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During the weekend of their ten year reunion four old friends are trapped by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.

REUNION is a micro-budget horror film shot in Seattle, Washington. Principal photography wrapped on October 25th, 2011.

LOGLINE: During the weekend of their ten-year reunion, four old friends (and their respective others) are trapped in a house by the man they allegedly assaulted in high school.

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After a long period of preproduction and planning, and an original successful Kickstarter campaign, Reunion's principal photography wrapped on October 25th, 2011.

Starring Brian Sutherland (soon appearing on an episode of NBC's Grimm), Jesse Lee Keeter, and Alison Monda, Reunion is now in post-production. You can learn more about Reunion at director Jeremy David Bell's blog:

This campaign is to raise finishing funds that will be used toward sound design. Many people may not realize that all of those sounds in movies -- footsteps, creaky floorboards, wind in the trees -- are added after the movie has been edited. Matt Ralston is editing the picture now and making amazing progress. Our tentative plan is to finish the film in time to submit to the amazing genre film festival, Fantastic Fest (, in Austin, Texas. The submission dates for that festival are May 9th (regular deadline) or June 6th (late deadline). 

That's our timeline and it's why we need your help. Being a micro-budget horror film, we need help putting in all those creepy sounds that will help build an atmosphere of dread.

Enjoy our teaser trailer (embedded above) and take a look at the right side of this page. There you will see the rewards we are offering for this campaign -- everything from a video threat from our killer (what a gift!) or an original Razorback mask worn in the movie.

Thanks for looking!


Writer-director - Jeremy David Bell is a graduate of the Seattle Film Institute's total immersion program. He has experience with shooting on film (Super 8, 16mm MOS, Super 16) and video (DVX100b, HVX200, Canon EOS 7D). He has been writing screenplays for ten years and in 2005 his spec script HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL was a semifinalist in the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting contest (, placing it in the top two percent of nearly six thousand entries from around the world. REUNION is his feature directing debut. See some of his work at: or

Producer/Editor - Matt Ralston. Matt has spent the last two years producing TV spots. He has seven years of editing and post-production experience. He currently produces commercials for the Washington State Lottery via Cole and Weber United. Take a look at some of his work here:

Producer: Megan Lacki

Co-Producer: Jared Callaway Hagen

Cast: Brian Sutherland, Jesse Lee Keeter, Alison Monda, Bjorn Whitney, Megan Lacki, David Nail, Tessa Marie Archer, Jordin Buttenob

Directors of Photography: Jacob C. Rosen ( and Christian S. Hansen (

Additional camera operators: Rylan Morris Scherer, Phillip Harvey, and Griff Johnston.

Assistant Directors: Jared Callaway Hagen and Nate Souza

Assistant Editor: Myles Basterrechea

Special FX and Gore Makeup: Bandersnatch Studios (, which is Shawn Shelton, Damon Vanhee (closet blood gnome), and Kayla Bunch

Wardrobe: Megan Lacki

Craft services/Catering: Jennifer Coons Bell

Makeup: Jaimie Cordero (

Interns: Evan Elwell, Todd Michael Johnson, Myles Basterrechea, Gabriel Culkin, Sam Shideler (these guys were interns in name only -- they gripped, they gaffed, they generally kicked ass... And at least one of them broke out a mesh football jersey in an obvious attempt to curry favor with Alison Monda)

Set Photographer: Adam Smith (

Brian Sutherland's Hand Double: Matt Ralston

Calves of steel: Nate Souza

C47 Stealth Champion: Jared Callaway Hagen

Filthiest Mouth: Alison Monda

Sleepiest: Gabriel Culkin 


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    Watch this! You get a digital copy of the movie made available for download directly to you.

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    Watch and read! Digital copy of the movie and a copy of one the call sheets used during the shoot to tell cast and crew where and when to show up for a shoot day. May even include one of Alison Monda's Quotes of the Day!

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    Learn your lines! Same as above (digital copy of movie and a call sheet) plus an autographed script page. Feel free to do your own rewrite and put yourself in the scene!

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    You're in the lobby! All of the above rewards PLUS a set of FOUR original Reunion lobby cards featuring original behind-the-scenes photos from Adam Smith ( What's a lobby card?

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    Take your seat! You will receive all of the above rewards PLUS a downloadable .zip file of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. There will be shenanigans and possibly a closet blood gnome.

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    Thumbs up! All of the above rewards PLUS a freakin' THUMB DRIVE! That's a USB drive inserted in an actual replica thumb -- bitten nails and all! Back up all your favorite files in everyone's favorite appendage!

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    Check yourself! All of the above rewards PLUS you will receive an original VIDEO THREAT from Reunion's killer, Caswell! He will call you by name. He will describe in detail what he's going to do to you... Makes a great gift!

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    Disguise yourself! All of the above rewards PLUS an original Razorback (the school mascot) mask that was worn in the movie (and can be seen in the teaser trailer at the top of this page). There are only four of these in existence -- and one could be yours!

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