boxes. The NeoNET ID cards arrived at our own office - we will send those separately as the warehouse cannot handle named items.

The only thing that is lagging behind are the Catalyst books - they have been sitting in their warehouse, but we have problems in reaching them to organize logistics. Hopefully that can be sorted out soon.

So if all goes well sending out things should begin within the next 10 days or so - we will update you once things commence.

With regards to other things Shadowrun, I have been dabbling around with messenger games...those things you can play via Facebook Messenger and are a bit like the "Play your own addventure" books. If you want to check out my baby steps in that genre, visit Shadowtalker or just begin a chat with Shadowtalker in the Messenger. Or use your kik app and play it from their bot shop or scan the kik image on the facebook page.

Oh, and while I am plugging away shamelessly: I have a side project with a group of other game developers  - unrelated to Cliffhanger - that has been cooking on the backburner for years (when we have worked on it in the very little spare time we had) and is finally ready to go to kickstarter (and now I have learned a million ways this can go wrong, hopefully this will go better). It will launch Monday 26th and if you are interested, you can check it out here.

I want to be very clear that this has nothing to do with Cliffhanger or this kickstarter. This is a sort of hobby thing a small group of devs has been doing before Shadowrun started and I am aware it seems ironic to finish this kickstarter here 2.5 years late and advertise another. But I wanted to let people know before it appeared on kickstarter and they began wondering what that was about.

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding.

see you in the Shadows


First look at real swag :)


Just a brief update today - we are busy producing things and here is the first look for the sweet USB cards!




FINALLY! Swag is gonna come...


Hoi Chummers,!


After ages of scrounging together enough money, dealing with the bank and haggling with suppliers and shipping (Thanks to Mihaela for slaving away hours on this!) we are ready to produce and ship your physical rewards.

If you followed the updates, here is the latest development that led to this: The bank agreed to release part of the money they held hostage (enough to pay the increased shipping cost) and we have begun to order the remaining production for bags and T-Shirts in the UK as well as get ready to ship the things we already produced like minis and campaign books and boxed games.

Now we need to coordinate all that and get the shipping addresses sorted - so if you are moving in the next 4 weeks please let us know NOW, before the shipping commences.

We will now dig deep into the logistics side of things and hopefully emerge on the other side with happy news about the shipping having commenced.

Until then, there is nothing to do but thank you for your continued patience and support - you have been incredible throughout all our trials and tribulations!

See you in the Shadows Chummers

Primetide and the Cliffhanger Team

Late June Update


Hi all,

sorry for being out a bit. June's late update is a simple one and regards the delivery of the physical good: We have all the swag ready to be produced and shipped (with the minis being already done) and are waiting for two things:

1) The campaign books from Catalyst (which are produced and in their warehouse, but we haven't received a final quote from them)

2) The required funds from our bank to pay the massively increased shipping cost. The bank still holds part of our day-one Shadowrun revenue hostage (they don't have the rights to do so, but that doesn't interest them much) and we need them to release it. Parting with money that doesn't belong to them is like pulling teeth from an elephant (at least I imagine that it would be a similarly difficult endeavour), but we are making progress. That we need to fight to get control over our own money (they don't contest it's ours, they just would like to keep it as security), is in itself absurd, but that is what we are doing.

I hope to have the money released by mid July and then start the production and delivery process. Production should take mere days and since we produce in the US and UK, we should be getting things to the warehouse quickly. As soon as we have a clear schedule, we will let you know of course.

Sorry it has been so long, but the amount of issues we are facing at each step is just making this journey very arduous.


May update on physical rewards


Hoi Chummers,

a few of you have asked about the status of the physical rewards (and rightly so!). So here goes:

We have the minis and the clothes done and are waiting on feedback from Catalyst on when we can get the books shipped. We are all ready to produce the remaining items, however we need to make sure they arrive at approximately the same time in the warehouses and be ready for shipping or we would have to pay storage or ship them in separate packages.

The main issue currently is shipping - the initial quote we had was for an average of about 9 USD per package in North America and about 17 USD for Europe. This includes packing, actual boxes etc. We calculated our budget based on this. However, when we now did the actual quote based on the real backer data, the cost was almost three times what the initial quote was! :-o

We (Thanks to Mihaela, who tirelessly slaved away to get the numbers right) reviewed it and found out there were a few wrong settings and assumptions behind that number, but even when then, the current projected cost is over 50% above the budget we set aside based on the initial estimates (and we did include a healthy buffer in there already). So now we need to find some extra money to be able to cover that and that simply takes some time. We are also looking into shipping in waves, so we don't need to pay all at once as well as alternative fulfilment services like Amazon. But talking to Amazon's seller service makes the bureaucracy in the movie Brazil look like a model of efficiency, so that has taken considerable time.

So what does this mean? Well, we are working on it, is really all I can say. We hope to find a solution within the next weeks that will allow us to get it all shipped at once and we will keep you updated of course.

Off again to crunch some numbers and fight the windmills of Amazon's semi-automated reply robots!

see you in the shadows