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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.
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Meet the Best Friend, Bjorn Whitney!

Posted by Cryptid Productions (Creator)

Naturally, since Reunion is a movie about remembering (fondly, of course) those hazy days of high school, there is a best friend character. In Reunion that character is called Adam and he's played by Bjorn Whitney.

Bjorn auditioned for Reunion from the very beginning, but was not finally cast until the very end of the process, months, and many callbacks, later. We basically put him through the ringer: "Could you come in for one more callback, please?". He hated us, I'm sure.

But the problem we were having was that Bjorn is so adaptable. He seemed like a possible fit for a number of characters. Once we had Brian Sutherland on board as our leading man Bjorn started to seem like the ideal fit as best friend to Brian's character and fiancee to Brian's character's sister. It was at that point that we brought Bjorn back for his final (and this time we mean it!) callback to read opposite Trin Miller, who had been cast as Sarah, Adam's fiancee (Trin later had to leave the film but we love her!). Bjorn and Trin gave an amazing reading and that was that: Bjorn was Adam.

And we couldn't be more thrilled that he took that part. Adam has maybe the most memorable (SPOILER ALERT!) death in the movie and something about Bjorn made us a feel like he would die like a champ. 

And he did! He did die like champ!

And we're not just talking performance here (which was great!). For his ultimate demise Bjorn was duct-taped to a table in his underwear (hot!) for a long time. In addition, the death scene required some rather uncomfortable makeup from Bandersnatch, makeup applied to a part of Bjorn's face he's understandably sensitive about. We did what we could to to try to limit the amount of time Bjorn would have the application on his face and Bjorn soldiered through the whole thing like a pro. And when the camera rolled he gave us gold.

We can't wait for the world to watch Bjorn die!

Check out Bjorn in the teaser for Lautaro Gabriel Gonda's short film Love and War, which premiered at the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival.

Thank so much, Bjorn, for all you gave to Reunion. And Boba Fett's a chump.

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