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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.
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The Assistant Directors

Posted by Cryptid Productions (Creator)

Every set needs taskmasters to keep crew on task and on schedule. For a micro-budget film like Reunion, staying on schedule is imperative. Crew and actor schedules are set well in advance and scenes are scheduled to be shot based around that actor availability. Fail to get a day's scheduled scenes in the can and you could be looking at a disaster. Enter the Assistant Directors (ADs).

Reunion's Assistant Directors, Jared Callaway Hagen and Nate Souza, attended the Seattle Film Institute with director Jeremy David Bell and, for some reason, agreed to work on this blood bath. 

And they're not even local.

Jared hopped a freight train to make it up from Arizona and Nate hitched a ride on the underside of an eighteen wheeler to get to Seattle from Portland. It was all very dangerous.

But thank the lords of film they took their lives into their own hands to be here. Not only were those guys just the kind of jerks we were looking for to keep us on schedule, they were so good at it that we ended up with an extra day off and we wrapped a day early at our principal location! Nice job, jerks!

But seriously, they were amazing. They helped us maintain an efficient pace on set that led to the extra day off and early wrap without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. And they did it all while keeping the Reunion set fun for all.

Being a no-budget affair also meant people wore many hats. In Jared and Nate's case they doubled as script supervisors, keeping note of each day's shoot -- which takes were good, which takes were bad, and which takes were ruined by director Jeremy David Bell. And, within the pages of their notebook, they also planned 24 Reunion sequels (yes, Reunion will eventually go to space).

Jared and Nate were fully committed to Reunion. Not only did they travel to Seattle for the bulk of our shoot in August, they also made their way north in late October for our final three days of shooting in chilly Bellingham.

Thank you, Jared and Nate, for busting your butts to work on Reunion. You guys really were amazing. 

All photos below ©2011 Jeremy David Bell.

1. Jared Callaway Hagen on a good day.

2. Nate Souza enjoys a snack.

3. Jared and Nate plan their world domination.

4. Jared checks the day's schedule.

5. Nate double checks.

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