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Fully Funded!  Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
Fully Funded!  Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
Fully Funded! Diaspora will be an open source personal web server to protect and share all of your stuff online.
6,479 backers pledged $200,641 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on

      @jennifer, same thing as below!

    2. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on

      @ryan and @rene, both of you both said "no" when we asked on the survey if you wanted the CD, so we didn't send you one. To anyone wanting to know, you can download D* at, and follow progress @

    3. Missing avatar

      Ali Hassan on

      So Kickstarter just offered me my award survey from out of nowhere. If those tshirts and stickers from 2010 aren't around i'll accept swag of any sort. Although if they are... those are part of history now. Thanks.
      RIP Ilya

    4. Musely on

      Absolutely fantastic. I backed this project and didn't receive a CD like promised. I kind of want my 5 dollars back. Nothing ever came of this, and that's really fucking disappointing. Thanks.

    5. Adrian Oliva on

      So what ever happened to this project. It was supposed to be the next big thing and 200,000 was invested into it.

    6. carolyn rhea drapes on

      i received what was promised. good luck going forward, and my heartfelt condolences on the passing of ilya.

    7. Rene Bruce on

      Woop's url is !

    8. Rene Bruce on

      I also just kicked in $5 and never got a thing.. funny you got over 200k... hummm how about my $5 back, and don't send it to me, go to and donate it to them, they deserve it WAY more then you all do ! Total Scam after reading what others are saying.....

    9. Missing avatar

      adam on

      I am so sorry to hear about Ilya.

    10. Jennifer on

      To follow up. I received the t-shirt and stickers. However, the point I was making is that my pledge level was promising me a CD of the software.

      I realize that you changed what you were going to deliver. However, my objection is that you did that after funding was complete and I had no opportunity to say "no, I don't want to fund that."

      Then you send out another email asking for more money. It'd make me laugh, except I'm already annoyed.

    11. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on

      Hi Jennifer,

      We sent all of our backer rewards and invites last November, so if you have not seen anything from us, there must have been some sort of mix up. Can you email us at, or send us a message on Kickstarter? That way we can get you set up ASAP.

      Thanks for backing us!


    12. Jennifer on

      You don't deliver what you promise, miss most of your deadlines, and got funded 20 times more than you asked for and then you have the gall to send an email asking for MORE money????

      Why should I throw good money after bad?

      At least this email promises something you might deliver - nothing. I'd rather buy shares in a company that is going under. Thanks all the same.

    13. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on

      (and as always, if you are backer and you think you are missing something, please email so we can fix it!)

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Donald Strauss on

      all i'm hearing is the sound of crickets, and maybe the sound of someone selling out. i feel like you guys missed the boat. google+ will probably eat you alive if zuckerberg didn't already. too bad. the alpha seems like a bit of a dog--more sleeping dog than alpha dog.

    16. zanf on

      Exactly Matthew, what the hell happened here? The Alpha is still just sitting there and no updates in nearly 8 months.....

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew W on

      Did these guys fall off the map? No updates in a long time.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark F Connaughton PE on

      Enquiring minds want to know - how's it going, folks? Anything working yet? Is it still in alpha, and are you still rolling this out to your backers?

    19. Anna Lena on

      Diaspora is worlwide and aliens. Hello...Europe :)

    20. Carina Reyes on

      Saw on the web that you got funded by Zuckerberg. That seems ironic given you seem to be referring to facebook's use of our private data. What does this mean for Diaspora?

    21. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Nestor

      hi, I'm a $100 backer from Kickstarter, still waiting for an invitation, a cd, a t-shirt etc etc. Any word?

    22. Felix Grebenstein on

      With the funding finished, is it still possible to donate to you guys in other ways?

    23. Jeremy Smith on

      Hi. I'm still waiting for my pledge goods in the UK. Any news on when I might expect them?

    24. Paul Hastings on

      Updates anytime soon?

    25. Melissa Axel on

      So excited and proud at how well this took off and exceeded the goal beyond wildest expectations! Please sprinkle some of that magic pixie dust in this direction—our project finishes tonight at midnight and we've been steadily climbing but still have a ways to go. Thanks for everything you're doing and wishing you all a fantastic and rewarding new year! :)

    26. TruthSeeker on

      I'm an investor. Are we going to get share certificates for our equity in the company?
      I got a t-shirt and two stickers, but no paperwork.

    27. Matthias Welte on

      Finally I received my shirt here in germany. Thanks for your work and keep on. Best M.

    28. Missing avatar

      ThornCherish on

      We are awaiting invites and love this concept. Please communicate well with supporters--perhaps bring in a person for this purpose. I have several family and friends eager for Diaspora.

    29. Michael Leadley on

      Got my t-shirt and stickers, thanks! Can't wait for my invite.

    30. Povilas Skruibis on

      got t-shirt, stickers and invite :) keep it up guys

    31. Missing avatar

      Carine on

      Great! I can't wait for the invites!

    32. MHB | ART on

      I got a t-short & cd in the mail. Sorry to be dumb but what am I supposed to do with the CD? And not sure if that is the same as getting the invite to lg-in onto the site. Thanks,

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    34. Simon Phipps on

      Pretty annoyed that all sorts of people I know who did not support Diaspora have had invites, yet I as a backer still haven't.

    35. Pablo Marques on

      Never got an invite nor my rewards. Slightly disappointed.

    36. Dan Goldenberg on has updates about the current alpha invites.

    37. Dan Goldenberg on

      Hi everyone,

      The Diaspora guys have been working really hard and asked me to help them out with some issues that have arisen.

      All of the backer rewards have been sent out. If you have not received yours, please email with as many details as possible.

      I am currently going through the emails that are already there.

      I apologize for the delay.

    38. Missing avatar

      Murray Mitchell on

      Been 8 days since the announcement, no invite here either. Wrote to the team directly, but no response. Kickstarter also equally unforthcoming on this issue.

    39. gregory thomas on

      Got the t shirt, looks good, had a few people asking what diaspora was after seeing the t-shirt and I enlightened them. thanks guys : )

    40. Infoholic on

      The guys at Diaspora need to learn one thing about the IT business, and that is just being a good programmer is not enough. If you make commitments to backers you need to fulfill them. If for some reason there is a problem that is delaying that commitment being fulfilled then you communicate the status regularly.

      Similarly if you tell backers who may have had problems with the survey to send you an email you reply to them with an update. I don't even care if it's a bulk "Hey thanks for your email. We're a little snowed under right now. We'll get back to you in a week or so" sort of email. You just need to communicate.

      I know the schwag will take a little time to reach me and the 6000+ other backers (i.e. if I'm am going to get any - I don't know - I've had no replies from anyone at Diasopra) and I'm kind of OK with that.

      What I'm annoyed about is that as one of the top 300 or so backers (based on amount pledged) I am yet to receive an invitation to view and use the Diaspora Alpha. Come on. You're software engineers. That part should not be too hard. Even I, as a novice hack programmer, could probably cobble something together in a few day that would automatically send out invitations to a list of backers.

    41. Tim Church on

      A little confused. Was waiting for the invitation but apparently everyone is already signing up at Have I missed something?

    42. Missing avatar

      David on

      Why does the address take me to a page to install Google Frame. In addition, the tab says that the web page doesn't support my version of IE. I'm using IE 9. What gives?

    43. Missing avatar

      Dhanraj Dhotah on

      I do understand that the project has been fully funded, however, I was just wondering if their is going to be another funding request soon regarding the project

    44. Jarosław Lipszyc on

      Still no access to survey and - as a result - no t-shirt. I was emailing (to, filling reports, posting to forums. Is there anyone in the know how to get in touch with actual Diaspora team human being and let them know, that some backers still do not have their swag, and have no way to communicate that fact???

    45. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Jarim Madrigal Castrellón on

      Espero que vensa a facebook, confio en ustedes, sigan asi. Desde México, Durango

    46. Daniel Smith on

      I just got the Diaspora package yesterday - shirt and stickers. Yikes, that's the shirt?! Someone spent 15 minutes drawing little sperms emanating from "Diaspora"? Is this a joke? Where's the real shirt?

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    48. Missing avatar

      Margaret Harris on

      I just received my Diaspora* dvd today and have not the slightest idea what to do with it. I don't see an *.exe anywhere in the files. I am not a developer, just a person who is concerned about Internet and social networking privacy issues. HELP!

    49. malek haneen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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