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Retired Fire Hose, salvaged from U.S. fire departments, and featured in one-of-a-kind mats for the home or office.
208 backers pledged $30,175 to help bring this project to life.

You, dear Backer, are on FIRE!

Posted by Oxgut Hose Co. (Creator)

Backers, Can you feel it? You are playing a part in a tremendous shift in how a virtually indestructible material is further utilized, and spared from taxing our planet with yet more landfill. What's more, you're scoring a little bit of style no one else has. And... you're also probably looking at the back of firetrucks a bit differently now, aren't you! It's OK - look! 

Though most of you may feel only cyber-ly connected to this project, we can see the bigger picture, which is all of you as this beautiful team, joining our brigade. Support had been coming in from firefighters of 20 years, to insanely talented designers, to ol' friends and colleagues, and people across the globe sending a big "thumbs up". Thank you!

We are soooo close to our goal, with just a little less than $1200 needed. We'd love your help with one last sharing/posting/emailing push in these next FOUR days to exceed our goal. I just came from working at our little warehouse space, where things are starting to take shape on a fundamental level. And, i can't help thinking how true it is - that every $ helps. And, every dollar will be put toward much needed equipment, hands, and salvage support!  

So, keep the ideas coming. Can we make a mat for your boss who's retiring? How about your fire chief? Or that teacher who's husband is a firefighter? Or that cute steam punk guy who's got "everything". We love to get personal. Just so you know :) 

Thanks so much! See you in four days! 

LauraLe & the Oxgut Team

PS - (Sorry about the headline. Had to be said.)

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