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Realiser A16:   the best seat in the best sounding cinema
Realiser A16: the best seat in the best sounding cinema
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    1. Stephen Smyth Collaborator on

      @George-Alexandru Crisia - I will post an update with a diagram

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      George-Alexandru Crisia on

      I kindly ask you to elaborate a bit the differential headphone output mode for those who would like to use the Sennheiser HD800 S, which is supplied with two connection leads (a cable with 6.3mm jack connector and a balanced cable with XLR4 connector).

      At Custom Cans web site, they offer an ultra-low capacitance adapter for balanced cable to balanced/unbalanced source. I tried to configure such an adapter; on one end, it should have 2 x 6.35 mm jacks (termination for the Realiser A16) and on the other end, 4 pin XLR female connector (termination for the Sennheiser balanced cable). Would this configuration be appropriate for connecting a Sennheiser HD800 S to the Realiser A16 by using the balanced cable that’s in the HD 800 S box?

    3. Reiner on

      Sorry posted before I finished and I can't delete.
      Thank you for the quick answer.
      I was just surprised about balanced since in the French podcast I have listened to several times you said you were not going to go balanced since the Smyth 3D effect plus headphone liberalization was is in magnitude more enhancing the sound quality compared to the balanced effect. Just sold my balanced amplifier including the balanced HD 800 cable :-(

    4. Reiner on

      Thank you for the quick answer.
      I was just surprised about balanced since

    5. Stephen Smyth Collaborator on

      @Markus Linseisen - the volume knobs are read in software so either will adjust the volume at the headphone when in balanced mode. We now use OPA1622 amplifiers for both User A and B. I will add an update giving more information on the headphone amplifier specification.

      @Reiner - There are solid technical arguments for why headphones wired for balanced mode will have a better performance. We decided to offer the mode simply to expand the possibilities. In certain cases it may avoid users having to purchase a separate external balanced drive amplifier..... I apologise for the slipping delivery timetable..... On power up the A16 will automatically load the previous preset (virtual room), set the headphone volume to the previous session, and load all other previous settings. So actually you do not need to do anything other than turn it on (push either volume knob) and put on your headphones (provided you are not changing sources or want a different virtual room).

      @Disk Bell - No. But Custom Cans is one company that will (and there are others). I will add an update giving more information on the headphone amplifier specification.

      @Felix Vîjiac - the photos do not show the final units. If you look at the silkscreen on Headstand version, the 2U silkscreen is now more like that in size. Logos are now gone on both models and Smyth is aligned with the LCD on the 2U.

      @Jian H - No. The 2U will only be in black and the Headstand version will only be in silver. Sorry.

      @Michael @Rene - thank you.

    6. Markus Linseisen on

      In the context of the the "differential headphone output mode" is the user able to control the volume of both channels using a single knob? and are the user A and user B headphone outputs still using a LME49600 and MAX97220 respectively?

    7. Rene on

      Thanks for the improvement in the 2U case work! The new look with the sharp edges removed at the front panel and the smoother top cover looks much better compared to the prototype design published in January. I like the look with the wooden side panels as well - nice work! That's a design one can put in his living room very easily.

    8. Reiner on

      Great idea to make balanced mode available. Does it make a difference in sound?
      A bit worried when we will get the final product. Always hoped for September. Sounds more like end of year. Could you confirm?
      It is for the first time I realized I will always need the remote control to A16 as there seems to be no buttons at the A16. Am I right?

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      Michael on

      Love the wooden side panels. I'd like to suggest, as additional choices, a nice dark mahogany or ebony. Argentine lignum vitae would be a great light colored wood.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dick Bell on

      great news.... will you be offering a balanced cable for the HD800... what will the power output be in balanced mode ?

      Thanks for the update... great news... can't wait to try this all out...

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      Felix Vîjiac on

      The with of the panels seems balanced with the width of the case, but i would choose a laquered dark red wood, especially with the black version. The lighter woods could pair up well with a silver version.
      I still think the model and brand font sizes should be smaller and that SMITH should be aligned with the LCD edge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jian H on

      Is it possible to get the silver front panel on 2U enclosure?