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Fully Funded!  Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
Fully Funded! Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
6,479 backers pledged $200,641 to help bring this project to life.

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Survey and Blanks

Posted by Maxwell Salzberg (Creator)

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A Little More Than 24 Hours Left!

Posted by Maxwell Salzberg (Creator)


When we started our Kickstarter, we thought our $10,000 would come from our immediate friends, family, and a small handful generous strangers.

Boy, were we wrong.

We ended up with close to twenty times our goal from over 6200 individuals who share our vision. By our second week in, we gained the attention of some extraordinary developers, the New York Times, the BBC, and Gizmodo, among others. The sheer number of current supporters is unprecedented on Kickstarter, and we are thankful for every last backer. Together, we have struck a chord with the world and identified a problem which needs to be solved.

We started with the goal of working hard, staying focused, and making great software, and that's exactly what we're going to do. With the surplus of attention and monetary support, we are now able to position ourselves amongst some of the best developers around. You may not hear too much from us in the coming months and we will try our best to provide regular updates, but our silence means we are hard at work.

Before our Kickstarter is over, we just wanted to address a few questions about rewards.

When the fund raising period is over, we (via Kickstarter) will send out a form to collect the address where you want your rewards sent. All rewards are going to be fulfilled at the end of the summer, around the time Diaspora is going to be released. With that being said, when we started our Kickstarter, we thought the logisitcs of delivering two hundred or so CDs, stickers and shirts would be simple. We thought it would be a nice token of gratitude for our backers, even though in this day and age, shipping frequently updated open source software doesn't actually make much sense. For each of our backers, we plan on providing exclusive, high bandwidth links and torrents of the latest version of Diaspora on launch day. This will always be the best way to get Diaspora, as you can guarantee that it will be the most up to date version.

When we send out the request for contact information, we hope you will choose an instantaneous download, rather than a silly outdated CD. If for any reason you feel like you want the CD, please just say, "I want the CD!" and we will be more than happy to send it to you.

The same goes for the stickers and the tee-shirt. If for any reason, you feel like you do not want them, let us use the money we save to make Diaspora even more awesome. If you want it, don't feel bad! Just make sure you wear your Diaspora shirt with pride!

If you donated at any reward pledge level, you are entitled to your reward, and we are looking forward to getting you your awesome Diaspora stuff.

We have set up an FAQs on our website which we are constantly updating as well, and you can send any other further questions to questions AT joindiaspora DOT com .

Also, Be sure to check out our updated website at !

Thanks again,
- Maxwell, Ilya, Raphael, and Daniel

Don't Worry!

Posted by Maxwell Salzberg (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

Just so nobody panics, you are going to see our pledge amount drop by $10,000. The good folks at Kickstarter have identified a bogus pledge, and are taking care of us accordingly.

Thanks so much for supporting Diaspora!

- Maxwell

After the Times

Posted by Maxwell Salzberg (Creator)


We realize we've been conspicuously absent the past few days. As you can imagine, we've been overwhelmed by the degree of the enthusiasm about Diaspora, and we wanted to wait a few days to to let the craziness settle down. Over 4600 people care enough about Diaspora's goals and have enough confidence in us to sign up for Kickstarter and back us. Now that we have much more money than we asked for, our situation has changed a little.

Our basic plan is the same: we're going to build a great lightweight decentralized social networking framework and release it as AGPL software. We're going to use the extra money to help us reach that goal and to keep improving Diaspora after this summer, and possibly supplement our ramen with the occasional apple. :)

In addition to money, a massive number of talented and experienced people, including developers, designers, hosting companies and lawyers, have offered us their expertise. Though we haven't responded to the deluge of emails, we have read them all. We're still working through the backlog and are putting together a great group of advisors.
We're also getting in touch with other projects in the space. We had a great talk with the guys behind Ostatus earlier this week, and we are excited to implement the Ostatus standards.

As always, we couldn't have made it this far without all of our incredible supporters. It heartens us to know that so many people share our concern for privacy online and we are doing our best to make sure Diaspora turns out awesome.

Thank you for your support,
Team Diaspora

We made it!

Posted by Maxwell Salzberg (Creator)


We can't believe it only took us twelve days to reach our goal. We have gotten so much support and exposure thanks to all of you that we could barely keep up with all of your emails, updates, and comments. We really appreciate people who continue to back us, it makes us so pumped to get started on the project. We think people's privacy and personal control is in jeopardy more than ever online, and every day we hear about more and more of our peers who say that Diaspora is something that they want and need.

Your comments, updates, and emails are all still very appreciated. We also want to extend a special thank you to all of our many international backers (we promise we are going to find you a way to get you your rewards...we had no idea we would get such worldwide support)! We are really excited that our summer is going to become a reality, and can't wait to make Diaspora the social application we all need.

Right now, for the Diaspora team, we have to finish school/graduate. Then, we are going to spend a week or two getting ready for three months of intense coding. We will try and update our blog (and even our Kickstarter) periodically over the summer, but for the most part we are going to be in recluse programmer mode. If you want to see what we are up to, we will be hanging out on the GNU Social mailing list, as well as a few other places as we work on defining some common protocols between like minded projects.

As always, you can check out our website for updates, and follow us on Twitter or Identica, and soon, on Diaspora itself!


Maxwell, Daniel, Raphael and Ilya

The Diaspora Team

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