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All access look into the man that got a reputation through social media as  most intriguing man in the USA as he connects w/ his fans
All access look into the man that got a reputation through social media as most intriguing man in the USA as he connects w/ his fans
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And we are back...

I will keep this short, brief, and to the point...

First, I want to thank each and every one of you for being so patient with me and my Kickstarter project.  I never in a million years thought it would take so much time, work, and energy to pull this off (planning a cross country trip and filming it, sounds so much easier before I actually tried to plan a cross country trip and film it).  But after OVER A YEAR, I've finally got the right team and people in place to help me pull this thing off once and for all.

Second, we are in the pre planning stages.  Got tentative dates and cities lined up.  We are looking to link up with different athletes, celebrities, and personalities along that way, raising money in each city for their varies charities doing fun and unconventional stuff, with you my backers!  (Here's a link to an event I hosted for Serena Williams' charity launch in New York this past spring( )If any of you have any suggestions and /or input, please feel free to share with me and the rest of the class.  This project is as much about 'us' and it is 'me'.

This thing is getting a bit steam out here in LA and I just want to make sure we roll it out the right way and make it as big as possible.  Please, please, please, please feel free to hit me up with any ideas that you think might help. / 731-313-7865.

Ricky Smith

p.s. we still need as much help as possible in all areas, so if you haven't gotten the hint by now, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME DARN IT.

p.s.s. And just in case you guys forgot who I am.. here's a link to the web series that I'm writing for and acting in, that's currently in the finals of Comedy Central's pilot contest, 'Almost 30'  (

Follow Me: The Rickonia Experience Cities...

Hope this message finds all of you guys well.  Don't want to hold you guys long but we have finally come up with the cities for the the film and a hard start date of September 1.

Finally starting to get better luck with some of the sponsors.  But looking for a couple more.  Let me know if you know of anyone interested in being involved with this project.

The tentative cites are as follows: 

San Diego / Los Angeles / Denver / Kansas City / St. Louis / Minneapolis / Chicago / Milwaukee / Detroit / Cleveland / Buffalo / New York / Philly / DC / Nashville / Tampa / Orlando / Atlanta / Birmingham / Houston / Dallas .

Any questions at all feel free to contact me.

'Follow Me' Facebook page...

The 'Follow Me' Facebook page is up.  Feel free to head over there and 'like' the page.  Tell your family, friends, followers, lovers, and enemies all about the page.

Follow Me: The Rickonia Experience Update

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I've been getting a crazy amount of phone calls, e-mails, texts, and tweets from all walks of life, asking me to be part of the film.  Everyone from a 5 year old kid who told me he is secretly a child trapped in a dinosaurs body to a 83 year old woman that asked if she could sky dive with me off the Grand Canyon.  I honestly have have wrecked my brain trying to figure out the best way to get so many interesting and diverse people into one project.

Then while on my daily jog to McDonald's it hit me!!! How cool would it be to keep the same concept of the movie (me going cross country for 30 days and connecting with my followers) but doing something big.  LIKE REALLY BIG.  What if in each city I were to raise money for different charities?  And I'm not talking just some ole boring run of the mill 'donate blah blah blah' crap.  I'm talking same corky and crazy Rickonia going to different locations, connecting with followers, while making a difference.  One city, I might panhandle.  Another city, I might celebrity bartend for the night.  A different one, I could grab a celebrity friend and see how much money we can raise giving $1 hugs.  Think Borat meets Celebrity Apprentice. Think Jackass meets Make A Wish Fondation.  The goal: to raise 100k for varies charities across the US.

Being the people who backed the film already, I am not asking you guys for a dime more.  You guys have done more than enough.  We have our legal, PR, and marketing team in place.  We are planning out the exact cities and dates in the coming weeks.  What I will need from you guys is cool ideas and charitable causes that you are into.  If there are any events or opportunities, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  This isn't all about me, this is about us.  

You guys have inspired and motivated me in ways you can not imagine and I want to take that energy and spread it as much as I can.  Don't hesitate to hit me up with any and every idea humanly possible.  Just based off the recent feedback and interest, this movie is already bigger than I imagined.  LET'S KNOCK IT OUT THE BOX


Ricky 'Rickonia' Smith

ps excuse any typos, I literally haven't been to sleep in two days.

Follow Me: Update


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