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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.
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Meet Reunion's Gurus of Gore, Bandersnatch Studios!

Posted by Cryptid Productions (Creator)

Today we take a break (but only a break!) from introducing our talented cast so we can introduce you to our indispensable behind-the-scenes dispensers of blood and brains, Bandersnatch Studios, made up of Shawn Shelton, Damon Vanhee, and their intern Kayla Bunch.

Reunion was written to be a blood bath and blood baths require blood. Lots and lots of blood. Turns out they don't sell it in bulk at Costco.

Enter Bandersnatch.

In October 2010 we released a "We will soon be casting notice", which was more or less a way to let people know we existed. Not long after posting that notice we received an email from Damon Vanhee, who made a lot of bold claims about being a makeup artist with some experience in making people ugly. We decided to meet with Damon and his partner, Shawn Shelton, to see if such powerful boasting could be backed up with something a little more tangible than mere words.

You could color us impressed after that auspicious first meeting. Damon and Shawn seemed like nice guys, but their intimate familiarity with the way the human body responds to various kinds of axe attacks naturally made us a little suspicious.

In all seriousness -- these guys were amazing. They absolutely are great people (yes, even you, Kayla!), they're super fun to hang out with, and they know how to achieve amazing practical effects on no-budget. Plus, if your shoe is in dire need of cobbling, they have glue for that!

The work they all did on Reunion was superb. From body part prosthetics (check out the timelapse video of them doing a head mold on Jesse Keeter below), to brains on the wall, they had it all covered. It was as if we had our very own Closet Blood Gnome™ looking over us.

For a no-budget horror film Reunion has some kills that are a little involved. Without Shawn and Damon to guide us it would have been impossible to make Reunion the way we had intended. They made the impossible possible.

The Bandersnatch gang have their dirty hands in a variety of projects. They were large and in charge at zomBcon each of the last two years (it's been cancelled for 2012 -- BOOO!!!) and recently held a free workshop for high school students called The Art of Blood and Bruises as a part of SIFF's Futurewave series. They're currently working on JourneyQuest's second season.

Bandersnatch, we love you one and all. Thank you so much for everything!

Photos below, in order, are of Shawn Shelton, Damon Vanhee, and Kayla Bunch. Photos by Jeremy David Bell.

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