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A theme-park building game with towering rides, deep strategy and high replay value. Build, bribe, blackmail - all the fun of the fair!

A theme-park building game with towering rides, deep strategy and high replay value. Build, bribe, blackmail - all the fun of the fair! Read More
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About this project

Unfair is a theme park tableau building game like nothing out there. Mix your favourite themes from Pirates, Robots, Jungle, Vampires and now Ninja. Build attractions and upgrade them to match blueprints, stack up towering rides, or simply make the most cash.

Watch out though - your competitors may pay off the safety inspectors to close your rides or hire hooligans to vandalise your park! How will you get revenge? 

Whatever happens, it's bound to be... 


On day 1, Unfair funded with 4 variable power theme packs totaling 228 cards, with 126 stunning & unique illustrations by Mr Cuddington (Steampunk Rally, Santorini), and Phillippe Poirier. Plus board, tokens, actually fun rules and more! 

On day 2, backers unlocked the Ninja theme pack, 56 extra cards enabling a 5-player game that we now include in the box for you. Soon we reveal a 6th theme pack stretch goal to add even more replayability to Unfair. 6 theme packs in total powers up Unfair with 50% extra content, that's 112 extra cards, for FREE!

Ninja Print-n-Play File available to view (or print!)

Next we upgrade all cards in the game.

To sweeten the deal, through stretch goals we want to give you 12 fully playable teaser cards from future expansions! We have unlocked 6 so far and dinosaurs are next. These won't be released in the core retail edition of Unfair - those guys will need to wait ages till they come out in expansions. Don't miss out!

But we can only add this free content with your support - so don't hold back, jump on the Unfair ride and let's do this!

Backers also get FREE SHIPPING to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - minimum $15 saving for everyone. Europe and the rest of the world pay a little extra. Yes we are EU and Canada friendly - we handle VAT / HST.


Play events, build cards to your theme park tableau from the market or your hand, and draw cards in quick single-action turns. 

Every player has a rival, every strategy has a counter, and every action matters in this accessible yet deep and replayable game.

Unfair comes with at least 4 packs based on popular funfair themes. Combine one theme pack per player to create a shared pool of cards. Each combination gives a different play experience.

  • Jungle for more space to fit guests in,
  • Pirates for the tallest rides,
  • Robots for efficient ride building,
  • Vampires for the finest quality rides and staff.

Then shuffle up the Park, Event, Blueprint and City Event cards into decks, deal out players' starting cards and coins, and you're ready to go.


Build thrill rides, leisure rides, theatres, sideshows, food outlets and nature areas from the market or your hand. Upgrade them with features, guest services, themes and more.

Look for special powers and combos to build as efficiently as you can. Attractions with lots of stars bring in more guests and money, but you'll need to defend them from your competitors or risk losing their income for a round.
Score big points at game end for building tall attractions.


Once you reach 5-star guest appeal, build one of your 2 powerful Super Attractions to pull in the crowds and give you a unique strategic focus. Master yours for a winning edge!


Hire staff with unique abilities to get ahead of the game. But don't expect to keep them forever - everyone wants the best staff!


With each event card, you choose whether to boost your park OR mess with your competitors. You can stockpile a few events to defend yourself, or bluff while you hold out for powerful event combos.


You've gotta have your secret plans, right? Choose blueprints then build your park to match them (and maybe earn their bonus too). Will you play it safe and avoid drawing attention, or take a risk and push for the big points? Be prepared to defend the parts that matter to your plans!


You have 8 rounds - 4 with the City helping you, and 4 with them cracking down on the theme park madness taking over town. There are 6 of these City Events in each theme pack so every game will be different.


Score at game end for the height of your attractions, for completed blueprints, and for all the coins you've managed to acquire.





  • 4 themed packs of 56 cards - Jungle, Robots, Pirates and Vampires 
  • 3 Game Changer cards  
  • 1 Blueprint closure reminder card  
  • 1 board  
  • 4 player reference sheets  
  • 1 Starting Player token  
  • 1 Current Step marker  
  • 16 page Rulebook  
  • 84 coin tokens, in values of 1, 5, 25, and 125  
  • Scorepad and pencil

Cards: 300gsm white core stock, matt lamination, round corners
Box:  12" x 12", 2mm greyboard, matt lamination
Board: 2.5mm greyboard, matt lamination, bifold
Tokens: 1.5mm greyboard, linen finish



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Unfair is modular and expandable, so you can look forward to more theme park expansions in the future to mix up your play experience. But if you back now and spread the word, we might squeeze more themes into the box! We will also be able to include some teaser cards from future expansions so you get an exclusive version of the game until those expansions are released.

We will offer these ready and realistic stretch goals to add value without risking delivery times to you.

Just like with our first Kickstartered game Monstrous, the components for Unfair are starting at a high quality level, so there are only a few component upgrades to aim for.




We use quality fulfillment companies in each region to keep shipping costs as low as possible so you can back more games! USD$15 for shipping is included in the core pledge tier, and backers in some regions will need to pay additional fees as follows:


Unfair is the beautiful & lovingly cynical brainchild of talented new designer Joel Finch. It's literally a 5 year labour of love, designed so that he could finally play a game he truly loves with his wife Kate. The result? An accessible, inclusive, flexible, deep, re-playable and fun game we are excited to release as our second game.

Packed with beautiful art by Mr Cuddington and Phillipe Poirier, Unfair will take you back to theme park days under bright blue skies where everything was awesome. But dig a little deeper and you'll discover that running a competitive theme park requires some tough choices. Every layer of the game is detailed, thematic and constantly surprising, from the name of cards, to their incredible art, card abilities and even flavour text.

Unfair is a rich gaming experience, as fun or ruthless as you make it. We think you will keep finding more in it, play after play. And with your help, there is more to come.

View the high quality PnP files & Rules.

We have the rules, the design, the art for the four initial themes already done - so why do we need Kickstarter?

First, we want many gamer eyeballs on Unfair, before it's released, while we can still fix any problems. Retail distribution is very one-way, whereas with Kickstarter we can hear from players while your feedback can make a difference.

Second, while four themes is enough to play the game exactly as intended, additional themes would add variety. We have two more theme packs tested and ready to reveal as stretch goals. We want to include them in the main game but we need your support to do that.

We also use Kickstarter to recoup the cost of deluxe art and component quality for the games we make. So it gives you a richer game experience for your money, helps us gauge interest in our games, provides global marketing for them, and helps them sell better in retail eventually.

In short, with your help through Kickstarter, we can make games more awesome.


Risks and challenges

We limit risks by offering a limited number of stretch goals we would otherwise include in later expansions in Unfair. This way we can complete production by October, have games to you in Nov / Dec, and be in stores by Christmas.

We have run a kickstarter campaign for Monstrous before. People loved the production quality but we delivered later than promised and learned some lessons. This time we will be better.

As with Monstrous, we printed a 50 copy pre-production print run to check the manufacturing quality of the game. People who played at Gen Con 2016 were delighted with our component quality. However, we have decided to upgrade the reference boards and playing card stock. And to insist on sharpened blades for card cutting.

Our artists have proven very reliable and we have confirmed they can complete the listed stretch goal card illustrations by the end of this campaign, and we won't be pushing them beyond that.

Rules are complete and ready to print now.

Backers' games will be pre-boxed in shipping boxes at the point of manufacture for faster and more consistent shipping. They will feature internal corner protectors to reduce risk of corner damage caused by dropped boxes.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • 1. you and everyone else can get 6 theme packs instead of 4, saving $20 , gaining 5 player mode and more replay value.
    2. you get up to 12 fully playable teaser cards from future expansions.
    3. shipping is FREE (worth $15) to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and subsidized elsewhere
    4. you get Unfair before retail.
    5. we rely on your support to help us make games as good as they can be.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Stretch goals are a key way for us to give you, and everyone who ever buys Unfair, more game for your money. For us this is a key benefit of Kickstarter. You get a direct benefit that also benefits everyone else - and a bright golden halo that goes with it.

    We will have a number of stretch goals available after we reach our funding goal. There will be:
    1. a few key component upgrades,
    2. up to 2 additional theme packs to add variety and new mechanics to the game, along with a 5 player option,
    3. some fun teasers from future theme packs that work independent of them. These won't be available in the retail version of the game. But they may be released as part of later expansions. Even we don't know exactly when that will be, or if it will actually happen.

    Last updated:
  • Sort of. You can think of the stretch goal teasers as temporary and possibly permanent exclusives.

    We understand that some backers crave Kickstarter exclusives as an additional reward for their support. But we also have to worry about retail completionists :( So we hope this approach satisfies most of that need. But if it doesn't, and that’s your core reason for backing Unfair, and your support is contingent upon absolute exclusives, then we understand that you might not be happy, wish you well, and hope you do the same for us.

    We would love you to support your FLGS by buying the regular edition of Unfair in retail. And we’re sure you won’t feel like you have missed out for the first year when you watch someone playing a unique [REDACTED] to stop their awesome [REDACTED] escape its confines, in their Kickstarter version of the game.

    Last updated:
  • We have a total of 10 themes at various stages of completion and testing, and a document which has themes assigned to around 18 letters of the alphabet in total.

    From its inception 5 years ago Unfair was designed to be modular, so any 4 theme packs are sufficient to make a complete game for up to 4 players, and it's very playable down to any 2 themes. Each theme pack is a balanced unit with its own point of mechanical difference that combine for different play experiences, and by its nature, the game still has to work properly and be fun when any of those packs is not present.

    When we picked up Unfair to publish it had a long history of development, extensive content and art costs to be considered. It's 10 themes made it so modular we had to make strategic decisions about how to offer the game, considering its Minimal Viable Product and our vision of the best version it might be at the right pricepoint.

    We considered the number of players, pricepoints, and when we could finish development and art for the theme packs we want to potentially take to Kickstarter, goals we need to set for the project with 4, 5 or 6 theme packs and what might happen if it went poorly or well, and when we could get it to market.

    After much public testing and thinking we settled on a 4 player version being great, with Jungle, Robot, Pirate and Vampire themes. People literally loved it. It inspired a new first play game mode too (the First Date game changer scenario). We got a good feel for an appropriate pricepoint from players, that matched what we needed it to be based on our extensive art, development and manufacturing costs.

    We focused most of our dev time on making the core game framework as good as it can be, the core theme packs shine, and some more on 2 additional theme packs we plan to finish dev work and art for by the end of the kickstarter campaign in case we did well enough to need stretch goals.

    We hoped for but never expected this level of success and built the project around a realistic assessment of what might happen a little above the worst case scenario. But we left room to add value to the game for backers by adding more content for FREE through stretch goals. This is the primary reward to backers beyond getting Unfair. We unlocked the Ninja theme and there is one more to go.

    So we came to Kickstarter with the minimum game that was playable as intended, with the goal of making the initial offering better if we got sufficient support (which we have - thank you! :) If we had not unlocked the Ninja theme pack, that would have been a shame for variety's sake, but the game wouldn't be missing any vital components it was always meant to have. But the Ninja theme does add the option of a 5th player for experienced players and, most importantly, modular variety for all player counts under 5. At 4 players you were playing the full version of the game, with Ninja in the mix you are always playing a variant of the game at 4 players. The 6th theme pack extends that modular variety further meaning that you have these possible theme pack combinations at various player counts.

    6 combinations for a 5 player game with 6 packs
    15 combinations for a 4 player game with 6 packs
    20 combinations for a 3 player game with 6 packs
    15 combinations for a 2 player game with 6 packs

    Last updated:
  • Many creators struggle with the opposing forces of backer driven creative spontaneity manifested in stretch goals to the horizon, and unforgiving backer expectations of delivery of promised funstuff within a certain amount of time. Or ideally RIGHT NOW!

    Speed is important to us, and to backers, so we are doing everything we can to get you Unfair in December.

    We have already production printed 50 copies of Unfair (seen at Gen Con and by reviewers) and noted changes we will make. All its art is gloriously complete.

    We've tested all of the decks and cards we will can add to the game.

    Art for one of the theme packs we plan to add is complete, and the final theme pack we can offer is underway and on track to completion by the end of the campaign. Our in-demand artists have already bent over backwards to squeeze in extra stretch goal work and are booked out straight after this so have no capacity for additional work.

    Because of this imperative to deliver fast, and other constraints, we cannot stray from the stretch goal path we have been planning for the past 6 months. If we do, it risks delivery to all backers. That’s why we can’t add things as we go, no matter how cool they sound. But there is always later.

    Last updated:
  • We have done our homework and know what it should cost, and that players who’ve played it think it’s worth every cent of that. Before we have even stretched it.

    Unfair has 128 unique illustrations across 228 cards. They paint an incredible world of theme parks you can get lost in via the depth of gameplay.

    Stretch goals will hopefully add 134 new cards across 2 decks and the teaser cards. That's another 48 illustrations.

    Keep in mind we are paying $15 shipping for you, and Kickstarter takes another $5. So all our costs for art, graphic design, development, marketing etc come out of the remaining $30.

    Last updated:
  • Yes you can download a high quality Print and Play version of Unfair at

    This includes theme packs added through stretch goals. ie The Ninja theme pack is now available.

    Have fun!

    Last updated:
  • We hope there will be many expansions available. They will be groups of theme packs. The first won't be available till mid 2017.

    Last updated:
  • We are in discussions with many non-english language publishers to publish Unfair in 2017. This game has a lot of text and we are assessing who is the best to do it in each country. If you have strong opinions about that please PM us.

    Last updated:
  • Unfair’s designer Joel Finch has been trapped on a remote Island in the Great Barrier Reef surrounded by great white sharks for 5 years while developing Unfair.

    Having heard rumors of Unfair, we came in relatively late, wined and dined him over some grilled shark, cleaned him up, and sorted out some of his more broken game ideas before we returned him to Kate and Alex.

    Joel has spent a huge amount of development time on Unfair. He will tell you a number like 3500 hours but I suspect it’s ten times that. Or maybe 11.

    Last updated:
  • CMON and Good Games Publishing announced a strategic relationship beginning Thursday, Aug 4 2016. CMON will co-brand, market and distribute our games in all French and English territories outside of Australia and New Zealand.

    The partnership begins with Good Games’ upcoming Monstrous, releasing Q3 2016, and Unfair, with a planned retail release of Q4 2016.

    CMON don't handle any Kickstarter, development or marketing issues for us

    Last updated:

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