Funded! This project was successfully funded on October 21, 2010.

Update #14

Our December Debut


What better place to have a Hypothetical preview party than in an old, labyrinthine, French Quarter bookstore housed in a turn-of-the-century warehouse? Please save the date: Friday, December 10, 2010. From 6pm to 10pm we'll be in a secret loft above the main floors of Beckham's Bookshop (228 Decatur St, New Orleans), celebrating and previewing the first round of Hypothetical Developments. We have always loved Beckham's Bookshop, and now love them even more for donating such an unusual and exciting space for our preview party. More details about the party as we get closer to December.

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Update #13

Thank you!


Just a quick note to thank everyone who backed the project -- we really appreciate it! It feels great to be officially Funded.

Updates soon on our December debut, April gallery show, and everything in between (including, of course, backer premiums for you supporters!). We are pulling overtime shifts here HDO Wordl Headquarters to get everything done.

Also have to mention this enjoyable writeup of the project:

All our other press (so far) collected here:

More soon, and THANKS again!

Update #12

Artists/renderers: A real chance to join the Hypothetical Development Organzation


We're in the home stretch of our Kickstarter fundraising; we've exceeded our goal and we might have enough extra to fund one, maybe two, more Hypothetical Developments than planned.

That means we are on the hunt for a couple more artists/architects to join our project and create renderings.

Could that be you? Someone you know? If so, get in touch ASAP:

It's a fun, collaborative process, and a great creative challenge. Plus your creation will get a lot of attention, and will be part of our gallery show in New Orleans in April, so there's even a financial incentive!

Students and recent grads welcome, though we're working with plenty of seasoned pros too.

We'd like to fill the last slots quickly so don't delay!

Update #11

A week of fundraising to go, but we're moving ahead in the meantime


Thanks again to everybody who helped us hit our funding goal over the weekend -- and thanks too to everyone who has chipped in since then (we'll assess at the end if we can do even more "Developments" than planned or how to otherwise pour the extra contributions back into the project; we'll report back on that).

Meanwhile, we haven't been idle: With the goal hit we're making the last rendering assignments and plotting the details of our debut. Speaking of which, that momentous occasion is intended to coincide with an event of interest to any and all architecture enthusiasts in New Orleans:

"DesCours is a free, public, week-long architecture and art event now in its fourth year, held the second week of December in New Orleans. Scheduled December 3 - 12, 2010, this event invites internationally renowned architects and artists to create 14 architecture installations within 'hidden' locations in the heart of New Orleans, including private courtyards, rooftops, abandoned buildings and walkways, all locations normally unseen, inaccessible or unused by the public."

Looks like we might be able to get our project onto the official DesCours guide, which is pretty exciting. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, our most recent notice, some kind words from Poketo. The roundup of press/blog mentions is in the news/events portion of our site.

Thanks again!

Update #10

We're funded! ... And yet, we're adding a new premium level!


We are pleased, surprised, and delighted to report that last night ... we hit our funding goal!

At the same time, we realized something: We FORGOT to include in our premium structure the rather obvious reward of public credit to our backers! We'd meant to make that part of the $25 premium. So to remedy the problem we are now adding a $20 premium level that includes public credit on a Wall of Backers on the site.

Anyone who gives $50 or more will also be named in our handsome brochure.

Needless to say, if you have ALREADY given us money at the aforementioned levels, you'll get credit.

Also needless to say, if you prefer not to be named, we'll respect that.

Point is: We have 10 more days to keep raising money; we're psyched that we've hit our goal, but anything else we raise we will pour back into the project in the form of more and/or better Hypothetical Developments; and we REALLY REALLY THANK all who have chipped in already.

This is gonna be good...

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    Access to the project blog, which already contains exclusive details about the project -- such as a picture of our first physical sign and other exciting news about plans -- plus a warm electronic note of thanks.

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    Access to the project blog and a warm note of thanks handwritten on a Hypothetical Development postcard, depicting one of our creations AND an invitation to a Hypothetical Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in New Orleans, probably involving free ice cream.

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    All $10 rewards PLUS you will (if you choose) join our WALL OF SUPPORTERS on NOTE: all those who have already given more than $20 also wall-eligible. OTHER NOTE: Anyone who gives, or has given, $50 or more, will be credited (if you choose, natch) in our handsome brochure as well. THANK YOU!

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    All the $10 rewards PLUS a copy of our handsome Project Brochure.

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    All the $25 rewards PLUS an exclusive Hypo-D Promo Pack: Some combination of stickers and/or postcards & business/trade cards depicting (probably) all of our creations in one way or another.

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    All the $50 rewards PLUS a Hypothetical Development T-shirt depicting our logo, or that of one of the businesses or institutions invented for the project.

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    All the $50 rewards PLUS a hardcover full color 7X7 monograph documenting the project (signed upon request).

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    All the $50 rewards PLUS the T-shirt AND the monograph.

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    All the $175 rewards PLUS a one-of-kind 8X10 print of one of our Hypothetical Developments.

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    All the $250 rewards PLUS a one-of-kind 16X20 print of one of our Hypothetical Developments.

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    All the $504 rewards PLUS ... hyper-exclusive NAMING RIGHTS to one our Hypothetical Developments. We'll work with you on a Development concept that will be part of the project, and named after you or some entity you represent AND you'll get a 16X20 print of the results. (N.B.: We reserve the right to decline a Naming Rights pledge from BP Oil or any other entity or human we don't care for.)

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