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New pledges are still welcome to help us optimize your filmgoing experience and spruce up our cozy theater!
New pledges are still welcome to help us optimize your filmgoing experience and spruce up our cozy theater!
1,023 backers pledged $68,895 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jamie Dutton on

      One of my local theatres is looking to do some upgrades as well, if ya'll want to take a look:

    2. Jamie Dutton on

      Are ya'll all right?

    3. Rick Alpern on

      Great update Paul. Sounds emotional but in a good way. Good luck finishing up tomorrow! Godspeed!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Medina on

      Thanks so much for the ET screening today... My BFF's girls never saw it before... They loved it. It also brought back memories for me as well!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Melanie Griffin on

      one of those who lost their keycard. Would greatly appreciate a replacement. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcia Nickerson on

      Hi Paul,
      Never received a reward package. Sent you an email about it. Did you get the email? Who do I contact about it?


    8. Scott St Pierre on

      Very cool, Paul. Wish I was in the area to reap some of those bonus rewards, but definitely glad to help out all the same. Good luck with everything!

    9. Missing avatar

      Susan Major on

      Fantastic news! Well done by everyone involved.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Jamie Dutton on

      Yay, Congrats on getting funded and new sound equip too! So glad to have helped even if it's just a little bit.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jack E. Treehorn on

      You're over 68K now Paul, proud to say I took it "over the line!" quote Lebowski of course...can't wait to hear the new sound systems.

    13. Jamie Dutton on

      Sweet, getting close to some shiny new surround sound equipment for ya'll!

    14. Rick Alpern on

      Way to go Paul! Meant to get to his sooner. All of us @ Single Source are rooting for you!

    15. Jamie Dutton on

      Congratulations! :D

    16. Missing avatar

      roberta clement on

      Congratulations and well deserved!

    17. Missing avatar

      The Carmer Family on

      Let's try for the new sound system!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Evans on

      We needed this wonderful news today. Thanks for letting us know and keep up the good work. Cinema Salem is clearly appreciated by the community.

    19. Tammy on

      Success! Yay!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jess H. on

      So close! I check this Kickstarter every day!

    21. Missing avatar

      Matthew Oliver on

      Paul you are a hero if and when you pull this off, You will be saving part of the community and we from Salem State University thank you for what you are doing, also have you considered sending recruiters for help our way? Most of the school may not know of CinemaSalem.

    22. Missing avatar

      John Henkelman on

      Extremely happy to see this goal will be made with time to spare.

    23. Chris Morley on

      Down to just over $6,000 to go and still 32 days left! I am so proud of my community (and those who simple appreciate a locally owned cinema).

    24. Jamie Dutton on

      Sweet, just 7100 from your goal AND you made the front page! Congrats!

    25. Tammy on

      79%. Best of luck in reaching your goal, CinemaSalem! Downtown Salem really needs you!

    26. Bruce Whear on

      "The richest man is the one with friends" Paul Van Ness exemplifies just that.Proudly support this vital Salem institution.Won't you join me in giving back to the organization who has givin so much to others.Merry Christmas Paul.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ellen Wilson on

      The local indie theater in my town (Mobile, AL) recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was fully funded before I had a chance to donate, so I decided to pass that donation along to another theater in another town. Good luck!

    28. Nick Finn on

      Wow already 75% of the way there. I've always liked going to the theater, it's one of the best parts of downtown Salem like many others have said. Maybe if you get enough money you can get one of those Dolby Atmos systems, although I have no idea how much that would cost ha.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ben Waxman on

      Cinema Salem is a downtown gem. They support our community by donating to our vital services and add to the vibrant downtown scene -- an economic multiplier. Can't afford to lose this community asset.

    30. heather on

      My husband and I LOVE CinemaSalem. I really cannot imagine Salem without it. One of our favorite memories of CinemaSalem is going to a showing of President Obama's Inauguration. It was such a wonderful experience. We have seen so many movies at CinemaSalem as well, and going there is such a treat. Looking forward to many, many more visits. Good luck!

    31. Deanna Equality Deloreto on

      I love this theatre and I love this community. 554 backers and counting? You guys deserve it! Thank you for remaining an awesome independant theater in a time where everything is a big boring chain.

    32. Drew Anderson on

      I grew up in Salem and have seen hundreds of films at this venue. I always loved sitting in the theater before the screening starts and being personally welcomed by a staff member. The best was when my friends and I chose CinemaSalem to see the midnight premiere of 'The Dark Knight' in the Summer of 2008. Before the show, the staff member adressed us by saying, "I had to watch this movie last night to make sure the reel worked...this is the most amazing movie I've ever seen." The place erupted with cheers. Classic.

    33. mkb218 on

      Will you still have film equipment for showing old movies from time to time?

    34. Nick Brandestini on

      Of course I am supporting this! My documentary Darwin screened at your cinema during the Salem Film Fest earlier this year. I had a wonderful time there, and I want traditional cinemas like yours to survive.

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    36. Michelle Liming on

      Salem Cinema has always been so accommodating to the students at Embark. We enjoy the theater and your hospitality every time we is one of our favorite field trips. Good luck with this endeavor.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      There's only one traditional movie theater left where I live and if it ever were in trouble I'd donate what I could to save it, so here's my little contribution. Good luck and Merry Christmas!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Joseph Martineau on

      Every time there's been a movie I've wanted to see that's been playing here, I've made the effort to go here over anywhere else. The current ownership has done so much for this theater over the previous owners not only maintaining the integrity of the theater, but also showing support for the community as well.

    39. Missing avatar

      tray on

      I'll never forget going to see Indiana Jones 4 -- your projectionist came out dressed as Indiana Jones and made us all sing the theme song before starting the movie. Too funny (and one of many reasons why we love CinemaSalem). Hope you can stay.

    40. Missing avatar

      Juli & Walt Lederhaus on

      I've lived here long enough to remember when the theater was closed for at least a year. It was a black hole that has been filled with life ever since Paul has taken over. We need to keep this place in business. I'd love to see him raise even more so he can do some other improvements to the facility. Let's go, Salem!

    41. Missing avatar

      Nathan Powers on

      First opened as a Sack Cinema, this theatre was the FIRST theatre in the United States to have an arcade. While the arcade is long gone CinemaSalem has grown that cinema beyond what any past owner has and made it truly unique. It has become a community hub and a valuable asset to Salem. Without this anchor in downtown I feel its effects would be felt among all the non-seasonal businesses downtown. This is the perfect chance for any resident of Salem to feel a bit of ownership of something important to the community.

    42. Jared Robinson & Erin Cyr on

      wow, $24,000! It was only at $2000 yesterday!

    43. Matthew Hoover on

      I'm glad I could do a little part to save a great movie theater. It is a shame we have lost so many classic movie theaters. I'm hopefully optimistic that you will reach your goal and the CinemaSalem will be around for generations to come!

    44. Scott St Pierre on

      3000 likes on facebook and only 300 backers here so far. If all those likes pitched in $ 20 this would be taken care of. Good luck Folks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Drinan on

      CinemaSalem was one of many businesses in the community that made me fall in love with Salem! I had to help out because its my favorite theater and it does so much for the community! Me and my girlfriend try and see movies here almost every week and is one of the few places to watch indie movies you wouldn't normally hear about.

    46. Dom Portalla on

      I remember seeing "Saving Private Ryan" back when I lived in Salem and this was a $1 movie theater. Don't want to live in a world ruled by multiplexes, so I hope my small contribution helps! Good luck reaching your goal and please continue to entertain the masses in one of the greatest towns in New England!!

    47. Jamie Dutton on

      I'm from Oklahoma, but as a fellow movie-lover I just had to pitch in!
      Have ya'll thought of offering postcards of your downtown area or buttons? Doesn't have to be fancy or anything. I'm sure I'm not the only who has a very nice collection of Kickstarter postcards and buttons going. I hope you can reach your goal!