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Christine is trapped in her own house with the terrifying creature, Paisley. "A Gremlins for the new era. Little. Evil. Toothy."

Do you have nostalgia for the puppet monsters of your youth?  Are Gremlins, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Neverending Story some of your favorite films?  Sick of CGI creatures in film? Sick of things that register as "fake" to your eye and take you out of the movie? So are we. Which is why we are creating three puppets for this film to bring our creature PAISLEY to life. A creature with real fur, glass eyes and teeth you can cut yourself on. And... a creature you can take home with you if you bid high enough!




What is Paisley?

Paisley is the story of Christine, a technology-challenged widow who accidentally locks herself inside her own house with the deadliest creature in the galaxy, Paisley. In the vein of great creature features like Gremlins and Attack the Block, Paisley is a horror short that will deliver the laughs along with the scares.

Awesome poster by Brian Jaramillo
Awesome poster by Brian Jaramillo
What are we doing?

We are trying to raise enough money to begin production on our short film, Paisley. We have begun pre-production and are planning to shoot in Los Angeles in at the beginning of May. The final film should be completed by July.  This is an ambitious project, but reaching our financial goal of $25,000 will secure what we need to bring this picture to life. Even with everyone working at reduced rates or for free, we still have a lot of hard costs over a 3-day shoot, including crew, props, locations and equipment rentals, and that's where you come in.

Who are we?

Oscar®-winning and Emmy®-winning Director / Producer Matt Olmon ( heads a highly-motivated team of artists located in Los Angeles, CA who've created stunning, story-driven work in feature films, commercials, and game cinematics. 

For this production, we've entered partnerships with some amazing artists. We've signed two very exciting veteran horror actresses that we can't yet reveal yet but are going to make the horror fans very excited. Writer Evan Dickson is a prominent horror film journalist, sound designer Dustin Cawood (Lincoln, Toy Story 3, Super 8), music by a critically acclaimed Austin band that we will reveal soon, the puppet mastery of DanRae Wilson, and the visual effects mastery of Nocturnal VFX to bring this great world to theaters.

Where can I learn more about the project?

Please visit our official website, . There you will find a full synopsis of the story, filmmaker bios, our blog and a wonderful series of :60 videos that we are producing about filmmaking, visual effects, and Paisley!

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

No. Only you and the project creator will be able to see your pledge amount.
If I donate, when can I redeem the incentive?
 All incentives, big and small, will only happen if our goal is met. If we do meet our goal, immediately after our deadline we will start to manufacture and ship all physical merchandise directly to you. The screenings, parties and dvds etc. can only happen after the film is completed so this will take a bit of time. Bear with us!

What if I don’t want the incentive, I just want to support?

No problem, there is a button that you can select if you don’t want the reward.

Can we exceed the goal?

YES! This would truly be amazing. Exceeding our goal would allow us to make a better movie. Kickstarter will allow as much money as is given before the deadline. This is only the beginning of our journey with this film, we are not in pre-production yet. We have set our goal at the low end so if we were able to exceed it, it would be a dream come true and it would allow us to get more of the film done.

Can I increase my pledge once it’s been made?

YES! Once you donate to our campaign, you may want to change your incentive reward to a different one, or increase your pledge amount. To do so, go to Kickstarter and sign in. If you go to our campaign page, the green “Back This Project” button has been replaced with a blue “Manage Your Donation” button. Click it and you can enter a new amount, or choose a new incentive.

Can I Gift An Incentive?

YES! That’s very sweet of you. If you would like to donate to the film but give the reward to someone as a gift, go through all the normal process of making a donation in your name. For billing purposes, this action must be in your name. After our deadline, we will send a message to you on Kickstarter. (It will be forwarded to the email address you provided) We will request things like your t-shirt size and address from you at that time. Please reply with all the person’s information that is to receive the reward. We will make sure they are the person who receives the reward.

What happens if the money isn’t raised in time?

If our goal isn’t met before the deadline, no money changes hands and no movie is made. We want to avoid this scenario at all costs!

Who does the money go to?

Every penny (minus the fees for Kickstarter’s involvement) will go directly to the “Paisley” movie budget - i.e. Your money goes directly to the funding of this film.

I'm not in the US. Can I still pledge to projects?

Yes. You can pledge from anywhere. 

How do we contact you?

Glad you asked! Please go to our website for the film. and go to the email link. We will quickly get back to you!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The greatest risk to our backers is that we raise the money but never actually make the film; which is a risk we can understand. We've heard of Kickstarter fraud too. However, from our perspective, there's nothing to fear. We're well into pre-production and have already hired several of our personnel including some amazing actresses that we'll announce soon. The puppets are being fabricated now, and we have set our shoot dates for the first weekend in May.

If we have setbacks, they will be communicated to each and every one of our backers. By supporting our Kickstarter, you will automatically be added to our Fan Club which is already a thriving community who receives regular communication from our team. We don't anticipate anything that would keep us from keeping to our schedule once we have a successful Kickstarter, but if anything comes up, you will be the first to know.


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