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First Day of Digital Conversion

Posted by Paul Van Ness (Creator)

Hi Loyal Backers:

Thanks again for helping us Save CinemaSalem. Since you've played such a huge role in our transformation from film to this new technology, I thought you'd enjoy an update.

We had a long and successful first day of our digital conversion today. I crossed the Beverly/Salem bridge a little before dawn and met Brian and Don from Sony, Sean and Rob from Wire4Hire, Lenny from Strong, Chris from Excell Metals, as well as a full contingent of passionate CinemaSalem employees to get the job underway.

As you'll see from the photos below, we moved the old projectors out of the way, put the new ones in place, wired them with 240v three-phase power, installed the new audio systems, connected it all with cables, and then built the central storage area. With the platters gone, the booth is suddenly spacious.

Tomorrow we install the ventilation fans and fire up the magic. The people who've seen these projectors in action rave about them: bright, rich, filmic. So plan to catch a film at CinemaSalem soon -- possibly as early as Wednesday if everything goes as planned.

As the movie below reflects (shot last night at 9:05 as the final frames of Oz the Great and Powerful threaded through -- reminding us that the first frames of film to run through CinemaSalem's projectors were The Wizard of Oz seven years ago), this technological transformation, while exciting and necessary, is a bit emotionally seismic. CS staff were grabbing little mementoes of the film age left and right. What a long-lived, influential, affecting art medium it was! Perhaps in clarity, brightness, and efficiency it has now finally been eclipsed, but we will never again see a single technology that remains the pinnacle of technical and artistic excellence for 100 years. 

Thank you, film!

More tomorrow. Thanks again.

Paul V

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