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Realiser A16:   the best seat in the best sounding cinema
Realiser A16:   the best seat in the best sounding cinema
Realiser A16: the best seat in the best sounding cinema
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Impressions of the Realiser A16 at CANJAM London 2016 (Aug13-14)

Posted by Stephen Smyth

CanJam London 2016 was an excellent show, and our demo was very well received by all who attended. It's always a great pleasure to meet supporters in person at these shows, and chatting to Kickstarter backers and taking their PRIR measurements was an additional bonus.

@Jobbing - Thank you Smyth Research for an amazing listening experience with Realiser A16, Sennheiser HD800 and Mitchell & Johnson MJ2. You have been very kind, patient and informative, can't wait for the A16' success. The music industry should be recording the Smyth way for us to get this amazing experience in our home daily

@nc8000 - A true revelation

@Jerseyboy - Fantastic to hear new technology in action, the Smyth Realiser A16 is going to be a must have - already supported its Kickstarter scheme....thank goodness for the rack mounted design version....!!

@KeithG - Really amazed by the Smyth Research Realiser A16 - I had a slot booked to audition the system this afternoon. It was all explained but I'm still thinking there must have been some pixies in the Sennheiser cans I was listening to, with sounds clearly coming from the centre speaker, left and right front, side, rear and up above! It's a brilliant bit of kit that really works - I can see it transforming movie nights at home.

@Jawed - I spent a lot of time with Smyth Research, starting with a booking for a dem slot of the Realiser A16 that I only made this morning. Boy am I glad I found out about this technology. I've been dreaming of this kind of thing for well over 30 years and it turns out to be far better than I could have dared to hope for. It doesn't simply sound like the real thing. It is the real thing: the sounds entering my ear canal from the headphones are the same as those produced by the speakers.

@Smokey636 - The biggest eye opener was the Smyth Research Realiser A16 surround processor. Left the demo with my mind blown..! (Again a really good bunch of guys)

@teacher1000 - I thoroughly enjoyed the Smyth Realiser A16, and so did my wife. Thanks to Stephen, Mike and Steve, who were down-to-earth, informative and modest about their amazing product. I'm really looking forward to full-surround over headphones for watching movies.

@ThELiZ - Smyth Realiser A16 - Easily the most impressive experience at the show. I was genuinely shocked at what these guys were able to do. The recreation of 3D sound (Dolby Atmos in this case) was spellbinding. I could not tell the difference between the speaker system and the headphones. It's like magic! If you are into cinema, these are a must. I could never get away with having a Dolby Atmos speaker setup in the house. With the Realiser A16, I don't need to worry. This thing did such a great job of convincing me I was listening to 12 speaker setup system, that I will never ever need 12 speakers in my house. I just need this! Seriously, the one time that the phrase 'game changer' is warranted, is for this thing. All other 'game changers' pale in comparison and are just different flavours of existing technology. This is innovation.

@AndrewH13 - Actually like the retro looks. It did seem amazing. When I think of the money spent over the years on speakers, and have no chance now of more than 5.1, this could be a bargain for home cinema use. Was told of ways round not having 11 channel speakers in situ for the once off emulation. Now most stereo listening has gone to iem/headphones, I could quite easily watch films with my wife without any speakers in the room. Big bonus of Realiser 16, two outputs with individual volume. Great design I will keep tabs on.

@krismusic - Next up The Smyth Realiser. TBH I didn't expect much of this but it rocked me back on my heels! Forget sitting listening for bat squeaks! This is technology worth paying for. Simply incredible. I lowered the headphones several times to listen to the speakers. Virtually no difference! I've signed up to the Kickstarter. Can't wait for next May! After that I'm afraid I abandoned my search for an amp for my 600's. The Realiser is where my electronics budget is going.

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