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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.
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Tessa Marie Archer. 'Nuff said.

Posted by Cryptid Productions (Creator)

Much like Megan Lacki, Tessa Marie Archer was another late addition to the cast. 

The part she ended up playing, Lucy, was originally meant to be played by the lovely Jen Page (who stars in The Dirty Do Gooders with our other misplaced actress, Trin Miller). Unfortunately Jen had a scheduling conflict that put her out of state on the weekend we had scheduled our group scenes (Lucy is a big part of the group scenes). With all of the other actors needed for those scenes available that weekend it would have been impossible to reschedule those scenes and Jen, knowing that, graciously let us know she understood if we wanted to recast the part.

With that being our only real option, our path was set. But, who could we find on relatively short notice to slink into Lucy's red dress?

Lucky for us, our producer Matt Ralston had just helped out on the web series Brian Sutherland's producing (Glitch) where he met one of the stars, Tessa Marie Archer. Matt recommended Tessa audition. 

She did.

She got the part.

The end.

Well, okay, that's not really the end. Tessa was only on set with us for three days, but she left an indelible (and inedible!) impression. First of all, she's amazing as Lucy. She's funny, charming, and had great chemistry with all of her cast-mates (she has some moments with David Nail that I still go to for my happy place). And when cameras weren't rolling she kept us all in stitches with her shenanigans. Yes, shenanigans. Hijinks. Every day was a hootenanny with Tessa.

Plus, she even let us film in her basement for the obligatory "basement scene"! 

Tessa, you really were a joy to work with, a blast to hang with, and we thank you for your memorable contribution to Reunion!

Besides starring Tessa and being produced by Brian Sutherland, Glitch also stars Reunion's Jesse Lee Keeter, and our lost actress Trin Miller. Check out their website at and "Like" them on Facebook at

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