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New pledges are still welcome to help us optimize your filmgoing experience and spruce up our cozy theater!
1,023 backers pledged $68,895 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you, awesome backers! What a great start!

Posted by Paul Van Ness (Creator)

Astonishingly, wonderful people in Salem, on the North Shore, and around the country have pledged more than $28,000 of our $60,000 goal within the first day and a half of our campaign. Thank you! I don't know if that represents a new world record for Kickstarter, but we have been among that site's most popular and active campaigns since we launched. Besides pledging money, many people have left comments or sent emails to us, and I thought I'd share a few.

From a Salem resident: "CinemaSalem was one of many businesses in the community that made me fall in love with Salem! I had to help out because it's my favorite theater and it does so much for the community!"

From Oklahoma: “I'm from Oklahoma, but as a fellow movie-lover I just had to pitch in! “

From someone who lives and works in Harvard Square: “Everyone who works here feels like the closing of the Harvard Square AMC theater this fall was a huge loss. We still have great restaurants and shops, and each time we’ve lost a bookstore, it’s felt devastating, but there was always another bookstore left. Losing that movie theater feels like we’ve lost the heart of Harvard Square.”

From a downtown business leader: “I've lived here long enough to remember when the theater was closed for at least a year. It was a black hole that has been filled with life ever since Paul has taken over. We need to keep this place in business. I'd love to see them raise even more so they can do some other improvements to the facility. Let's go, Salem!”

From an Indiana Jones fan: “I'll never forget going to see Indiana Jones 4 -- your projectionist came out dressed as Indiana Jones and made us all sing the theme song before starting the movie. Too funny (and one of many reasons why we love CinemaSalem).”

And finally, from Jennie Cudmore’s Facebook page, referencing her son: “OMG, Tommie makes me so proud, he watched the Save CinemaSalem video and said, ‘I'll give them my $10.00!’ and he also said, ‘I don't mind not getting presents this year and we can give money to CinemaSalem.’”

What can you say to that? That's the sort of sentiment that makes us feel privileged to be in business.

We don't have enough experience with Kickstarter to know if this good start is an optimistic sign for reaching our goal, or just an indication of an early bump.  And as you know, if we don't make the target of $60,000, we don't get any money. So we're going to keep working like crazy to get to the goal! Anything you can do will help, especially letting your friends, family and work networks know about this campaign and sending them our link:

We got a call from a producer at NECN asking if they could come to the free screening of A CHRISTMAS STORY this Saturday morning at 10 am in order to shoot a story on the Save CinemaSalem campaign. If breaking news happens, they won't come, but if not, this might be your chance to not only see a great movie, but perhaps be on TV yourself. 

Thanks again.


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      Matthew Oliver on

      I'm a SSU student and a now a transplant into the community as my mom has moved here as well (2 years before I did) so I am more than willing to lend a hand to the community and I would like to visit soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony Silva on

      Thanks for your interview on WBZ Radio, Paul. It seems many smaller theaters around the country are facing this challenge. Keep up the good work in Salem.

    3. Peter Holthaus on

      Although I'm in NW Germany, a dying cinema is something I just can't stand.
      Thus, take another $50!
      I'll see if I can get over to collect my popcorn :)

    4. E. Houde on

      This website might help you in tracking your projections. Be aware the linear projection model will be off since donations die off after the first day and then flux during various media attention events. You'll also see an uptick in donations right before the end of a campaign. While not, perfect, the model is better than nothing -