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Find out what a pair of music obsessed twenty-somethings do when bots, altered humans and machine intelligences have all the best jobs?
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We are Done-Done!

Posted by Nic Ho Chee (Creator)

Hi all,

We are finally Done-Done, and have shipped rewards to everyone that filled in a survey or that we managed to track down via other means :).  We started shipping mid-July and the final copy went out today... bar a couple of folks who we can't track down and have not answered their emails :(.

If has been a fantastic and long experience to get from a germ of an idea, through to a finished and shipped product, and a huge thank-you to all the backers and anyone that tweeted/posted/spoke to a friend or otherwise sent good thoughts our way to help make that happen.

We're printing and shipping more copies, so If you want to pick up any physical copies, we have them available on Etsy here... and BaadFood has been picked up on ComiXology, :).

Thanks again,



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