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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.
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Posted by Cryptid Productions (Creator)

For a no-budget production like ours it was a real luxury to have interns. With a shoestring budget and an inflexible schedule it was imperative we get as much good help as possible. Our five amazing interns allowed us to have the best help possible while (hopefully) offering a hands-on learning experience for them.

So, how do you go about finding interns when you're a tiny Seattle film production? Our producer, Matt Ralston, asked our D.P. Christian Hansen, a graduate of the Seattle Central Community College Film and Video Program, for the contact info for an instructor in that program who might be able to give us some leads on interns.

That contact ultimately led to us adding the first four interns to our crew: Myles Basterrechea, Gabriel Culkin, Evan Elwell, and Todd Michael Johnson.

We picked up our fifth intern, Sam Shideler, a student at the time at the Art Institute of Seattle, when Matt met him at a screening of Sam's web series, The Dirty Do Gooders (check it out!).

So what can we say about all of these guys?

They were absolutely phenomenal and Reunion would not exist without them. In truth, they were interns in name only.

They were grips. They were gaffers. They were assistant camera operators. They were carpenters. They were stand-ins. Myles Basterrechea ended up being our (amazing!) assistant editor. Gabe Culkin was our (awesomely mustachioed!) sound recordist. Evan Elwell played our killer in a flashback. And Todd Michael Johnson and Sam Shideler were everywhere, doing everything, and doing it all in the most amazing way. The interns were the first to arrive and the last to leave every day.

They were amazing. Amazing. 

Myles, Evan, Gabe, Todd, and Sam -- thank you so much for being a part of Reunion. It's impossible to overstate how much you all meant to the production's success. You're awesome!

Don't forget to sign this petition to try to save Seattle Central's film program from being a budgetary casualty:

Photos below ©2011 Jeremy David Bell

1. Evan Elwell, Todd Michael Johnson, and Myles Basterrechea hang duvetyne.

2. D.P. Jacob Rosen and sound recordist Gabe Culkin.

3. Sam Shideler trying to figure out whatever happened to MySpace.

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