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The Slope is a comedy that follows the lives of a lesbian couple navigating their way through the cliche that is Park Slope, Brooklyn.
The Slope is a comedy that follows the lives of a lesbian couple navigating their way through the cliche that is Park Slope, Brooklyn.
207 backers pledged $8,415 to help bring this project to life.

3 more days and $2,000 left to raise!

WE ARE SO CLOSE! and it's because of YOU.  We raised $2,000 this weekend.  Wowza.

This work can't be made unless we come together to prove that there is an audience for smart, irreverent, dark humor MADE BY WOMEN.  How come Larry David and Louis C.K. get to have all the fun?  Help us find our audience by reaching out to your friends and colleagues and together we will cure cancer!  I mean, make a very funny web series.

In the spirit of collaboration, I’m inviting you all to send me your favorite Brooklyn &/or queer stereotypes to feature on the show.  For example: Park Slope mom breast feeding her 6 year old in front of Tea Lounge, afterbirth stew served to friends at baby's 1st birthday party, or hipsters complaining about how lame hipsters are.

The mastermind behind the winning concept will receive a SWEET PRIZE and we may even feature your idea on the show!

So get creative!



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    1. Holly-Katharine Johnson on December 14, 2011

      I was in P-Town for alternative family week last summer and I went to this gay parenting seminar full of fanny pack wearing butches from New England. Then in walks this slope dyke (perhaps dyke is too strong a word) tricked out in her femmey 80's sunglasses, some kind of ruffly black shirt, the whole bit. She looks in the door, freezes, looks like she's going to bolt, finally sits down. The whole time it was like she was sitting on a live hamster. We had to do some ice breaker with index cards. As we passed the cards around, she refused to take one. She said "I'd rather just introduce myself. I'm Marta from Park Slope." As if we didn't know. She went on to talk about her girlfriend (who she referred to as her "lover") and their son, and how he had a "real father." I can't be sure, but it sounded like she hooked up with the guy when she was in a fight with the girlfriend regarding a parking space. Apparently her het hook-up was some kind of punishment for the girlfriend? On and on she went. It was 9am but it was the best dinner theater I ever saw. All this is by way of saying, fewer things are funnier than a slope dyke who is NOT in the slope.

    2. Melissa Southwood on December 14, 2011

      The many relationships combos/dynamics and opinions that swirl around them. Take the Butch on Butch relationship; very much accepted in SF, yet not so much in the slope... I know a very lovely couple both pretty darn butch, until they fell in love. Like magic the all the butch-ness in one magically started to diminish... until she became the quintessential happy housewife. A very interesting precess to observe!

    3. Emelina Minero on December 14, 2011

      The conservative, homophobic lesbian, who cringes at the outward gayness at Pride & other gay events. The lesbian who would never be caught dead wearing a rainbow bracelet or any rainbow accessory because it's too gay. It's too out there, bold and in the faces of straight people, which would make them uncomfortable.

    4. Najva Sol & Natti Vogel on December 13, 2011

      Queer Foodies. Duck Fat, hand-cured bacon, grass fed buffalo, artisnal cocktails, bring it on. Of course, we're also broke. How does that work? We're not sure.