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Transforming the smartphone into a wearable device, ConnectorR will make you feel like a Special Ops agent. Read more

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Transforming the smartphone into a wearable device, ConnectorR will make you feel like a Special Ops agent.

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Thank you for your participation in the very beginning of this adventure. Rest assured - it is a Beginning!  It started as a one person project. Now, I've received support from a sheriff's office in the form of ongoing field tests of ConnectorR as a part of their police tactical gear! I have gained the support of a technology developing corporation also. I am learning a great amount about manufacturing technology...enough to understand that my original plan was not to the best benefit of you – my backers! Through this experience and your support, I am finalizing a design and developing a manufacturing technique that uses better materials and keeping prices great for you!

I want to say - I will be back! This project will be restarted shortly after taking into consideration everything I've mentioned above. I would like to give you the best deal possible and thank you for your trust, belief, and support!


Dreams of Sci-Fi fans are finally answered!... well, actually, it started from my dream and that is where I should probably start.

I’ve always wanted wrist based communicator, and once I even made a wearable computer as a demonstration for teachers of science and technology (sorry for bad quality - screenshot from documentary).


First, phones were a type of furniture. Then they were mounted on the walls. Then they became mobile and required a car or shoulder bag to be accessible. Then they became small enough to be carried in an attaché case. Then, they were able to fit into the pocket. Then came the belt clip. Then (check Kickstarter if you do not believe me) people began to see how to mount it on the walls, dashboards, tables, etc. It looks like regression to me. I wanted progress and a wrist mount system seems like a logical step. Until usable flexible screens and electronics are developed the smartphone form will be the industry standard. Not being able to find a device that would convert my smartphone into a truly wearable concept, I decided to do it myself. This is how ConnectorR  was born. 


The ConnectorR (patent pending) design consists of two main parts - base and top. The top part can be attached to a Smartphone or to the readily available skins for your phone via double-sided foam core adhesive tape using four points, which make it universal for users of ANY smartphone – (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, etc.!!!). Thickness of this part is only about 6mm that makes this addition on your phone more comfortable. The base can be mounted on any strap and/or in my favorite case - wristband. The two parts physically lock together, with Rare-earth magnets allow the two parts to lock  in two working positions so your smartphone can be used in both orientations.

The final design will include: revised design that will plant your smartphone even closer to the skin than the prototype in the video above; custom American made leather bracelet (less ostentatious than the one I used with prototype); N48-N50 grade rare earth magnets; brass and aircraft grade aluminum for CNC models; multi-side miniature metal diecast for mass production; finish - anodizing and plating.

This is renderings of next edition of the ConnectorR. It is more secure and ergonomic than functional prototype. 

I wanted to have a device compatible any type of smartphone. Therefore I made the ConnectorR universal. You can attach it to any phone with straight or curved back (foam double-sided stickers will accommodate small curvatures) with mounting space of 5x5cm or 2x2 inches.

If you are looking for something wearable and universal, consider my design!  If you like it support with a pledge and you may become one of the very first humans making another step into transforming technology to something as close to the human body as... well... clothing.  

Shipping within USA is free. Canada users, add $10. International shipping available for additional $20.

Thank you!!!!


Q: Why metal and not plastic? A: Higher strength, smaller size, better aesthetics.

Q: Why does the wristband have to be so big? A: Because your smartphone needs a stronger platform than your watch. 

Q: Will magnets destroy data on my phone? A: Do your research just as I did. In short: NO. They are not nearly powerful enough to do so firstly, secondly, flash memory is much more resistant to magnetic fields compared to FDD.

Q: You suggest using skins to attach top plate to. Why? A: I use double sided foam tape to accommodate different surfaces and different lines of different phones. Attaching it directly to the phone is possible, but the bond has to be strong. Therefore, if you decide for any reasons to remove it, you may scratch the surface of your phone cleaning off the tape. 

Q: If so, (regarding previous question) why do you use this tape in the first place? A: So the choice of devices, shapes, and forms you can use ConnectorR with will be almost infinite! I like simple and universal solutions!

Q: Can you explain your design? A: Sure. I want it to be simple but reliable, and above all - universal. Aluminum provides strength and aesthetic qualities. Magnets are simple but powerful and reliable way of fixation. I wanted a system that I can rotate and LOCK into different positions. I added the mechanical lock to ensure that your very expensive phone will not fly off your wrist.

Q: Is the wrist the only place on the body I can use ConnectorR? A: No. Some pledges come with second base that can be mounted on the belt, for instances when you need to look like more... er... normal person, or if you do not expect to use your phone for some time. You can mount it on an armband for running, or even ankle for something like military games (paintball for example). I look at ConnectorR as an extension of tactical gear - to be used when you need it the way you need it!

Q: What is your advice about smartphone skins I can use with ConnectorR? A: I would suggest something simple but made out of hard plastic (not soft robber ones). Just make sure your phone will sit snugly in it.

Q: What else can I use ConnectorR with? A: Search your feelings... oops, sorry, wrong quotation! Pretty much anything that has about two by two inches of hard, flat surface and not ridiculously big and heavy. MP3 players, GPS units, cable managing systems (for your headphones), small tools, network cable testers, small tactical gear for war games, ammo, weapons, pico projector, gaming devices, pretty much ANYTHING you may need frequent access to that is about smartphone size. Returning to quotation I started, and rephrasing it: Search you imagination (or needs)!

Q: What are the other uses for ConnectorR? A: You can mount spare base plate on the wall, dashboard of your car, any applicable surface with use of additional pieces of adhesive foam tape or straps.

Q: Can I use it with tablets? A: If you are desperate. No guarantee of outcome though. Side effects may include raised brows, questioning of your sanity, damage of the tablet, injuries up to and including death if wearing tablet next to heavy machinery. However, stationary use of ConnectorR (on the walls or car dashboards) with a tablet is very feasible.

Q: Will I then be able to use my smartphone while driving? A: For notification purposes - sure! To see who is calling before using hands-free, or speakerphone, consult with navigation, etc. Although, necessity to dig for my belt case under winter jacket and seat belt just to see who is calling was one of my incentives for coming up with ConnectorR. Personally I highly disapprove of active use of communicating functions of smartphone during driving.

Q: What will the money be spent for? A: CNC machining is a very expensive process. It is great if you want exclusive and beautiful production piece but not so great if you want well made but affordable solution. Injection molding, plastic production would lower cost significantly but would not meet "well made" criteria. Making parts out of metal would require significant investment into multi-side molds. And there will be need for at least two such molds.

Q: How special is the Special Editions? A: Very.  For example, I will not use Red anodizing for any mass production again.

Q: When can we expect our rewards? A: Minimum time required to prepare mass production is about 10 weeks, plus assembly and small adjustments and I think I will be safe to say that the first shipments will go out in about three month.


To see more pictures and video of the ConnectorR and its uses follow this link:

Facebook page:


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    Sincere Gratitude and access to all blog updates.

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    Sincere Gratitude and Die Cast ConnectorR hardware. US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and a complete wrist package including Die Cast ConnectorR with custom made, genuine leather wristband. US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and Die Cast ConnectorR with Wristband and additional base (for your belt, for example). US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and double top, double base diecast ConnectorR with single wristband. Share it with others or mount additional device (such as headset cable managing system, for example) on your belt. US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and Family&Friends package of Six tops, Six bases diecast ConnectorRs with Three wristbands. US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and Special RED Edition of ConnectorR of CNC machined Aluminum, including leather wristband. US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and Special RED Edition of ConnectorR of CNC machined Aluminum, with two bases and including leather wristband. US shipping included.

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    Sincere Gratitude and Special RED Edition of ConnectorR of CNC machined Aluminum double top, double base, including leather wristband. US shipping included.

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    Executive Line! Special Executive Editions of ConnectorR of CNC machined Brass, with four tops, and eight bases including two leather wristbands embossed with "Kickstarter Special Executive Edition" line. Metal parts will be engraved with series (Executive) and number (limited to 100). Worldwide shipping included.

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