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Give your favourite theme park game Unfair a stellar boost when you mix in the new Alien, B-movie, Dinosaur and Western theme packs.
Give your favourite theme park game Unfair a stellar boost when you mix in the new Alien, B-movie, Dinosaur and Western theme packs.
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Unfair expansion - Alien, B-movie, Dinosaur, Western



Unfair is a unique tableau-building theme park game filled with humourously cynical challenges and strategies. This Unfair expansion brings four new themes to take its replayability through the roof. Mix them with your old favourites, or with each other to discover all new strategies to master in this thrill ride of a game.

Look out for the Late Pledge button after the campaign ends.

 More details in the Stretch Goal section later in the page.

This expansion adds even more replayability to the Unfair base game. With the base game alone, there are 15 combinations of themes for a 4 player game - throw in the expansion and that goes up to over 200!

Aliens have arrived, but they assure us they only want to serve humanity. Help with their research projects and they offer Alien Influence in return, a new type of currency worth 2 points each at game end.

 You can earn Alien Influence by building attractions and upgrades so the aliens can observe us in our natural environment. These are marked with an Alien Influence symbol in place of a star.

Then use your accumulated influence with the aliens to build advanced technology to improve your park - the price is marked on the pricetag.

Be careful! If any staff should happen to get any Alien Influence on themselves, they will disappear mysteriously at the end of the round, shuffled back into the Park deck!

B-movie enables scoring for building panoramas, including those in the base game's 6 themes. With a little effort, some spectacular scenes are possible.

B-movie adds some useful new features to help you build the right attractions in the right order to complete your panorama.

Mashing up themes on the same attraction can have all kinds of benefits... 

 ... all to help you make movies so awful they're awesome.

Discover a mysterious valley filled with living dinosaurs, offering exciting new ways to draw a crowd... for a park owner willing to take the risk.

Add live dinosaurs to your park! With high stars and low cost, they come with enclosures that are just barely adequate, so each round you must roll to determine if they rampage.

You can build electrified fences to properly contain them, or use some careful risk management to keep them under control.

If your park is all about dinosaurs you can enhance guest security, or turn it into an island, using a new type of Showcase card - the replacement park entrance.

The Old West offers wide open spaces, big projects, sudden riches... and robbery. Quality upgrades represent gold nuggets in this theme pack - discovered, dug up, and spent to improve the frontier town in your park.

With an extra lot in your park, you finally have space to build more than 5 attractions. You can even build two super attractions at once!

The Western theme doesn't turn on panorama scoring by itself, but when played with a theme that does, like B-movie, the Western panorama cards can be placed in any order to make for some awesome vistas.

The sheriff is tough but fair, but even he can't keep the local bandits completely under control


Don't like being hounded by the city and their Unfair City cards? Now you can make yourself immune by accepting the Djinni's Bargain.

Prefer to limit demolitions in your park, but without stopping all interactions entirely? You need better Building Insurance!

How about some warning of what the city plans to do to you? A little Prescience will let you peek at the future.

More variety in your 2-player games? Just add One For The Pot.

Play these in combination with other game changers to tweak the play style to suit your group's preference.

Components - ABDW expansion:

  • 262 cards in total featuring 111 new illustrations
  • 4 new theme packs of 57 cards - Alien, B-movie, Dinosaur, Western
  • 4 new Game Changer cards 
  • 30 Alien Influence tokens, in values of 1, 3, 9
  • 8 Insurance Excess tokens (for use with the Building Insurance game changer)
  • 1 Dinosaur Rampage reminder marker
  • 1 Alien Abduction reminder marker
  • 32 page narrow-format rulebook

Package: Base game + ABDW expansion

The cover for this expansion joins onto the base game box to create a panoramic scene, and future expansions will extend the scene even further.


Cards: 300gsm black core stock, matte lamination, round corners.

Box: 12" x 5.3", 2mm greyboard, matte lamination.

Tokens: 2.5mm greyboard, matte finish.

 Read Neil's full review on BGG here

Listen to The Dicemen Cometh podcast episode here 

The Unfair base game reached all of its stretch goals, including upgrades to card stock and token thickness, so this expansion for Unfair starts pre-stretched with those same features.

In the base game campaign, we were able to add two extra theme packs as stretch goals. That was possible because we had been working on the game for five years beforehand.

This time we have a number of stretch goals to reveal, but we need to warn you that none of them is on the scale of an extra theme pack.

We pre-pack Unfair in a robust mailer box at the factory, and use quality fulfillment companies in each region to stay tax free for backers and keep shipping costs as low as possible globally.

USD$12 for shipping is included in the Expansion pledge tier, and USD$17 in the Unfair + Expansion pledge tier. Backers in some regions will need to pay additional fees in these ranges:

Unfair is the beautiful and lovingly cynical brainchild of designer Joel Finch. The original base game was literally a 5 year labour of love, designed in no small part because his stupendously fabulous wife Kate wasn't interested in playing Magic the Gathering with him.

The Unfair world is a contrast of pure theme park fun, happy childhood memories, and blue skies...

...and the gritty, impersonal, sometimes nasty world of commerce. What do people say while they knife their competitors? It's just business...

This first expansion sees the addition of four theme packs that complement the original set. Development of these four themes has taken place over the last four years, with worldwide blind playtesting beginning in December 2017.

The original 6 themes provided 15 possible combinations for a 4-player game. With the 4 new themes, that total increases to over 200 possible combinations!

The game looks mostly finished - so why do we need Kickstarter?

Unfair's large number of deluxe illustrations mean it has a high art cost relative to its sale price, and success at Kickstarter is the way we can recoup that. Without Kickstarter, the budget for art would be significantly lower, and we would need to have fewer unique pieces and/or accept lower detail for many of them.

Success at Kickstarter also helps us to recoup the costs more quickly than sales through retail, so funds can be applied to future development immediately, speeding up the timeline for upcoming expansions. Which is handy, because we have plans underway to fill out the alphabet with a range of new themes and mechanics.

We can get more eyes on the final result *before* it goes to print, which helps to improve the quality. The base game was improved in many details by the feedback of backers during the Kickstarter campaign, and we hope you can help us there again.

Using Kickstarter also allows us to improve the result over the minimum retail product by adding stretch goals, and have a little fun with a few sneak peeks of future packs that we wouldn't be able to justify otherwise.

In short, with your help through Kickstarter, we can make games more awesome.

Over 250 playtesting groups provided feedback to help improve and polish this expansion. Thank you to you all!

Risks and challenges

This is our 3rd Kickstarter project.

Our artists have proven very reliable and we have confirmed they can complete the listed stretch goal card illustrations by the end of this campaign, and we won't be pushing them beyond that.

Rules are complete and formatted, and only need final blue-ink commentary from our resident grumpy former theme park owner.

Backers' games will be pre-boxed in shipping boxes at the point of manufacture for faster and more consistent shipping. They will feature internal corner protectors to reduce risk of corner damage caused by dropped boxes.

Last time we had some production issues in some of the Kickstarter copies of Unfair. We rectified the issues and replaced cards and components for all the backers that requested them. It was a huge job but we are committed to providing quality games so we did everything possible to rectify the situation.

But this time we have a longer checklist of things to TRIPLE check, and our factory has committed to improving their quality, and ramped up their Quality Control processes. We own our own card die now, and this is a simpler project. We won't be caught out again.

If you find you still somehow need any replacement cards we do have some left. Get in touch so we can sort it out.

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