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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 18 2015


* * * * * * * * * * * *    RELAUNCH    * * * * * * * * * * * *

The campaign for Swords and Bagpipes will be relaunched in a few weeks.

Please follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts. New rules translations will appear on BoardGameGeek's Swords and Bagpipes page.

The relaunch date will be announced in updates here on Kickstarter + on Facebook + via Twitter.

We thank all of you, who believed in Swords and Bagpipes and joined our campaign on Kickstarter! Let's move on to the new beginning!

See you soon!

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Swords and Bagpipes is about the events of the First War of Scottish Independence. Scottish clans fought with invading England. Honour and nobility often went side by side with betrayal for enrichment.

The gameplay of Swords and Bagpipes is based on the famous Prisoner’s Dilemma. When you betray, you get a bit closer to your personal victory. At the same time, if Scotland suffers an ultimate defeat due to many betrayals, victory conditions change. The player who has been faithful to duty and betrayed less than other players, becomes victorious!

Half a year ago Swords and Bagpipes was successfully published in Russia with the help of a local crowdfunding campaign. Now our goal is to publish Swords and Bagpipes internationally. It can only be achieved with your help!

Swords and Bagpipes is for 3 to 5 players. There is also the unofficial variant for 2-player games, created by David McMillan (CarcassonneFreak). He came up with it, while reviewing the game! You can find his variant in the FAQ section.

There’s more! We plan to unlock the 6-player rules and necessary components with one of our stretch goals. Follow our updates!

There will be no shipping from EU, so we don't put the "EU friendly" sign on the page, but the packages WILL go without VAT or other taxes for the most of EU countries. We presume that there will be low VAT for France, Sweden and Greece. We hope that we'll go under VAT for Denmark and Romania. The whole bunch of details is waiting for you in the FAQ section, please check!

All the exclusive things that there are in this Kickstarter campaign are not essential for the game. They add a new twist and often bring a whole new experience. You'll love 'em!!! 

These are like tiny expansions. We offer them as free bonuses. Some of them will remain exclusive to this campaign, and some will be sold separately at conventions, etc.

Now, a word about add-ons. We won't add purchasable add-on components that would affect the gameplay. Yet, we are presenting you some ways to modify the game's appearance and enhance your experience. Here is the first one, there may be more!

Your own playable Scottish clan! These personal clans will be included only to the game copies of backers who opted for this add-on. It would be too costly to add them to all backers. We don’t want to increase the price of the game, but we would like to give you the fun opportunity to get you own clan, if you want to!

If you choose the My Scottish Clan pledge, Yan Egorov will draw a character with your likeness, based on a photo that you will provide. In addition, your clan’s castle will be decorated with your clan’s name, motto, and even a herald, created to match your preferences. You will get 2 copies of customized components.

All the sheets and tokens for My Scottish Clan will be manually crafted. Printed on quality paper, carefully glued to the cardboard and laser cut. They will be done the similar way as the castles and the camps in our prototype copies (you can see them in all videos on this page).

As we have mentioned before, Swords and Bagpipes board game is set during the time of the First War of Scottish Independence (1296-1328).

English King Edward I was great at manipulating Scottish lords. As a result, Scots had many tough decisions to make. To betray or to stay loyal to Scotland? Which choice will other clans make?

You become the leader of a Scottish clan. Each round of the game is a battle! Each round, you will make a new decision.

Before each battle, you decide whether you fight for Scotland’s independence or betray and send your troops to aid the English invaders. Betrayal may bring you a better reward, but only if there are not many other players betraying.

After a few battles, the war will be over.

It is all clear and simple, but you will blow your mind every time you make a choice. And you will love it! In between battles, you will manage troops, raise taxes, hire mercenaries and... play bagpipes!

Long before Swords and Bagpipes game was created, we all enjoyed Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. If you somehow have missed this outstanding movie, now is the best time to see it! Swords and Bagpipes does not recreate the exact events of that glorious time, but gives you a feeling of how it was like.

How it was to defend Scotland, when the enemy was strong, the victory seemed unreachable... and the choice was all yours!

Before the start of this campaign, we have sent the prototype copy of Swords and Bagpipes to many famous reviewers across the world.

Here are the video reviews!


Dan King brilliantly describes the very core and the spirit of Swords and Bagpipes! Besides that, Dan helped us to improve the game rules significantly. "The Five Dagger Rule" as a separate section appeared with Dan's help!


Rick managed to show the game completely in his 10-minute videorun. Very nice explanation of the rules plus the review itself!


Highly energetic 16-minute length review by Forrest Bower, going in details through the rules of Swords and Bagpipes!


Michael divided his video into three parts: Introduction (here is the link), How to play and The Review (both are above). All three videos were done with thorough in-depth approach, as Michael has managed to play Swords and Bagpipes with several completely different gaming groups.


Now it's our turn to show something :) We tried to play without haste to show you not only the gameplay, but the very spirit of the game, explaining the rules at the same time.

Please note, that no real Scotts were filmed in this video — we are all Russians. Please excuse our pronunciation!


The first text review about Swords and Bagpipes is published on BoardGameGeek by David McMillan. It is a very thoughtful and in-depth take on the game.

A Meeple Pusher Review of: Swords and Bagpipes

We are anticipating more reviews for Swords and Bagpipes. We'll let you know via updates. Stay tuned!

As the saying goes, it is better to see something once than to hear about it hundred times. Well, in our case, it is even better to read it!

Here are the rules of Swords and Bagpipes in PDF:

Swords and Bagpipes is mostly language-independent. There is a little bit of text on Bagpipe and English Arms cards, but it is short and usually simple. It is more than enough to know Basic English to play the game! 

The only thing you probably might want in your language is the game rules. So..... We are working together with independent boardgame translators to create game rules in other languages!

In the next days we are going to present you translations of Swords and Bagpipes rules in FRENCH, ITALIAN, POLISH, DUTCH.

The translations in GERMAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE and RUSSIAN are ready!

Game rules in German by Christian Gienger

Game rules in Spanish by Mauricio Montoya O.

Game rules in Portuguese by Paulo Ricardo

Game rules in Russian by Denis Davydov

Please note that final Swords and Bagpipes copies will have only English printed rules. All other rules come as free downloads!

If you like the rules translation done in your language — please take your time to open our page on BGG and thumb up the translation! Be sure that every translator loves to see his work well appreciated! You can find all rules files in the Files section, as usual. Just note that German, Spanish and Russian rules are not on BGG yet, they will be added in a few hours.

Swords and Bagpipes core mechanics are based on the intriguing and famous Prisoner’s Dilemma. It is a serious game theory. Here is a short explanation.

Betraying the other seems to be the most rational thing to do for a self-centered individual. There is a chance to walk away free! However, if both prisoners come up with this rational decision, it does not become rational any more — they could spend less time in prison if they both cooperated.

The same goes in Swords and Bagpipes. Instead of prisoners and police, we have Scottish clans and English army. To win the game you’ll need to watch other players, predict their decisions and choose the right time to betray or to stay loyal!

We are adding lots of stuff with the stretch goals. Most of our stretch goals are not exclusive, they will be added to the retail version of the game. You will get all of the stretch goals by simply choosing "For Scotland!" pledge. No "add X dollars to get this stretch cards" here!

We have finalized the design of base game components. But the art for stretch goal components is not fully complete yet. If you see a face down card pictured, it usually means that the art for this card is not finished at the moment. Watch out for our updates. We plan to show new cards and other new game components as they become ready.

We won’t give away all the stretch goals that we have. Let it be a surprise! Here are the first ones:

More stretch goals are coming!


We are active at BoardGameGeek. If you would like to submit your fan art, gameplay variants or discuss the game in general — BGG is the best place to do it!

We will be extremely grateful, if you will mention Swords and Bagpipes at BGG. If you would like to help this campaign grow — please visit the BGG and... we are not the first ones to say these words, but still... SPREAD THE WORD!!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the updates on project campaign as soon as possible! Besides, we publish some additional info and pictures at our Facebook and Twitter accounts, from time to time.

No Reddit link here yet, but we hope that Swords and Bagpipes will get mentioned on Reddit in some way. If you think that Swords and Bagpipes is a great game, please feel free to post about it there!

In addition to creating board games, Yan Egorov, the author of Swords and Bagpipes, enjoys historical reconstructions, including the Viking age (10th century). Yan participated in many open-air role-playing games, fighting with steel weapons. Before that, he practiced nunchucks. In 2014, Yan traveled beyond the Arctic Circle with a group of his friends. He tried to make his first board game, when he was 6 years old. Its components resembled the buildings of the popular PC strategy of that time — Warcraft 2.

As we have mentioned before, Yan did all the art for the game! For this Kickstarter edition, he re-vamped the graphical design that was previously done for the Russian version.

When we were ready to start, Yan was still adding the fine details to Swords and Bagpipes: those authentic “twirls” at Scottish shields and gems of the English crown (maniacally checking back and forth with the pictures of historic prototypes).

Swords and Bagpipes is published by Rightgames. We are one of the oldest Russian board game companies, operating since 2002. Among our hits is the original Evolution. The international improved version of Evolution became a big Kickstarter success in 2014 and later was further improved with the second campaign during this year.

Moroz Publishing is responsible for producing and international publishing of Swords and Bagpipes, by the means of this Kickstarter campaign. The main engines of Moroz Publishing (“moroz” means “frost” in Russian) are: Maxim Istomin, creator of Berserk TCG (1996), one of the founders of Hobby World (Russia), and Denis Davydov, former editor-in-chief of Igromania videogames magazine, founder of several other Russian game and fantasy magazines, and he is also the guy who mostly answers your comments and messages here!

Risks and challenges

This is the first Kickstarter campaign for us. However, our team has a huge 15-year experience in making, manufacturing and delivering board games. Finally, some of our guys are experienced with running Kickstarter campaigns and doing everything that comes with this.

We do not expect any delays in production of Swords and Bagpipes. Hm... only if Yan will go loose and will claim more time to polish all the new illustrations for stretch goals :) Rightgames and Moroz are teaming up to provide him with meat, bread, fresh water and friendly advices (especially with friendly ki... advices!) so he can finish everything at the right time and with the best quality.

Seriously speaking, we are going to finish pre-production at the middle of August or even earlier. It should give us plenty of time to get the first printed copies just before Essen 2015. The worldwide delivery will consume more time. As we are going to send all copies +/- simultaneously, it will be December 2015.

As always, unexpected manufacturing or shipping issues may occur. Here is our promise — if avoiding an obstacle means that we need to bite the bullet and have some extra unplanned expenses — we WILL do it. The good reputation of our companies is what matters the most to us!

Our top priority is to make Swords and Bagpipes a worldwide success and a pleasant Kickstarter experience for all of you, guys!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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