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New pledges are still welcome to help us optimize your filmgoing experience and spruce up our cozy theater!
1,023 backers pledged $68,895 to help bring this project to life.

Wow! You did it! Thank you!

Posted by Paul Van Ness (Creator)

Wow! You did it -- you helped us reached our goal in only 12 days! We’re so grateful for the outpouring of support for “Save CinemaSalem”.

You've made history with this campaign, stepping up as individuals and as a community. The history was made each time you posted on Facebook, each time you mentioned the campaign to friends, each time you sent out an email. Some of you wrote newspaper articles, interviewed us on TV, or collaborated with other Rotarians on making a group pledge. Some of you sent in money from around the country, unlikely to enjoy CinemaSalem every week like the locals, but happy to help keep a local independent movie theater in business. Salem is a great place to visit, and we'll expect to see you when you come on vacation next summer. Stop in and introduce yourself!

We won't ever forget what you've all accomplished, and we plan to honor you with special "backer-only" specials and freebies now and into the distant future (including a total free screening of a great movie early next year, and a "backer-only", We helped save CinemaSalem bumpersticker we'll distribute with your rewards in February.

Please let your friends know about your tremendous accomplishment in saving CinemaSalem, and let them know about the "backer-only" specials we'll be offering regularly, for as long as we're in business! We can accept new backers until January 14, when the whole campaign comes to a close.

You're part of an exclusive club of people who love film, who love community, and who know that people working together can accomplish amazing things. Thanks so much!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Arthur Levine on

      You must feel like George Bailey in that scene from "It's a Wonderful Life" when all of the townspeople rally to support him. How apropos during this Christmas season. Congratulations.

    2. Peter Holthaus on

      Well, I was searching for a location for my next holiday.
      Maybe I'll just visit you?

    3. Deborah Grondin on

      So glad I could help! Just got home a little while ago, after seeing The Hobbit at CinemaSalem, my favorite theatre. Thanks!!!

    4. Robert E Buckley on

      Was there ever any doubt?


    5. Sarah Weiss on

      Congratulations!!! Well-earned. The city of Salem and surrounding towns would not be the same without you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Mascolo on

      Hurray for Cinema Salem!

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Oliver on

      I'm glad as a salem state university student and a new resident of salem to see that this came through in the end. I want to visit the cinema soon. Bravo Paul for doing this and succeeding!

    8. Randy Sablich on

      That's awesome. Great job and you can see how much everyone really appreciates what this theater means not just to the local community, but to the arts in general. Looking forward to more upcoming events in the new year.
      Congrats to all.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.