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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.
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It's hammer time, with Reunion's David Nail!

Posted by Cryptid Productions (Creator)

Sorry for the brief hiatus yesterday. No doubt you were all itching for some more sweet Reunion actorly action. 

Well, wait no more because today we bring you David Nail!

David scored this sweet gig after Alison Monda recommended him for the part of Brandon. She had done a play with David and raved about him. Usually all Alison Monda raves about is her latest solo hike deep into the backcountry, so when she took time away from her granola to sing about David's strengths as an actor it got me to sit up and take notice.

And David was cast. It was pretty much that easy. Well, I (Jeremy) drove down to Olympia to meet with David (he was doing lighting design on a play down there) and, after speaking with him for a little while (he did not audition, the weasel!), he was offered the part. And bless him, he took it.

And thank Monda for that!

David was absolutely great in the movie and a joy on set, during takes, between takes, around the coffee pot, and in the backyard. Our biggest regret was that we didn't have him around longer.

While his time on set was limited (I'll leave that to your imagination -- this is a horror movie, after all), David gave his all during his biggest scene and, along with his scene mate Jesse Lee Keeter, made it all painfully believable.

David also brought the funny with him. While he was editing the movie Matt Ralston actually had to text me to let me know how David Nail was cracking him up. 

We heartily recommend David Nail for all your acting needs. And not only that, he also directs plays. And does stage lighting. He can teach you a thing or two about kayaking. He's from Texas. He's bearded. He awesome. He's David Nail.

Thank you David for being part of Reunion! You helped make it so fun for all of us.

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