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We are illustrating Hypothetical Futures for overlooked, neglected buildings in New Orleans -- and need your help to print the results for the public.

10/9 UPDATE: WOW WE ARE FUNDED!! And with 11 days to spare! Thanks SO MUCH to those who chipped in to make this project real, we are BEYOND THRILLED!

Needless to say, we'd love to take further contributions -- everything we get we will pour right back into the project. More Hypothetical Developments? Let's hope so! Indeed, let's see what we can do: When it's all over, we'll assess the results and see how much more we can add on. Keep it coming, and one way or another, we'll convert it to the Hypothetical best use.

But for now, again: THANK YOU!!

[Reactions so far:] "This must be the closest thing to an architecture-fiction 'pure play' to have yet appeared," says Bruce Sterling. "Perhaps this street art project could turn into authentic grassroots activism," says Good Magazine."Fantastic new project," says PSFK. "I love the way this idea ... takes those germs of imagined futures and makes them visible," says Aesthetics of Joy. "Check this one out, it's cool and local," says Yat Bazaar. "If you get involved in any hypothetical building projects this year, make it this one," says On The Ground Looking Up.

More from Swiss Miss, Josh Spear, Design Observer, Core77, HiLobrow, Not a Real Thing, Architects Newspaper Blog, Huffington Post and like that, here. It all sounds great, doesn't it? Chip in!.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're creating real signs depicting fanciful futures for overlooked, unused, neglected buildings in New Orleans.

Check out our video above for a vivid example.

  1. We have identified and photographed a variety of structures around New Orleans that have fallen into disuse and seem to have no future.
  2. We have devised pleasing and delightful hypothetical futures for 10 such structures: The Museum of the Self, The Loitering Centre, and various imaginary businesses and organizations.
  3. Our artists and illustrators are creating compelling renderings of these ideas, inspired by standard "future use" signage, but executed to inspire a double take (and perhaps a smile) from all who see it.
  4. We're printing these renderings onto 3'X5' signage for public display, beginning in early December. We'll gradually add new "developments," culminating in an April 2011 New Orleans gallery show.
Why we need funding:
  • Our primary cost is sign fabrication. After a great deal of shopping around, we've found a printer who will execute high-quality work for a reasonable price. We intend to print 20 signs in all: For each of our ten sites, one sign will be publicly displayed, and the other in a group gallery show.
  • In addition, we intend to produce a brochure, with map, to distribute (again for free) to promote the project and make it easier for the public to view the original buildings as well as their Hypothetical futures.
  • If we raise more money than our goal, we'll come up with more Hypothetical Developments.

Much of the heavy creative lifting is complete or close to it. We've also lined up more creative partners and surprises that we will reveal as we approach our start date.

We are a bunch of volunteers from various backgrounds, doing this because we love New Orleans and we think this would be cool. With many, many hours invested in the project, we have one final task: Raising this money. We hope you'll help us!

Visit for more, and follow our Kickstarter blog for the latest details.


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    Access to the project blog and a warm note of thanks handwritten on a Hypothetical Development postcard, depicting one of our creations AND an invitation to a Hypothetical Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in New Orleans, probably involving free ice cream.

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