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Fully Funded!  Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
Fully Funded!  Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
Fully Funded! Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
6,479 backers pledged $200,641 to help bring this project to life.

Quick Note On Alpha Invites

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Hi Everyone,

We wanted to let everyone know how the alpha invites are working.

After some thinking before we started sending invites out, we decided that it would be more useful for everyone if we gave out invites at a slower rate, but gave more invites to those invited. If we gave one give one invite to all 6,479 backers the first day, that would not be helpful for anyone. We wouldn't be able to see how people were really using Diaspora, and people would not be able to have their real friends on the site.

Instead, we started giving ten invites to a smaller number of backers, and increasing that number as we can handle it. After all, a social network is only fun if you can talk to your friends.

We are working as fast as we can to get invites out to our backers, and rest assured we are not sending invites to people who did not back us before people that did not. If you did see someone who is on before a backer, we did not send them the invite, one of their friends (who was a backer) did.

Maxwell, Daniel, Ilya, and Raphael

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    1. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on June 12, 2013

      @Michael Young,

      Looks like you never received anything from us because you selected that you did not want to receive a reward when you pledged to our project.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dominik Deobald on April 23, 2013

      Anybody complaining: You may not have understood the idea of Kickstarter. It may be hard, but failing is a part of the game you have to live with. You're funding ideas, not buying products.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Young on March 20, 2013

      I never got anything from this project, no cd, no shirt...waste of money.

    4. Rick Sumrall on July 5, 2012

      Well at least you received your CD, I never received anything from them, not CD, t-shirt, thank you note, nada.

    5. L.Brady on May 14, 2012

      With all this project has been through -and without- I can't find that level of disappointment here. It's truly fantastic when anyone here at Kickstarter truly succeeds - seems to be hitting it's stride now that is for sure. Perhaps if Diaspora hadn't been so ahead of it's time- if it were coming here now with all the huge press... I for one still wish there was a huge success here/a SN with no creepy feeling of being watched, used for research, or blatantly listened in on. Myself... it never got off the ground for me due to events in my life that happened right around getting the disc. Which has long been lost, etc. Sad. It's SUCH the damn right idea.

    6. Rick Sumrall on March 6, 2012

      Still dissapointed in Disapora. No progress updates in over a year, that's not a very comforting thing.

    7. Rick Sumrall on November 3, 2011

      Disapora has seemed more like Dissappointed; at least that's what I've been. Give my donation, never received the promised T-shirt. Now I don't want the t-shirt and with Google+, the whole Disapora will likely go down the tube. Then a few weeks ago they have the nerve to ask for more
      money to complete the development of the project. That's just my $.02 worth.

    8. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on September 23, 2011

      Sam, as we have mentioned in a few other messages, please email us at to figure out how to get you your stuff.

    9. Sam Crocker on August 31, 2011

      Accusation rescinded on the alpha invite - just found it in the inbox for my old email, still not received any of the other stuff though.

    10. Sam Crocker on August 31, 2011

      Wow this is pretty beat up. Sort of feels like these kids just took $200k and ran. As far as I know never received an invite, or any of the other rewards. Surely I'm not the only one in this situation?

    11. Jarmo Lundgren on July 20, 2011

      I've got the same worry as Sam. I just updated my email info here @ Kickstarter.

    12. Sam Crocker on May 3, 2011

      Hey Guys,

      Worried I may have got an invite going to an old email address? Have all the invites gone out yet? Any chance you could send an invite to my email address (updated) as I never received one and backed the project?


    13. francisco turner on February 22, 2011

      Are we backers getting an Invite soon?

    14. luis zaragoza on January 16, 2011

      What is going on Guys plz don't go alphabetical order dude cause that will really suck

    15. Dan Goldenberg on January 7, 2011

      If anyone ist still wondering about the status of their backer rewards, please send an email to and I will help resolve any issues.

    16. Andre Hugo on December 28, 2010

      Yip still waiting for and counting the days until I receive my invite, cd and T-shirt.

    17. Missing avatar

      DennisNorth on December 21, 2010

      Quick query, could someone kindly confirm the e-mail address invites are being sent from? Got mine today, just want to be sure it's genuine. Cheers.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stephen Fierbaugh on December 16, 2010

      I still have not received my T-shirt & stickers, nor (more importantly) my invite. How do I resolve this?

    19. Mark Finster on December 15, 2010

      Is it too late for an invite?

    20. Jennifer on December 15, 2010

      I too am wondering when I'll get my invite. I've started seeing people talking about it, and it's annoying to have supported it and not even be able to try it out. I can't defend Diaspora* if I don't have access to it.

    21. JP Rangaswami on December 14, 2010

      Wondering how the invites are doing. Got everything else I was expecting, but no invite to join as yet. Eager.

    22. marjo van der Woerd on December 10, 2010

      Good idea to slow down the proces of handing out invites, but can't wait to get one.

    23. Missing avatar

      inarow on December 9, 2010

      so, I got an invite and it would not work because it says invites are closed -- what is up with that?

    24. Missing avatar

      MagneticCrow on December 9, 2010

      Hey, have discs been sent out yet? Though a backer, I have not received one, nor an alpha invite.

    25. Robert O'Connor on December 9, 2010

      I backed you and yet have not received my invite yet... what the heck?

    26. Missing avatar

      Regis FOINET on December 9, 2010

      scur> Ok, kinda makes sense, but you KNOW it's bugging people when those who didn't help out at all are on Diaspora, and a lot of us who did can't get on it yet. A time frame would be nice.

      SAME !!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Melody Seldin on December 9, 2010

      we understand u can't handle putting all backers on simultaneously, but a proper time frame would be nice for us backers who feel a teensy bit anxious to see it :) also wondering if your international backers are included (of which I am one)...

    28. Missing avatar

      scur on December 9, 2010

      Ok, kinda makes sense, but you KNOW it's bugging people when those who didn't help out at all are on Diaspora, and a lot of us who did can't get on it yet. A time frame would be nice.

    29. Alexandre Jojo on December 9, 2010

      Go ahead !! You do it good I can't wait receiving my alpha !! Good luck for the next steps

    30. Missing avatar

      Cathy J Bair on December 8, 2010

      I am one of the $2,000 pledgers. I'm not complaining, but I was wondering- where is my new computer? So far, I've received is a t-shirt and the dvd. My old computer won't load the Diaspora program. I'm waiting patiently but am starting to wonder what is happening?

    31. Missing avatar

      Jan Marks on December 8, 2010

      I think that's the right approach - we can wait a bit and meanwhile play with some public alphas. I really hope that you stay focused on the final goal and that you finally find a way to let people switch from FB to Diaspora with "a single click" without all friends and content...

    32. Waldemar Mrozinski on December 8, 2010

      Hiya chaps, thanks for the T-shirt - it will help to advertise Diaspora when it takes off. Can't wait for my invitation to see how the site looks, especially the profile page. I deactivated Facebook because they ruined my profile, the one place where I could present a thumbnail sketch of myself in my own words, displaying my genius and incomparable wit. That was sacred ground. I will never forgive Herr Zuckerberg for defiling it in his automated, data-mining quest.

    33. Missing avatar

      Laurent Fortin on December 8, 2010

      @Michel: The official Diaspora pod is is another public pod.

    34. Missing avatar

      Naiche Lujan on December 8, 2010

      Hey guys,

      So happy to see this project coming along. Can't wait to kill my FB acct.

      Now, I know that you really need to continue to focus on development, but can you please figure out a way to have a chat session or something with us backers so we can have some direct communication with you and ask questions?

      I have lots of questions. I guess I will submit them via email, but I'm sure there are lots of us with questions. Ideas?


    35. George Roberts on December 8, 2010

      I've signed on to a public alpha but am looking forward to getting the invite from your good selves. Keep it up. Don't let the alpha-knocking get to you. Don't people understand what alpha is?? The distributed platform is important work. It is good for the web.

    36. Max Sandoval on December 8, 2010

      yippie, can't wait to get my invite. Mahalo nui loa!

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on December 8, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Edward Perkins on December 8, 2010

      ok ok ok. but i can't reasonably wear this nifty new t-shirt around until i have an account...

    39. Missing avatar

      Paul Morris on December 8, 2010

      "...we are not sending invites to people who did not back us before people that did not."
      I don't think you meant to have that last "not" in this sentence. :-)

      Are you basing the invite order on the amount of $ people contributed? So that if you contributed more, you get an invite sooner?

      Best of luck with this roll-out process!

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on December 8, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    41. Missing avatar

      charlie collins on December 8, 2010

      I can not get the program to load from the disc.

    42. Missing avatar

      Steve Shaff on December 8, 2010

      Thanks for the invite; I've invited 4 additional people. Hopefully someone to "talk" to. However, three of them do not trust the new service and are reluctant ("why use something in addition to facebook"), and one has had error messages and cannot continue the signup process. We'll keep trying.