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Bouquet of Consequence, A Short Film's video poster

Each day we make decisions which affect our lives. Every choice a direction in time, a path we choose to live—each with a consequence. Read more

Denver, CO Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 7, 2012.

Each day we make decisions which affect our lives. Every choice a direction in time, a path we choose to live—each with a consequence.

Denver, CO Shorts
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For those of you just landing here and are unfamiliar with kickstarter, let me give you a quick run down. Kickstarter is a GREAT way to get involved with fun, creative projects such as our short film, Bouquet of Consequence. For as little as $5 you can help see this film succeed in showing in a variety of festivals both locally and nationally. It really is that simple!

You can also help by spreading the word through facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogs, and other forms of social media. Spreading the word about our movie is just as important as backing it!

We decided to create this campaign to help with the costs of submitting to festivals and the huge amount of marketing required to guarantee a semblance of success. Bouquet of Consequence is nearing the completion stage for filming but we have been very busy in the marketing stage. This is the exciting part... getting the word out! But it’s also the most expensive and time consuming.

Travis and I have carefully drafted an elite team of individual artists to work on Bouquet of Consequence. Each brings a level of passion and talent that is hard to find. We have all committed ourselves to the making of this movie by working for free, enduring all-nighters, crazy schedules and bringing our best each time. The quality of this team is evident in the production and Travis and I couldn’t be more proud. 

With your donation, we are assured of achieving something greater than we ever thought possible. This movie will be made—not by the success of our kickstarter campaign but by the sweat, tears and passions of everyone involved. Your support means we can share this project nationally and possibly even internationally, but most of all your support allows us to showcase the talents of the amazing people involved on a much greater scale. From all of us on team LA Motion Pix, THANK YOU.


Honestly, this would send us through the moon. While we believe in this project and have the utmost faith in our team and our abilities, we have no expectations on funding. We ARE going to make this movie, we ARE going to premiere it and we ARE going to submit it to festivals... Our kickstarter campaign is going to make sure Bouquet Of Consequence gets the best possible chance to be seen. Anything more than what we are asking for allows us to market to those who can distribute it. Yes, this is the ULTIMATE goal we could ask for. Bouquet... distributed nationally. Wow!


Each day we make decisions that affect our lives. Every choice a direction in time, a path we choose to live. The consequences of these actions are ours alone, but even the best intentions can have unexpected results. 

Rachel and Daniel are a responsible, likeable couple. They have a four-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, whom is very beautiful and very loved. Unfortunately, an accident forces the young couple into making a decision that will haunt them the rest of their lives. 

Adding even more stress, Rachel and Daniel are also confronted with the ugly and even dangerous effects of dementia with Daniel’s mother, Ellen. Ultimately, with Rachel’s urging, Daniel decides to put Ellen in a rest home after becoming a danger to herself and them. Psychological turmoil, guilt and nightmares are just some of the issues they encounter—each choosing to cope differently. 

Rachel suffers from nightmares where the consequences of her actions are playing out in her mind, allowing us to question our own decisions and motivations behind the choices we make.


LA Motion Pix is a small team of artists dedicated to making powerful films. Our first film, "Time Changes Everything" introduced the team to the Denver film community during the 48 Hour Film Project.

Later in 2010 the team produced a series of commercials for the Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" contest with such favorites as "The Cool Ranch," "Sales Presentation," and the ever popular, "No Ordinary Ranch."

Following a successful 2010 campaign, LAMP enjoyed even greater success the following year with, "Dead Vengeance," winner of "Best Cinematography," "Best Sound Design," and "Best Editing" for the Denver 48 Hour Film Project. This film launched LAMP into the Denver fray.

Today, the team is very excited and confident on our latest project, Bouquet of Consequence. This film is destined to be a showcase of each of our individual talents, determined to place LA Motion Pix as a formidable, professional, and highly creative team and to contribute to the growing quality of the Colorado Independent Film community.


Bouquet of Consequence will be submitted to a variety of festivals. We intend to submit locally, nationally and possibly even internationally... while providing a special, semi-invitational, local screening prior to the first premiere. 

Our campaign was developed to give us the best chance to show Bouquet of Consequence at its finest. Costs for entry fees are included in the budget, as well as the screening event and marketing materials.


Everyone involved with this project feels very strongly about it. A true passion film, we are consumed with because of both the challenges and rewards. We hope you can share in this excitement as we bring Bouquet of Consequence to life. Your support means everything to us.

Please leave your questions! We will be answering and updating frequently!


Travis, Bill and the entire LA Motion Pix team.


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    Thank you for your support. We’ll send out an “Awesome Supporter Alert!” with your name on twitter and a listing on Facebook. You'll also receive an access code to view an exclusive scene from the film.

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    Thanks so much for spending your hard-earned $ on our passion project. For only $10 you get a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the completed film "Bouquet Of Consequence"! We will also add your name to our list of “Supporters” during the end credits of the movie. This also includes the rewards from above.

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    Awesome! $25 brings us an important step closer to getting "Bouquet of Consequence" out to festivals. In addition to the shout out, the sneak peak, the Digital Download and the “Supporters” credit, you'll also receive a free ticket to our Denver screening!

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    This is the “Golden Ticket”. For $50, in addition to all of the above, you get 2 (YES 2) tickets to the screening of “Bouquet of Consequence” this summer along with an official 5x7 poster signed by the entire cast and crew. The screening will provide food and great entertainment. It will be a GREAT night out and a THRILLING experience.

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    Not only do you get 2 tickets to the screening and all of the above, but we’ll also offer up a DVD including bonus features!

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    Wow. Here, you get all of the rewards above plus a full-sized (18"x24") movie poster of “Bouquet of Consequence.” Signed? No problem!

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    Hey, you've just become an “Associate Producer “and will be credited as such at the end of our movie - congratulations and a HUGE THANK YOU for supporting this film you believe in! You'll also recieve the rewards above plus 4 tickets to the Denver Screening.

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    You just earned a very special place in our hearts. Seriously, you’re extremely generous and we’d like to show you our gratitude by offering your choice of an official 8”x10” signed studio photo of any of the stars in the film. Along with all the rewards above and up to 6 tickets for the Denver Screening! You're AMAZING!

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    We. Love. You. Don't believe it? How about writer and directors Travis Lupher and William Sterling buying you lunch or dinner? Delivering you a personal DVD and movie poster in person (and sign it RIGHT THERE!!)? Any questions you have about the project, they will be answered. (limited to a 200 mile radius within Denver). This also includes a signed photo of the cast and crew, and a special album of behind the scenes photos, storyboards and page notes, and all the rewards above!

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    What can we say? We're speechless. This is an official “Producer” title credit in the film—and our NEXT film—and all related posters and advertising. How many tickets do you want? We can throw you up to 25 tickets for you and your friends! And, of course, all of the above INCLUDING lunch/dinner and our eternal gratitude.

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