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Another Cool Backer Event

Posted by Paul Van Ness (Creator)

Hi Noble CinemaSalem Backers:
I had a great meeting today with some friends from Newburyport who are thinking about launching a Kickstarter campaign to convert their beautiful small theater to digital, and it brought back a lot of fond memories of our wonder-filled December campaign. At this particular moment around Boston, it's encouraging to remember the comforts of community and the power it has to keep us moving forward.

So if you hear about another movie theater that wants to convert in the next few months, spread the word to your friends.

Our Kickstarter journey is fresh in my mind also because I've been compiling a list of all the people who made contributions. Shortly we'll post this list on our website, onscreen, and in the lobby. The onscreen version looks like it's going to be awesome, since we're planning to float the list of names over awesome 4K footage that will remind everyone what a great thing you did by helping us convert!

There's a draft backer roster on our website you can preview here. Please let me know if you spot a typo!

1000+ names is a pretty large number when you think of it in the abstract, and even more impressive when you look at them and think about the decision that each represents to support CinemaSalem. We won't ever take that lightly, and we have another free Backer event coming up this weekend.

This Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21, we'll be presenting special 10 am screenings of the hilarious and heartwarming family film, Kung Fu Panda. The screenings are absolutely free for our Kickstarter backers (just show us your backer keycard or some other proof of backerhood).

You Kickstarter backers can look forward to another treat in a couple weeks, when Iron Man 3 opens. On Saturday, May 4, backers can enjoy free fountain drinks all day. More on that later.

Speaking of community, we've got one more cool free event to talk about! When Rob Zombie came to Salem last year to film The Lords of Salem, he had a great time and appreciated the support of the city. This weekend, he got in touch with Kereth to offer the people of Salem (and environs) a free screening of this great new horror film tonight at 9 pm. The film doesn't open nationally until Friday, so this is an awesome opportunity!

Here are some critical raves for Rob's film. Slant Magazine: "Rob Zombie understands horror as an aural-visual experience that should gnaw at the nerves, seep into the subconscious, and beget unshakeable nightmares." Playlist: "Lords is also probably [Zombie's] most ambitious film, and maybe even his most accomplished, as it's his most unnerving." Time Out New York: "This may be terrifying news to Rob Zombie fans, but after years mining the 1970s for gunky shock moments, the musician-turned-filmmaker has emerged as an unusually sensitive director of actors."

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in this film, so to make sure we have plenty of room for this free show, we're asking people to pick up free ticket stubs at the box office in advance of the show tonight at 9 pm. The box office opens at 4 pm today.

This isn't actually a Backer-only event, but we wanted to make sure you supporters are aware of this rare and fun event, in hopes you can join us.

Finally, we've delivered about 98% of our Kickstarter rewards, but we're still waiting on mugs and t-shirts -- and the lobby display. We'll have updates on each of those shortly.

As always, thanks!

Paul V


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    1. E. Houde on

      I also show this posted 25 minutes ago and it's currently 9:35 pm. Was this mean for tomorrow night, but if it was tonight, it posted after the movie started.

    2. Jeff Bellin on

      Hi Paul -

      It's 9:17pm on Wednesday and I just got this notice literally a few minutes ago. is the free Zombie film showing tonight, as in almost 10 minutes ago? I'm