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Realiser A16:   the best seat in the best sounding cinema
Realiser A16: the best seat in the best sounding cinema
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    1. Jeremy Anderson on

      Of course, just when it seems HDMI 2.0b is the "bees knees", HDR10+ comes along requiring HDMI 2.1. Ugh!

      Can't entertainment technology standards just stand still for a few months? Maybe a year or so?

    2. Enrico Bursi on

      Perfect ... I also wait a few more months to serve a super A16 ...

    3. Missing avatar

      Pascal Bouzéloc on

      Thanks a lot for this extended update on production status !
      News are great and it's definitely gonna worth the extra wait !!
      You are designing an awesome very high-end device...

    4. Missing avatar

      Kazimierz Popinski on

      It's a wonderful news! But what about the USB 2.0 Audio part? Will we get the full 24bit\192kHz path in September, too?

    5. Reiner on

      Thank you for keeping us updated.
      "We are also presently investigating the possibility of an Atmos 9.1.2ch mode that would make use of ‘wide’ left and right loudspeakers but with reduced performance in the height presentation."
      This would be a great feature. Would you need to have done the measurement in the same way to use this feature or would be extrapolated?

    6. Missing avatar

      Worf on

      I am IMPRESSED. Those are great features and they're well worth waiting for. HDMI 2.0b, AND support for HDR10, HLG AND Dolby Vision? You're checking off all the videophile checkboxes and making sure the Realiser will not be the bottleneck in any system out there.

      The upgrade is well worth the delay. I'd rather have to wait and get one packed with the latest goods than one featuring "yesterday's" connectivity.

      And now you're saying we can choose 7.1.6 or 9.1.2? (Sure, 9.1.6 is better... but that system costs $30k...). You're already beating some of the best systems out there. There are a few Atmos presentations where sacrificing wides is well worth the enhanced height definition.

    7. Jeremy Anderson on

      Sounds like the A16 is shaping up beautifully! Exciting news! Thanks for confirming 2.0b is a wonderful treat!