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Realiser A16:   the best seat in the best sounding cinema
Realiser A16: the best seat in the best sounding cinema
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Photographs of the Realiser A16 prototypes

Posted by James Smyth (Collaborator)

Please see included photographs of the new prototypes for both the headstand and 2U rack mount versions of the A16. The purpose of this update is to allow backers to decide which enclosure they wish to have shipped. Please note that although the shape of the enclosures will not likely change much, the I/o, display and control layout may change slightly depending on manufacturing requirements. Also note the final colour scheme has not been decided.



New headstand design with HD800 headphones
New headstand design with HD800 headphones


New headstand design (left) compared to old (right)
New headstand design (left) compared to old (right)



2U rack-mount design showing mounting ears
2U rack-mount design showing mounting ears




2U rack-mount design without mounting ears
2U rack-mount design without mounting ears







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    1. Missing avatar


      I see a lot of ventilation vents for the headstand version but not the 2U rack mount version. Are the vents below the 2U rack mount unit elevated by 4 legs? :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Worf on

      Stupid question - given the prevalence of HDMI 2.0a devices out there - is there any chance we might see an upgrade? This is not an idle question as many UHD Blu-Ray discs have Atmos/DTS:X (but the 1080p Blu-Ray doesn't). While some current players have dual HDMI outputs, some UHD players don't, and as HDMI 2.0a becomes prevalent (especially with HDMI 2.1 devices on the horizon), players supporting dual outputs will become rarer.

    3. Kersten Behrens on

      I also like the curvy headstand design more (with exception to the size), but I think the reason is the larger display. I would have removed the top overhangs and rounded the bottom corners. The distance from the ground to the bottom of the volume knobs should be large enough to fit a large thumb in between. Out of that, I don't like that you can see the PCB through the top mesh. But I agree with Rene: In the end, I mostly care about the sound experience we can soon enjoy. :-)

    4. Rene on

      I agree with Nils and Markus regarding the headstand design - the more 'rounded' design of the old headstand looked more elegant to me as well. I would prefere a new design in the form of the old headstand, but just smaller in height with the larger display and the new improved arrangement of the knobs and I/O.
      But as I said before: Most importantly is that the A16 will be available - the internals are more valuable than anything else on the market and prio 1 and I am very very thankful to Smyth Research to work on such a wondeful idea and tool!
      My remarks concerning design are just ment to help in designing a product which looks better to the unexperienced, potential new SVS customer. For me as an experienced A8 user I would order the A16 regardless of design anyway, if it will be black, green or yellow..... :-).

    5. Missing avatar

      Nils Becker on

      I have to agree with Markus Linseisen, the old headstand shape looks much cleaner. Size and layout of knobs and i/o are better on the new headstand.

    6. Rene on

      Instead of using folded sheet metal for the housing you could think of using brushed aluminium for the housing as well. This would look even nicer, especially if we are going to place the A16 in the living room. Just an idea. It will be somewhat difficult to produce due to the special shape especially for the headstand I think - and will add some more cost - but even nicer and more valuable looking it would be.
      FYI: I own an old Lexicon MC12 and our local distributor produced a new cover with brushed aluminium (silver) as an option. Lexicon produced the MC12 with a black folded sheet metal cover originally and most people preferred the optional brushed aluminium look and ordered it according to the distributor (added approx US$ 100 to the Lex).

    7. Missing avatar

      Drew Wilson on

      Well when the project started I would have only considered the conventional box. Now looking at the unit with the headphones on it, I must say I have changed my mind. The box has everything on one horizontal axis and it looks stoggy. The headphone stand with the left and right volume controls looks to be more logical and inviting. No so much on the other headphone stand. Keep up the good progress.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Kaleita on

      I personally like the new headstand design over the square box. All of the rest of my equipment is behind sound-insulated glass doors in a air cooled and filtered cabinet. Since leaving the doors open while headphone listening would allow fan noise out, dust in, and bypass my equipment air cooling system, I'll therefore need to locate the A16 outside of the cabinet anyway. And in order to put it within headphone cord length distance of my listening/viewing chair, it will end up being pretty prominently visible in my room- so it may as well look interesting rather than just an oddly-placed black box.

      I just hope I can come up with a single, neat looking cable, bundle or snake to connect the unit remotely to the rest of my A/V equipment which will end up being about 5 meters away.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kazimierz Popinski on

      The black color option would be nice to have.
      What about a carrying PU sleeve / case for the 2U and cables?
      It would be nice, too.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thierry JEAN-AMANS on

      I prefer the 2U rack-mount.
      Do you confirm the projected delivery time ?

    11. Smyth Research Creator on

      Hi Dick, no, the headtracking direction isn't referenced to the Realiser unit at all, so you don't have to look at it. The headtracking device (that sits on your headphones) integrates optical, magnetic and inertial sensors, and these can work together in different combinations depending on the application and situation. Any direction can be used to define the looking-centre line, although it's usually set to the centre of the screen/monitor.
      The dust cover idea is good - we've previously used one made by Stax that fits their headphone stand - it worked well.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dick Bell on

      I like the left/right setup for the headphone output on the head stand... should keep the cables better spaced during use... the new headphone design is better in my opinion... and unique in design... a question for you... when in use do you have to face the unit for the head tracking to work? I was thinking of the unit sitting next to me on a table while in the unit would be to the side instead of straight on... as a possible enhancement... a clear plexiglass case/cover for the head stand would be really nice... it would be for dust protection of the unit and headphones and show case the setup nicely... thanks

    13. Gilbert Guttmann on

      @Smyth: I definitely prefer the silver 2U version. If you decide to switch to black, can I buy the prototype faceplate then? :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Congrats to the design, especially the 2U version.

      I would prefer the 19" version...but will you produce this one in black color (please)?
      The 19" brackets are black already...should not be such a big problem...

      Between all kind of black devices the A16 in silver looks a little ... HiFi like ;)


    15. Smyth Research Creator on

      @Rene,Thanks for your comments. The colours haven't been fixed yet. We just use silver at this stage to make the details clearer. I think most people prefer black for the 2U unit.

    16. Markus Linseisen on

      I feel the new headstand misses the mark aesthetically as compared to the previous iteration. Specifically the overhang like feature near the top of the unit, and the inwardly angled sides of the unit's base.

    17. Gilbert Guttmann on

      These look fantastic, especially the 2U version which looks very clean and minimalistic.

    18. Smyth Research Creator on

      @David - that's a great idea and can easily be added as an option.

    19. Rene on

      Sorry for my question before - I just realized that you already shared the new dimension for the new headstand in the initial kickstarter campaign at the bottom.

    20. Rene on

      Thanks for the pictures !
      Since the new headstand design is a little bit less in height compared to the initial design: Could you please share with us the new dimensions ?
      For the 19" version I would prefere a black version (like the A8 was and others had said before already). Silver looks very nice for the headstand.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dave Ginnane on

      Can I suggest that you provide an option of simple wooden sides (oak etc.) on the rack mounted box, in place of the rack mount brackets. Just so that it looks a little less industrial in the home environment. Looking good though.