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Rewards Going Out Monday!

Posted by Paul Van Ness (Creator)

Hi CinemaSalem Backers:

Thanks again for your awesome support of CinemaSalem, making it possible for us to convert to the digital projection which the Hollywood studios now require!

After about 100 hours of packing, more than 1000 reward letters are ready to go out, starting Monday. We expect you all will receive them before Friday, March 1. On the advice of Kickstarter, we are mailing out all the reward letters, rather than distributing them from the theater, since it makes it easier for us to track delivery and helps eliminate the possibility of mistaken identity.

Most of the rewards you'll receive will be in the form of coupons. For free admissions to CinemaSalem or the Salem Film Fest, or free drinks or popcorn, you can simply come to the theater and present your coupons. Some reward levels will also receive Salem Film Fest mugs. To receive these, simply come to the lobby and show your coupon and we'll hand you your mugs! If you're from out of town, let us know and we'll mail you your mugs.

All of the rewards are available immediately, except for CinemaSalem T-shirts, which will be available after April 1. All rewards coupons will expire in 12 months, so you have plenty of time to use them.

We are mailing out reward letters using the addresses gathered with the Kickstarter survey. I know that some of you had technical difficulties with that process, so if you were not able to submit your address that way, please email your name and address and reward level to me, and please include the word "Bingo" in the subject line. For example, you could use "Bingo Kickstarter Address" as your email subject.

If you weren't able to submit a survey, please include in that email exactly how you'd like your name to appear when we recognize our backers on our big screens and on a lobby plaque. We'll install that plaque as soon as we have all the information.

Beside the rewards for each contribution level, every CinemaSalem Backer will receive a free bumpersticker and a CinemaSalem Backer Keycard. Put the Keycard on your key chain immediately, because this qualifies you for special offers open only to CinemaSalem Backers, including free drinks, popcorn, and even free movie admissions. We will offer these Backer-only specials regularly from now on for the next several years, and beyond! 

The only place to find out about these specials is in our weekly showtime email newsletter which goes out each Wednesday morning. To subscribe to the weekly email, kindly go to, navigate to the bottom of the page, and enter your email address next to the "Sign Up" button. The email costs nothing, you'll always know about our showtimes and Backer-only specials, and we never share your email address with anyone!

Thanks again for your generosity and willingness to step up and save CinemaSalem! We look forward to welcoming you to the movies for many years to come.

Paul Van Ness

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