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Retired Fire Hose, salvaged from U.S. fire departments, and featured in one-of-a-kind mats for the home or office.
208 backers pledged $30,175 to help bring this project to life.

You're so HOT!

Posted by Oxgut Hose Co. (Creator)

You’re so HOT! You are. You know it... You’ve got it going on. You’re a backer of a brand new, up and coming product – Oxgut Hose Co. Mats that spare retired fire hoses from landfill, and give them a sexy new life. That’s got to feel good. Or maybe you’re thinking about becoming a backer. That’s pretty cool too. Or, you know someone you’ll suggest become a backer and spread the word – great idea! Very nice. Better hurry though – just 7.5 days left! 

Thank you all for your, er' warm support. Fantastic to receive notes from all over the world, and hear from firefighters too – love it! At 81%, we’re soooo close to meeting our project goal, we can feel it! We just need a little nudge to get us “there”. 

If you and your hot self would do us a big favor and share our story on your FB or forward to friends and colleagues, we’d really appreciate it! Btw - there are approximately 1,000,000 career and volunteer FFs in the United States, so if you know one, or you’d like to – pass it on!

Many thanks! 

The Oxgut Team

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