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Prism Power deconstructs the stories of the Sailor Moon anime and manga to bring you summaries, trivia, and more.
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Announcing Exclusive Interview with Series Director Junichi Sato!

Posted by Jason Muell (Creator)
Director Asato, a parody in ep. 21 of Director Junichi Sato
Director Asato, a parody in ep. 21 of Director Junichi Sato

Interview with Junichi Sato -- Coming to a Book Near You

I can't tell you how hard it's been for me to sit on this news for the past two weeks, but unfortunately I couldn't announce anything until I got all of the details hammered out. But now that everything's set, I can finally announce the awesome news:

Sailor Moon series director Junichi Sato (Wikipedia) has agreed to an interview for Prism Power!

I will be meeting with this critically-acclaimed ~35-year veteran of the anime industry to interview him on his experiences working on Sailor Moon and how the series came together. The interview will be translated and included in all copies of the Prism Power book -- whether digital, paperback, or hardcover -- so if you haven't backed the project yet, maybe now's your chance!

What will you be talking about?

My, what a great and well-timed question! I was just about to bring this up.

The list of questions is still a work in progress, but there are several key things that I've been keen on getting a proper answer to for years now:

  • How involved was Naoko in developing the anime?
  • Why was Mamoru changed from a high school to university student?
  • What was reason for adding in the Makaiju (Doom Tree) arc in Sailor Moon R?
  • Was a Sailor V pilot episode ever produced?
  • Who made the decision to have the Senshi die at the end of season 1?
Making choices is hard!
Making choices is hard!

I need your help!

And that's where you come in! This is in all likelihood a once in a lifetime experience for me, so I want to make the most of it.

I'm opening up the comments below for backers to propose interview questions. Though I can't guarantee that I'll be able to ask everything -- or that Mr. Sato will even remember some of these things, since it all happened over 25 years ago -- I'm still hoping to have a well-rounded selection of questions. After all, I'm hoping to find answers to the things fans that want to know about most.

So let me know down below what you would ask!

A Special Thank You

In addition to thanking all of you wonderful backers who have made this book a reality -- and, really, I can't thank you all enough! -- I'd like to take a second to just say how awesome Letícia and great people of SOS Sailor Moon Brazil are for arranging for this interview to happen in the first place. Thank you!


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    1. Myrna/SailorSoapbox on

      What an exciting opportunity!

      I tried to choose these questions carefully:

      What led to the decision to make Zoisite and Kunzite lovers?

      How long did it take to produce a single episode?

      Had Kae Araki already been cast as Chibiusa when she filled in for Kotono Mitsuishi during her illness, or was she cast afterwards?

      What led to the decision to associate Tuxedo Mask with roses?

      How much of the story and characters were provided to you in advance by Naoko Takeuchi? Did she ever introduce a plot element you weren't planning for?

      Who was your personal favourite character, and why?

    2. Missing avatar

      TL on

      First, I would like to say that woooow!

      Second, I think it would be interesting to know about the casting process: were the actresses selected by audition? Did Naoko Takeuchi participate?

      Also, if you can ask him about his work after Sailor Moon and how much his Sailor Moon experience influenced him, that would be great. Particularly because he's heading another magical girl Toei show at the moment (Hugtto Precure).

    3. Jacqueline Geisheimer on

      Why was Rei's personality so drastically changed/exaggerated for the anime and what prompted the decision to give her and Usagi such a special bond as senshi?